Historic Clemson Photos #12

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I'm pleased to present today's Historic Clemson Photo, submitted by long time TigerNet member Mintaka®.

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A photo from the early 60s as the band marches down toward Death Valley. I'm not sure but I think this was taken in 1962. That was the same year my father moved us from Atlanta to Clemson.

My father loved watching Clemson football more than anything. Imagine, after twenty-five
years since graduating from Clemson and being in WWII in addition to living in North
Carolina and Georgia, he was now living less than a mile and a half from Death Valley.
It would take him longer to park than to drive to the game. He would live there for 34 years
until his death in 1996.

It's ironic that this year will mark twenty-five years since I graduated from Clemson. When
will I leave Atlanta and move back home to Clemson? I don't know, but somewhere in that
photo is a 1937 Clemson grad grinning ear-to-ear that he had finally come back home to the
place he loved.

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