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Username: christyrcrawford   Member Since: 2016-10-10
Email: christyrcrawford@gmail.com
Phone: 843-452-1623
Date Posted:02-12-2017 9:10 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : We will have 2 Tiger sons next year, so we are looking to buy 2 or 4 tickets in the lower North stands for a fair price. If anyone can help us out, please contact me. Thanks, and Go Tigers!
Username: bentgrass2   Member Since: 2010-03-20
Email: murphreejc@aol.com
Phone: 770 3773439
Date Posted:02-12-2017 7:18 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Wanted two 2017 season tickets upper deck on north or south side on row A or B. email murphreejc@aol.com
Username: billsmafia20   Member Since: 2015-08-18
Email: billsmafia20@gmail.com
Date Posted:02-02-2017 1:57 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : WARNING!! If someone named Chris Alexander or James Alexander contacts you about tickets or parking passes. Please do not purchase anything from him or give him any money. You will not receive your tickets or your money. He scammed several people last year. Just wanted to give a friendly reminder to everyone. Go Tigers!!
Username: haydencopesc   Member Since: 2011-08-10
Email: jhaydenmd@gmail.com
Date Posted:01-16-2017 10:06 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for two tickets in the WEST ZONE CLUB for 2017 season. Thanks.
Username: SBClemson93   Member Since: 2017-01-05
Email: Sbs41715@gmail.com
Phone: 864-320-4983
Date Posted:01-09-2017 7:16 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Need 2. $3000 cash for both. Call me.
Username: egadams   Member Since: 2017-01-03
Email: egadams@g.clemson.edu
Phone: 9738008391
Date Posted:01-09-2017 9:57 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : In Tampa looking for 4 tickets to the game. The seats do not have to be together and all of us are willing to sit alone to pay less. Text 973-800-8391 if you have any. We will be tailgating! Go tigers!
Username: TigerChase   Member Since: 2017-01-04
Email: kreamer@clemson.edu
Phone: 8649859680
Date Posted:01-09-2017 9:53 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : I'm in Tampa, with 2 buddies, were all from Clemson. Tickets are starting to drop but willing to pay $4000 for 3 right now. Don't have to be together. 864-985-9680 Call or Text. Thanks
Username: esd087   Member Since: 2005-11-14
Email: esd087@gmail.com
Date Posted:01-08-2017 11:40 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : If you're in Greenville and have extra tickets, please let me know. We decided not to go to Tampa based on the stories we're hearing from friends there (no tickets!) and the high prices right now. If you have extras and are still in the Upstate - let me know and we will leave for Tampa early AM.

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