2007 Clemson Baseball Review

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2007 Season Myrtle Beach Regional Champs 41-23, 18-12 ACC 25-11 Home, 12-11 Away
2-16 Fri George Mason 14-0W
2-17 Sat George Mason 1-5L
2-18 Sun George Mason 5-4W
2-21 Wed High Point 11-3W
2-23 Fri Pacific 8-3W
2-24 Sat Pacific 4-3W
2-24 Sat Pacific 5-4W
2-28 Wed Winthrop 6-4W
3-3 Sat S.Carolina 0-12L
3-4 Sun @S.Carolina 2-3L
3-7 Wed Coastal Car. 4-0W
3-9 Fri Memphis 4-6L
3-10 Sat Memphis 8-2W
3-11 Sun Memphis 7-2W
3-14 Wed Ga Southern 3-0W
3-16 Fri Duke 6-4W
3-17 Sat Duke 7-2W
3-18 Sun Duke 9-6W
3-20 Tue @W.Carolina 3-6L
3-23 Fri @Maryland 3-4L
3-24 Sat @Maryland 1-4L
3-25 Sun @Maryland 5-0W
3-27 Tue Gardner-Webb 14-2W
3-28 wed W.Carolina 15-6W
3-30 Fri Miami 3-10L
3-31 Sat Miami 4-1W
4-1 Sun Miami 6-7L
4-3 Tue @Georgia 4-2W
4-4 Wed Georgia 11-10W
4-6 Fri @VaTech 6-3W
4-7 Sat @VaTech 8-5W
4-8 Sun @VaTech 5-2W
4-13 Fri @Wake 6-2W
4-14 Sat @Wake 5-4W
4-18 Wed @S.Carolina 2-4L
4-20 Fri Virginia 3-5L
4-21 Sat Virginia 0-3L
4-22 Sun Virginia 2-1W
4-24 Tues Elon 12-13L
4-25 Wed S. Carolina 14-5W
4-27 Fri GaTech 3-2W
4-28 Sat GaTech 10-3W
4-29 Sun GaTech 3-6L
5-5 Sat B.C. 4-3W
5-6 Sun B.C. 6-8L
5-6 Sun B.C. 7-6W
5-8 Tues Wofford 12-3W
5-9 Wed Furman 3-6L
5-11 Fri @Florida St 1-11L
5-12 Sat @Florida St 7-6W
5-13 Sun @Florida St 11-6W
5-15 Tue C of C 19-7W
5-17 Thu @NC State 4-11L
5-18 Fri @NC State 5-6L
5-19 Sat @NC State 6-3W
ACC Tournament (2-1)
5-24 Thurs Miami 5-4W
5-26 Sat Wake Forest 2-3L
5-27 Sun FSU 5-1W
Myrtle Beach Regional - Champs
6-1 Fri St. Johns 3-2W
6-3 Sun Coastal Car. 11-8W
6-4 Mon Coastal Car. 15-3W
Super Regionals (0-2)
6-8 Fri Miss. State 6-8L
6-9 Sat Miss. State 5-8L

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