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Nkemdiche stays committed to Tigers despite outside distractions

  by - Senior Writer - Tuesday, September 11, 2012 11:18 AM

Nkemdiche on his unofficial visit to Clemson last Saturday.

The more that universities and different sports media entities try to delve into the reason that Robert Nkemdiche Robert Nkemdiche
Defensive End
6-5, 275
Loganville, GA

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chose Clemson over dozens of other offers, the more the bond between Nkemdiche and Clemson grows.

Nkemdiche has recently been profiled in an article in ESPN The Mag in which his mother is quoted as saying her son’s recruitment is not final. Newspapers in his home state of Georgia look for ways to stir up drama surrounding the Loganville Grayson defensive linemen, generating hits and selling papers to be sure.

However, at the end of the day, Nkemdiche still says he is committed to Clemson, and feels like Clemson is the school that can help him realize his dream of playing at the next level, pot-stirrers be damned.

His smile may have been the biggest of any of Clemson’s recruits who took in Saturday’s win over Ball St., as he was able to put the drama of recruiting and the overwhelming scrutiny of everything he says or does away for a while, and just be a young man on a college visit.

Nkemdiche told TigerNet last week that he knew what he was getting into once he learned how high-profile he would become, and credits Grayson defensive line coach Lenny Gregory for helping smooth the way.

“I wasn’t really surprised by any of this,” Nkemdiche said. “My coaches told me this was going to happen, and they told me I was going to get a lot of attention. I am just staying hungry. And the coaches really help me stay grounded.”

I asked Nkemdiche if it was true that Clemson head coach Dabo SwinneyDabo Swinney
Head Coach
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tried to get him to NOT commit during the June visit when he gave his verbal, and he said yes.

“He did. He really did,” he said. “I just had the mindset that there was nowhere else I would rather go. I like Clemson a lot because it is family-oriented and they have really good coaches. When you talk to the coaches, it is not just about football – they talk about other things. I liked that. And I saw something different in Coach Swinney.”

Nkemdiche said that his relationship with Clemson defensive line coach Marion HobbyMarion Hobby
Assistant Coach / Defensive Ends
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is a factor that often gets overlooked in his decision to choose the Tigers.

“Even before I went up there, me and coach Gregory talked about it,” he said. “He said, ‘When you go to college, you have to see what coach will help you technique-wise and get you to the next level.’ He talked to all of the defensive line coaches across the country, like Brick Haley [LSU] and coach Hobby. I know that he really liked Marion Hobby, and when I got up there I knew in my heart that he was the kind of coach that could help me get to the next level.”

Nkemdiche broke into a big smile when he was asked about the number of Clemson fans that showed up to support him and his Grayson teammates in a showdown against Miami Central a week ago, calling the fans ‘My Tigers.’

He was asked what visits he will definitely be taking, and he said Clemson and Ole Miss. However, playing the game is what he most wants to concentrate on.

“My brother plays at Ole Miss and I will be going there, just to watch him play,” he said. “And I will be going to some Clemson games. But this is what I love doing - what we love – and when we play all the newspaper clippings go away. It is just all about football. I am just real focused on the season right now. I just want to stay grounded right now.”

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Front Page:Nkemdiche stays committed to Tigers despite outside distractions
Certain media people and outlets aren't going to like this.
the AJC is not going to like this.***
Re: Certain media people and outlets aren't going to like this.
The only school that I would worry about losing him to
I've heard from several people
I heard the same it was always Clemson or LSU
He also mentioned school size as a factor
Mighty Zep®
Great interview
AllTime just doesn't get it----you can't fix stupid***
Pulse tells you all you need to know . . .***
Rocky the Tiger®
^^^AlltimeClemson did not read the article.^^^***
Re: ^^^AlltimeClemson did not read the article.^^^***
Don't worry
He fits anywhere he d@mn well pleases***
Re: The only school that I would worry about losing him to
^^^^Has reading comprehension problems^^^^***
Re: The only school that I would worry about losing him to
Great Young man...glad hes a "TIGER"
Prime T. Tiger
"Still committed despite every idiot in the world trying to
I love the way this young man carries himself.
Re: I love the way this young man carries himself.
Re: Front Page:Nkemdiche stays committed to Tigers despite outside distractions
"pot-stirrers be ######. " Haha! Classic!***
Great article David, well well done***
This is working out great for The Tigers. The more questions
Re: Front Page:Nkemdiche stays committed to Tigers despite outside distractions
Re: Front Page:Nkemdiche stays committed to Tigers despite outside distractions
He found the next "home" for him. This is gonna be FUN

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