Monte Lee brings new platform to Clemson to determine mental toughness

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Clemson, SC -- The Right Profile recently interviewed Clemson Tigers' Head Baseball Coach, Monte LeeMonte Lee
Baseball Head Coach
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, about how he is bringing the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) and The Right Profile’s TAP360 player evaluation and development system that he used at College of Charleston to his new position at Clemson University.

In the interview, Coach Lee states he is implementing the TAP360 platform immediately. “We are officially using the TAP here at Clemson. We just set it up this morning and sent out a group email to all of our players and told them they have until tomorrow to take the TAP, if that tells you anything about how important the TAP test is to us.” He continued, “In my experience of using it when I was at Charleston, I thought it made a world of difference for us as coaches, being able to look at our players and understand how to coach them by looking at the Coaching Report for each player. We knew what worked for them for motivation and what didn’t based on the Evaluation Reports.”

Coach Lee recounted how the TAP360 System helped with two freshman players at the College of Charleston. “A good example was last year at Charleston. I had two freshmen that pitched for us out of the bullpen. They were two guys that, based on the physical tools and their performance in the fall, we did not think were going to pitch a lot for us. They were struggling physically. After taking the TAP, one thing that was pretty surprising for us is that these guys had high scores for mental toughness.” Coach Lee continued, “So, in the spring, we put them out there and they ended up being all-conference pitchers for us because they could handle the pressure and the adversity of pitching in high-pressure situations.”

Lee said Clemson will use TAP in recruiting as well.

"We will send it to players we are recruiting," Lee said. "We want to know as much as possible about our signees before they come here to gain as much knowledge about each player mentally as possible."

Although the TAP has been used by NFL, MLB and NBA teams for decades to better evaluate, coach and develop their athletes, it was not offered to college and high school athletic programs until late 2014. Many pro teams, including the Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals and the New England Patriots, include the TAP as an integral part of their organization’s talent pipeline, development and mental conditioning programs.

About The Right Profile
The TAP360 System is owned by The Right Profile and is a cloud-based platform of assessments, reports and exercises to improve athlete development and the mental game. It is based on the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) taken by nearly 20,000 elite athletes. The TAP360 System is used by teams in the NFL®, MLB® & NBA® to evaluate and develop professional athletes. The goal of the TAP360 System is to help athletes develop a champion’s mindset. For more information, visit To take the TAP assessment, visit

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