Notes from Venables press conference

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--Swinney says Venables reached out to him first with interest on the job.

--Swinney says Venables is a "grand slam" while others would have been a home run.

--Swinney says Art Briles told him he has two best coordinators in the country.

--Swinney says Venables has great track record with LBs and with recruiting.

--Swinney says that Venables has record of stopping spread offenses and running QBs, all a weakness the past few years.

--Swinney says Clemson has as dynamic a staff as there is in the country.

--Swinney called Venables 2,000 feet in the air and said, "I may cut off, but are you ready to be a Tiger?"

--Swinney says he has tremendous success developing linebackers and that excites me.

--Venables says he wants the LBs to play downhill....welcome news for Clemson fans.

--Venable says needle is only pointing up at Clemson, couldn't be a better time to be at Clemson.

--Venables say "We will win. I have great confidence in that."

--For the record...Venables is wearing orange. Big step for someone who has had Okie St. as a rival. Media bets were on purple.

--Venables and Dabo had 3-hour introductory phone conversation last week "I felt juiced," Venables said. "Felt I was on phone for 20 minutes".

--Swinney offered Venables job Tuesday night.

--"Gap integrity, stop the run." Nice words to hear after recent issues.

--Venables says he thinks Clemson offensive players are "scary creatures".

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