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Username: haydencopesc   Member Since: 2011-08-10
Email: jhaydenmd@gmail.com
Date Posted:08-16-2017 10:03 AM
Ad Text:WANTED : 2 tickets wanted in WEST ZONE CLUB or SOUTH CLUB. Please email with any available!!! Thanks in advance.
Username: GoofyBongo   Member Since: 2006-10-18
Email: GoofyBongoTiger@aol.com
Phone: 864.569.0179
Date Posted:08-09-2017 2:47 PM
Ad Text:WANTED : I'd like to purchase 2-6 Lower Level tickets for the season at a reasonable price. Located in the Greenville area.
Username: gaines2421   Member Since: 2007-01-28
Email: mktalley14@gmail.com
Date Posted:08-09-2017 12:39 PM
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 2 season tickets. I can only afford around $800 for the pair. After being ripped last season i'm looking a honest Tiger fan to help me and my wife out. Lower deck would be nice but upper is fine in the first 10 rows would be great. Email only please. Thanks GO TIGERS!!
Username: jsmith02   Member Since: 2015-09-08
Email: jess@clemson.edu
Date Posted:08-07-2017 12:21 AM
Ad Text:WANTED : We are looking for 1 or 2 tickets in Section S. (Lower Sideline S). My son would like to take a friend to a couple of games but we had already submitted our season tickets when we found out. Our seats are on Row Q so ideally the ticket(s) would be close however we are flexible. We are also flexible as to what games. If you have extra tickets in Section S, please let me know. Thank you, in advance! And as always.... GO TIGERS!!!!
Username: fishtiger   Member Since: 1998-12-01
Email: herkyelsae@charter.net
Date Posted:08-05-2017 2:51 PM
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 2 season tickets, lower deck. Live between Greenville and Clemson.
Username: djevens   Member Since: 2017-07-26
Email: djevens@uvs.cc
Date Posted:07-28-2017 3:37 PM
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for two tickets, lower level North Stands. Preferably near the hill. Go Tigers!
Username: shennes   Member Since: 2005-02-14
Email: hennes.sherry@yahoo.com
Phone: 8647844063
Date Posted:07-14-2017 2:54 PM
Ad Text:WANTED : I need 2 Season Tickets in a Suite Box, also need a parking pass.
Username: rigginb   Member Since: 2009-11-23
Email: rigginb1@yahoo.com
Phone: 8645549087
Date Posted:07-10-2017 8:38 AM
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for two 2017 Season Tickets in sections TDE or TDF within the first five rows. Would consider high rows in the lower deck at a reasonable price too. Would also like a parking pass if available. Let me know what you have. Thanks!

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