Quotable Bowden, Part 2; Gaddis Looking into NFL


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On a day that Music City Bowl officials visited Clemson's practice and presented the team with a Clemson Guitar, head coach Tommy Bowden and defensive back C.J. Gaddis each spoke to the media:


Keeping the team motivated with bowl 10 days away.

“Sometimes is like pulling teeth, but that’s why they call you coach. There are days when you have to get after it pretty good. Very seldom are there days when guys want to come out here and hit when everyone on campus is gone. We scrimmaged live goal line and live third and medium so we got something done.

"It is a little long. It’s more than a week away. They have a lot of free time and money in their pocket. At that age that’s a huge priority right now so it’s important that you get something out of them right now.”

About underclassmen petitioning the NFL Draft committee

“I don’t think we have any juniors that would be close. Barry (Richardson) is coming back. Do we have any other guys? I don’t think we have anybody like Gaines (Adams) last year – that finished strong. I don’t think we have anybody at that stature that will jump out at the NFL.
Last year Gaines was a hot guy and Barry has said he is coming back. But there is not another guy that is coming out. If there is, he will be crazy to come out.”

Prepare the team for road atmosphere

“Not really. We talked about this with the Music City guys. I think some excitement will be there because we are playing in an NFL stadium. When we played in Charlotte and played Temple, and Temple wasn’t doing very good, but the team got excited about playing in an NFL Stadium. Of course Kentucky has had a lot more success than Temple, but I think the stadium is going to excite them and I think both teams (fans) will travel. I don’t think we will see so much a road environment as most of those guys dreaming about playing in the NFL (stadium) and in an NFL environment.”


Are you in the process of seeing where you might fall in the draft?

“I’m in the process to see where the NFL thinks my potential is. It was all submitted last week and I thought I would good ahead and do it, but I really haven’t had much thought about it.”

Who’s idea was it?

“It was more of a mutual idea. Coach (Bowden) brought it up to me. I had thought about doing it previously, but he had brought it up to me and we went from there.”

Did showing up on Mel Kiper’s list get the ball rolling?

“I guess you can say that. I personally don’t have that much production to be evaluated that high. Other people think otherwise, but it’s a blessing so I’m just going about it and seeing how things go and how things turn out.”

Where do you have to fall in order to leave early?

“I don’t think that’s an issue. First of all, my family wants me to stay in school. I want to stay in school so that’s not a question. I don’t think about budging one way or the other.”

Will you talk to Gaines or others about this issue and their experiences from last year?

“Eventually I will and I will ask them because it will definitely be good to get their advice. As far as their experiences having anything to do with me staying in school or not? No. I’m pretty sure I will be in school next year.”

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