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Username: Tigerguy484  tmail Member Since: 2015-09-06
Email: tigerguy484@gmail.com
Date Posted:11-16-2018 5:03 PM
Location:N [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : CU vs. South Carolina: $300 for each ticket. 4 GREAT lower deck (down from the portal), side by side, aisle tickets: Tickets are on the North side of stadium, Lower Deck, Section N, Row Z, Seats #1, 3, 5 and 7 between the 30 and 40 yard lines. $1,200 gets you 4 PRIME seats for the chicken kickin!!! PayPal preferred. Please email tigerguy484@gmail.com if interested. Thank you and Go Tigers!!
Username: GCJTigerTicUH  tmail Member Since: 2018-11-14
Email: Garyj@hawthornesc.com
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:54 PM
Location:UH [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 pairs of tickets on home side, lower deck. Great parking in PBX next to stadium. 4 tickets and 1 parking space $1000.
Username: We Too Deep (alias) Member Since: 2015-08-06
Email: Machurt001@gmail.com
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:54 PM
Location:UQ [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 tickets in lower deck, Section UQ, Row V, 35 yard line seats under the overhang of the upper deck, so you are protected from the elements. $225 per ticket. PayPal accepted. Call or text 803-413-0652 for quick response.
Username: CUMBA (alias) Member Since: 1998-12-01
Email: mmontjoy@gmail.com
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:41 PM
Location:UL [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 in UL row R for SC game for $200 each. Pick up in Greenville with cash. Or pick up tomorrow at my space in Clemson if you're at the Duke game. This is a firm price and will not split.
Username: Haganca (alias) Member Since: 2014-08-17
Email: Haganca@musc.edu
Phone: 843-509-9453
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:39 PM
Location:O [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 LD Section O tickets with seatbacks and cent Blvd lot parking pass. $1500 OBO Please call 843-509-9453
Username: billsmafia20 (alias) Member Since: 2015-08-18
Email: billsmafia20@gmail.comdonor logo
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:37 PM
Location:T [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4-Section T...$750 for the four. Email if interested. Go Tigers!!
Username: Craiggalloway (alias) Member Since: 2014-09-15
Email: Craig_galloway@att.netdonor logo
Phone: 864-346-1818
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:29 PM
Location:UK [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 in sec UK row M 275 each, 4 in sec R asking 275 each, 2 in M row KK 300 each, 2 in sec UN row Z 300 each,2 in sec UQ row A asking 300 each, call or email if interested , cash or PayPal ,located in Greenville.
Username: jimmya50 (alias) Member Since: 2018-11-16
Phone: 843-837-5626
Date Posted:11-16-2018 4:04 PM
Location:UD [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Sec UD, Row O, Seats 13&15, Parking pass for Delta Street,

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