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Username: Tigerguy484  tmail Member Since: 2015-09-06
Email: tigerguy484@gmail.com
Date Posted:09-22-2018 4:47 AM
Location:N [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : CU vs. Syracuse - Great Family Package! Six GREAT tickets total. Four seats together on the aisle (#1, 3, 5 and 7) on Row Z and 2 seats three rows behind those on Row CC (#5 and 7). Two seats on Row CC have permanent orange Tiger seatbacks. Tickets are on the North side of stadium, Lower Deck, Section N between the 30 and 35 yard lines. Tickets for $150 each. Also, a GREAT family gathering Lot 2 parking pass (5 spots from steps down to North Lot, Avenue of Champions and the stadium). Easy access in and out of stadium for pre game, half time and post game tailgate fun. Parking pass for $300. Will sell as package with tickets and parking pass or will sell separately. PayPal preferred and buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping. Please email tigerguy484@gmail.com if interested.
Username: dieorangebleedpurple  tmail Member Since: 2010-08-24
Email: clemsondude04@gmail.com
Date Posted:09-22-2018 12:52 AM
Location:E [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have the following tickets for the Clemson vs Syracuse game. Prices listed are per ticket. I am located in the upstate and can meet locally. I can also ship them (overnight option available). I'm PayPal/Venmo friendly. Please let me know which tickets you are interested in when contacting me. I will delist tickets as they sell. I welcome any questions. Thank you! ----------------> (5) sec Q $200/ticket • (5) sec I $200/ticket • (4) sec E $225/ticket • (4) sec H $160/ticket • (4) sec UC $150/ticket • (4) sec Y $120/ticket • (3) sec UQ $150/ticket • (2) sec F $190/ticket • (2) sec P $150/ticket • (2) sec UG $140/ticket • (2) sec H $140/ticket • (2) sec N $130/ticket • (2) sec I $125/ticket • (2) sec R $115/ticket • (2) sec UI $115/ticket • (2) sec J $100/ticket • (2) sec S $100/ticket • (2) sec UK $90/ticket • (2) sec UT $90/ticket • (2) sec TDC $60/ticket
Username: TexasTiger10  tmail Member Since: 2018-07-27
Email: randall.p.smith@gmail.com
Phone: 817-909-4024
Date Posted:09-22-2018 12:06 AM
Location:TDT [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Have 2 TDT row J tickets available for face ($60/each) OBO. Venmo or Paypal preferred, PDFs are ready to send. Text/Email me
Username: TigersMaulDawgs  tmail Member Since: 2013-05-18
Email: tigersmauldawgs@gmail.com
Date Posted:09-21-2018 10:58 PM
Location:F [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Syracuse tickets: (2) Sect F-$200 each / (2) Sect UQ-$130 each / (2) Sect UR-$120 each / (2) Sect S-$110 each / (2) Sect T-$100 each
Username: Jville Tiger  tmail Member Since: 2013-10-15
Phone: 843-625-0343
Date Posted:09-21-2018 10:08 PM
Location:UI [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Have 2 tickets in Section UI, Row G, Seats 31 & 33 for $200 for the pair. Will mail tickets ASAP. Payment method will be PayPal or Venmo. Text number above if interested.
Username: C1ems0ngr4d  tmail Member Since: 2018-09-06
Email: katieanytime@gmail.com
Date Posted:09-21-2018 10:06 PM
Location:S [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 Lower Deck tickets on aisle. Row Z. $250/pair or $475 for all 4. Please email if interested. Tickets in hand will overnight ship to your location!
Username: Prestige_Worldwide  tmail Member Since: 2015-08-28
Email: stiddyb@gmail.com
Date Posted:09-21-2018 10:05 PM
Location:N [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 tickets on the 35 yard line, section N, 7 rows from the field and a 3A pass for Syracuse. $375.
Username: tigerman316  tmail Member Since: 2006-03-25
Email: tony.cates1@gmail.com
Date Posted:09-21-2018 9:17 PM
Location:R [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 tickets in section R. $150 per ticket obo.

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