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Username: Tigerdad (alias) Member Since: 2011-08-08
Email: coultervm@aol.com
Phone: 8039832039
Date Posted:08-24-2017 12:16 AM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 tickets in section J (lower deck) and a numbered spot in Tiger Park! Home side,row QQ; Tiger Park has a pavilion with TV and bathrooms. 8 guest passes are included with Tiger Park tailgate spot. Please text for payment details. $2000
Username: dieorangebleedpurple (alias) Member Since: 2010-08-24
Email: clemsondude04@gmail.com
Date Posted:08-24-2017 12:15 AM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have the following tickets for Auburn. I am local in the upstate and can meet or do PayPal/Venmo and ship the tickets. Please specify which tickets you are interested in. ---------------> (4) Sec E $500/ticket • (4) Sec N $400/ticket • (4) Sec UB $375/ticket • (4) Sec Y $325/ticket • (4) Sec TDH $225/ticket • (3) Sec UC $400/ticket • (3) Sec HKK $325/ticket • (3) Sec T $300/ticket • (2) Sec P $450/ticket • (2) Sec G $450/ticket • (2) Sec Q $375/ticket • (2) Sec L $325/ticket
Username: edparris (alias) Member Since: 2009-08-24
Email: Edparris88@gmail.com
Phone: 8647066877
Date Posted:08-23-2017 11:44 PM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 lower deck north tickets for Auburn. Section US row f Asking $325 each obo
Username: IrishOrange (alias) Member Since: 2015-08-17
Email: spcsportsminded@aol.com
Phone: 8649796312
Date Posted:08-23-2017 10:56 PM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have two (2) tickets in Sec. TDP, Row J (10 rows up) for the Auburn game and a NS parking pass. Asking $500 for the package. These are great seats between the 40-45 yard line. (Can hand deliver in the Upstate) Go Tigers!!
Username: gmanke (alias) Member Since: 2017-08-11
Email: amanke@g.clemson.edu
Date Posted:08-23-2017 9:45 PM
Ad Text:FOR TRADE : TRADING 2 tickets in North Top Deck for 2 tickets ANYWHERE in South Top Deck. If yours are dramatically closer to the center, I will pay you extra. Both tickets for alumni, will pay cash, paypal, or venmo. email me!
Username: TX Tiger (alias) Member Since: 1998-12-01
Email: clemsonU90@aol.com
Date Posted:08-23-2017 9:42 PM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 tickets for sale on the 48yd line on the Clemson side of the field - Sec E Row D seat 19 and 21. I live in VA but can mail, send electronically (through Clemson), or in person at Kent St game. $400each for a total of $800
Username: Tigerguy484 (alias) Member Since: 2015-09-06
Email: tigerguy484@gmail.com
Date Posted:08-23-2017 9:25 PM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Four GREAT seats together on the aisle (#1, 3, 5 and 7). Tickets are on the North side of stadium, Lower Deck, Section N, Row Z (26 rows up from the field) between the 30 and 35 yard lines. Set of four tickets-$1,750. Also, a GREAT family gathering Lot 2 parking pass (5 spots from steps down to the North Lot, the Avenue of Champions and also very close to the North stands in the stadium). Parking pass in Lot 2-$500. Please email tigerguy484@gmail.com if interested.
Username: mrbclemsonfan (alias) Member Since: 2011-11-08
Email: mrbperio@aol.com
Phone: 864-314-1365
Date Posted:08-23-2017 9:06 PM
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 TICKETS SOUTH SIDE LOWER LEVEL SECTION UE ROW T. 40 yd line. Great seats. Asking $450each/OBO Cash or paypal. Can meet in Anderson. text 864-314-1365

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