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I was my Mother's worst hangover ever on Jan. 1 1969 until halftime of the Rose Bowl when I popped out.

After that I was just your basic boring geek until I was 16 and got some action for the first time. Boring, so I won't bother you with that here.

I earned my MSME from Clemson in 1.5 years, that I should have extended to 15 years. I cared very little about Clemson until I matriculated and when I did I thought every CU fan was absolutely insane. During the '92 UVA comeback I became convinced the fans weren't insane, this schtuff was fun. Or I became as insane as everyone else.

I still haven't figured out if y'all are insane crazy or if I became sane/insane that day. I've stopped trying to figure out which one is true and I've been enjoying the fun ever since.

Though Clemson Basketball still makes me kick my proverbial dog about every game that is on TV, a habit I picked up in the 95-96 season.