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Name: Beavis
City, State: Nicaragua! AGUAAAA!!!!" "
Occupation: Burger World
Web: HTTP for my bunghole!
School: School Sucks
Fav Links: Ozzy's pretty cool for an old dude , GWAR RULES! Heh heh m heh. Violence has arrived. , This guy's a buttmunch.
Hobbies: chicks, TV, fire, and um.... oh yeah. And that other thing. Heh heh m heh. Yeayah.
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A buncha years ago I was, like, born and stuff. Then the people came and made me go to school. About a week ago, me and Butt-Head went to the mall and found a bunch of money in the fountain. Rich people, like, throw it in there cause they have these things. I think they're called wishes or something. Rich people are dumb, heh heh m heh. And like, that's how I got to where I am today. M heh heh. Thank you drive through.

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