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Name: Randy  Rampey    
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My wife and I are both military kids.We met when we were in high school in Fayetteville NC.We both entered college at SW Louisiana in 1975.I finally convinced her to marry me and we moved to Clemson where my family is orignally from.My Grandparents owned a small farm off of Hwy 93 near Central.We moved into Clemson's married student housing in Dec.1977.We were married the day Clemson played Notre Dame in 1977.My wife who is a whole lot smarter than me graduated Clemson in 1979.One of my hobbies is collecting Clemson players sportscards.I also have many pictures that I photographed at Clemson games on display.
We've lived in Concord NC for 16 years.We are active in the Clemson Club for this area.Living here makes us miss the Clemson area very much.Thankfully my parents have retired and moved to Anderson. Now we have a free place to stay when Clemson plays those late games.

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