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Here goes: Born in Tacoma Wa. 1966. Lived in urban area till 11 then out to burbs. Worked at Brookdale GC from 13 to 17 and learned from Mr. Ken Still. Sucked at football in JHS but was pretty good in HS (Washington) as LB. I was the most imature 18 year old you've ever seen or heard about so after shoulder injury, no college. Joined Navy Subs. SSBN 627 and 640 for first 6 years then 3 years working at brig at NAS Jax. Navy brought me to Chas, SC. After Navy (1995(9 years total)), moved to Seneca and attended CU (class of 1999). Moved back to Tacoma area December, 2015. I now work for Engineering Design & Testing Corp. as a consultant. Long term plan: buy a motor home and park it in the Clemson area so I can attend all the home games and take a bowl trip now and then. I am a Christian and a major sinner so if I screw up, please forgive me.