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Name: Scott Scarborough
City, State: Corydon , KY
Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Retired from USPS
Affiliation: Fan
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Hobbies: Clemson Football, Reading, Chess
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Have been a Clemson fan as far back as my 60 years can remember. Spent many Saturdays on the Hill in the 60's and early 70's. Joined the Navy, got married, settled here in Corydon, Kentucky. But I will always bleed orange...Not Tennessee orange, Clemson Orange; as I must tell people here... that true Orange is only found in Clemson, South Carolina. Bred, born, and raised Clemson and will die loyal to the Orange and Purple. I would rather live 60 years a a Tiger than a hundred and sixty years as a chicken. Go Tigers!!!!!!

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