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Name: Risher  Fairey
City, State: Columbia , SC
Occupation: College Instructor, Midlands Tech.
Affiliation: Fan
School: Wofford College
Major: History BA (1976)
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Hobbies:  landscaping, reading (outside of class related), travel to historic cities/sites
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I've been attending Clemson football since 1959 (age six) and my late father was an IPTAY member for more than twenty years. He and a majority of his brothers all graduated from Clemson. I joined IPTAY during 2002 in his memory and so I could get a decent seat at Death Valley eventually. His tickets were on the South lower side, 45 yardline!
I've been a member of IPTAY since 2002 and am glad to support the sports program and academics at Clemson. Anybody who loves the Tigers needs to join IPTAY at some point!

Go Tigers!

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