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Name: Marvin Johnson
City, State: Durham , NC
Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Independent Insurance Adviser
Affiliation: Fan
School: Newberry College
Major: Business Administration BS (1981)
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Hobbies: working out, golf, watching football games
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I specialize in extended care insurance, comparison, and plan design customized to meet individual, business, and family needs. I represent extended care insurance companies as a representative NC#7941097, SC#370894 , MD#2142900 and VA#952369 selling extended care insurance plans to the residents of those states along with life insurance and fixed index annuities. I can assist you in designing an appropriate and affordable plan for you, your business, and your family.

I have resided in the Durham area since 1989. I grew up in Asheville, NC. I am a graduate of Newberry College in 1981 with a degree in Business Administration. I have firsthand knowledge of the potentially significant impact long term care can have on an individual or their family. My practice is focused primarily on the issue of extended care insurance and senior life, retirement, and health related products. In a caring and supportive way, I provide advice to individuals looking to help protect their hard-earned assets and maintain their financial independence and dignity. I am also available to give public seminars/sales presentations and group talks in the Carolinas on the issues involving long term care and Tax Free retirement supplementation in America.

"What I do for a living is I protect the innocent when someone dies prematurely. I provide a worry free retirement that people can't outlive. I protect their assets when they get sick. I provide a legacy when they die." Joe Jordan

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