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Name: Bill Willis guy on right
City, State: The HEAD , SC
Occupation: Commercial Lighting Supplier
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson
Major: History BA (1966)
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Hobbies: Boating (kayaking, sailing, jet skiing), Shag Dancing, Travel, Eating, Foreign Movies, Convertibles
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Attended Clemson in 1959 in Pre-Med..then in Navy in '60 as Hospital Corpsman..back to TigerTown years later as a married student & living in Pre-Fab House near what's the present Athletic Offices & parking lot just above Baseball Stadium..and studying easier History/Sociology studies this time around so to graduate!.

While there 2nd time around I was Sports Writer for student newspaper The TiGER, had a paper route to earn extra money, owned two beat-up old British cars (MG & Austin) that needed duct tape & wire each month to survive, and wife worked in P&G Building for three PHD's who were over the Diary Industry (milk production) in SC..and she made only $1 per hour in 1962 which left us about $5 in our bank account at end of month..but we were happy!

From 1977-1992 I carried first 4' x 6' Cotton PAW Flag sold by John Batson Co in home & away games on a two-part pole so to wave it high..and thusly SID Bob Bradley coined me "The FLAGman". I've been to 20+ to Notre Dame (with 9 yr old son in back of car..and we toured ND stadium with Danny Ford & Team on that Friday afternoon walk-through..and Clemson won) & Boston College game away (saw Doug Flutie beat us in Bean Town)..and of course the NC Game in Jan 1982 where weather was the warmest that early January day in the USA (88*).

Had several careers (mostly self and/or family employed)..commercial interior designer, Realtor/broker & lastly a Commercial Lighting Supply Owner..which I'm still involved in today after 30+ years.

Became a TiGER Fan in 1957 (just after moving to Greenville SC from Charlotte NC) when asked by friend to attend a game at Clemson..while I was a Tar Heel Fan due to Dad attending there b/4 WW2..but after that '57 football game in lovely TigerTown I returned home to put my Baby Blue colored basketball up in the closet Forever since my blood had turned ORANGE!

From 1966-1986 our Family attended a zillion home games in DV (having 4 reserved seats) & many away games as well as many bowl trips (even in campers & RV's). It was a fantastic time.

Cheers & GoTiGERS Everywhere..keep ROCKing & wearing that beautiful ORANGE that the Coots hate!

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