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Living it up in the Colorado Rockies. Attended CU 2011-2016, graduated BA in May 2016. Lived in J-Stone Annex in 2011-2012. Free beer with Sammy Watkins, Mike Bellamy, and Swag Kelly sightings were my favorite moments in my early days as a student. Only seen 2 losses at Death Valley: 2012 vs. SCar and 2016 vs. Pitt. Otherwise, the Tigers are 26-2 in games I've attended at DV, and 33-2 in games I've attended overall (mainly "neutral" site games in Charlotte or Atlanta, and 2 away games @ NCSU in 2015 and @ Wake in 2016).

Favorite CU football players: Nuk Hopkins, Andre Ellington, Wayne Gallman, Cornell Powell, KJ Henry

Favorite CU basketball players: Gabe Devoe, Elijah Thomas, Demontez Stitt

Favorite CU baseball players: Richie Shaffer, Seth Beer

Favorite Games attended at Death Valley: 2011 vs. Auburn, 2011 vs. FSU, 2013 vs. Georgia, 2014 vs. SCar, 2015 vs. Notre Dame, 2018 vs. SCar

Favorite away games attended: 2011 ACC Championship vs. VT, 2012 CFA Bowl vs. LSU, 2015 vs. NCSU, 2017 ACC Championship