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Name: Tony Crumpton
City, State: Clemson , SC
Occupation: Associate Editor of TigerNet
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson
Major: Computer Science
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Hobbies: Basketball, Eating, Sleeping
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TigerNet Bio: Tony has been working in various capacities with TigerNet since 1995. His roles have ranged from photographer, staff writer, senior recruiting analyst, social-media guy, associate editor, etc. He graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems. Luckily, during that time, he found and married a wonderful Clemson girl. He was once called "The most interesting person working on" by himself. Self-renowned connoisseur of burgers and buffets. His hobbies include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On several occasions, he has been called Dabo Swinney's arch enemy at pickup basketball games. Once hit his brother Crump with a 2X4 by "accident." He has been a big fan of the Chicago Cubs since the late 80's.

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