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Name: Richard Walker
City, State: Midlands , SC
Occupation: law enforcement
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Hobbies: Triumph motorcycles (two classic, one modern), relic hunting (author "Relics and Reminiscing")
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Been a Clemson fan since the early 70s when I lived in Greer. At that time there was only one college football team in the country (that we were aware of as kids). The Tigers beat all of the other "non-existent" teams. Got my first ever look at the stadium when a friend of my dad's flew us over Clemson in his plane in around 1974-5. First game Clemson Vs. NC 1986. First bowl, Gator Bowl 1986. Worst experience, Puntrooskie ( we were on the Hill about 50 feet from the punter. We couldn't find the ball until Butler was on the 50). Oddest experience - Clemson vs. LSU, Peach Bowl. Seated in the LSU student section, they're relentless in their ridicule of us (five of us. My best friend and his daughter, a previously unknown to us father/son pair). The language being use against us, I feared, would increase the vocabulary of the children to about age 49. Halftime, we go out to the refreshment stands, friend's daughter wants a photo with half-breed, the LSU super fan. Jeans covered the lower half while paint covered the upper. Wildest and meanest in the student section. What the heck. My best friend is driving. I can lay in the back mortally wounded if I'm attacked. "Pardon me, Mr. Beast Mode. But my niece would like a photograph with you, if you aren't too busy chewing of head's of dolls." Beast went to furry and friendly. For children, he was a teddy bear. For us, he was something else. "I would LOVE to get a photo with her!" Best experience, wife took me to a game in 2019 for my birthday - hotel greeted me as guest of the day, tailgated perfectly - super nice couple beside us, Hibachi birthday dinner went perfect, Kohl's gave me a discount and the parking spot I'd reserved was still within Pickens County!

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