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Name: Carl "Allen" Cutts
City, State: Decatur , GA
Occupation: Radio Communications Consultant
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson
Major: (1983)
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Where do these photos come from?

All of the photos that I post are from a collection that I have worked on over the years.
I have collected anything and everything that has any information or photos of Clemson.
That includes magazines, books, newspapers, online photos, old postcards, TAPS, game
programs, advertisements, IPTAY newsletters, calendars, posters and even people's own
personal photos. If it has a Clemson photo or article, then I collect it.

A special thanks to B-Meist® and Crump® for all the work they do to keep TigerNet up
and running. Also, if you like these photos, be sure to thank MyBloodRunnethOrange®
because he provides the much needed bandwidth that makes these historic photo posts

Also, I've been in radio communications for 30 years and currently a public safety radio communications consultant for various cities and counties across the country.

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