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Name: Earl McClary
City, State: Mooresville , NC
Email: [email protected]
Occupation: Retired Duke Energy Manager
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson University
Major: Administration &Amp; Supervision BS (1978)
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Hobbies: Knife collecting, Watching college Sports...Tigers of Course
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Ia live in Mooresville, NC with my wife. I have two children a daughter and son. My daughter works for the State of NC and my son is a college student at UNCC. I grew up in SC having lived in Salters, Spartanburg,Atlanta Ga., Turbeville,Pacolet,Walhalla and Clemson. I am a graduate of Clemson with a BS in Administrative Management with a concentration in Occupational Safety and Health. After graduation, I moved to Mooresville and worked with Duke Energy at Marshall Steam Station. I worked with Duke my entire career moving to various positions but the last position was the Product Line Manager of Outdoor Lighting. I have interstitial cystitis (a painful bladder condition) and had to take disability. I have been on disability since the yr. 2000. I am a Christian and a loyal Clemson Fan. Go Tigers!

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