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Name: HUGH Hart
City, State: Clemmons , NC
Occupation: Clemson Fan Minister
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Coastal Carolina Clemson Griffin Ames Seminary
Major: Business Administration MA (1991)
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Hobbies: Ministry, Saddlebred Horses, Medical Service Dogs, Medical Service Horses
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Love Jesus an I’m so grateful he died for me knowing my sin and he forgave me when I repented and made him Lord of my life at 6 years old.(1974) If you want to know Jesus or just have questions or talk about an issue you need a sounding board for just give me your number an I’ll call you back as soon as can. I love all you guys & ladies(ladies if you need the same I’ll have my wife call you, she’s very good at advice or as a sounding board, just don’t tell on me lol)

I’m so grateful for all of you and grateful for the Tigernet staff, I enjoy an appreciate all the great stories by Tony, David and Nikki I’m looking for for baby Hoods stories too.

Love to compete in any sport or game. Before I bent over to pick up our 2lb miniature Yorkie on 12/09/12 I was hit with pain in my Low back unlike I ever experienced my bone on L-3-5 had grown into the nerve in the middle of my spine. After 2 surgeries and a cage & fusion of L 3-5 I had kidney failure from my doctor who prescribed pain meds before surgery and after, made a huge mistake and his staff and the pharmacist made a schedule for how to take it all after we questioned it 3 times, I almost died from the kidney failure caused by it 3 days later as a was a slobbering mess totally out of this world when my wife found me an called 911.

The good Lord had more for me to learn and be used as his vessel even after hospice came in & took great care of me, only because of God I made it. Whew! From bed to wheelchair to walker for several years to cane and now slow sometimes but without anything with good days where I can walk/bike couple hours. Still getting stronger but younger just kidding.

Before 12/09/12 played Ymca/Church/ league games of basketball & I played Tennis outdoor/indoor 3-4 days a week. I worked out 5-6 days a week after basketball. Played and loved Racketball and some squash depending on court availability to play Racketball(wasn’t very good at Racketball but loved to compete) Trying to get back to working out as my back allows.

If I hurt your feelings please forgive me and know it isn’t intentional, I love to pick, cut up & have fun please know I would never try to embarrass you, make fun of most of you(you know what I mean, mash buttons) except for most COOTS...LOL let me know if I hurt you I don’t want anybody here to be upset at me an I have no clue why give me a chance to change it or apologize except for

Go Tigers! Thank you Danny Ford & Dabo Swinney(Terry Don) for making Clemson great.

Our Farm, True Hart Farm named after my Daughters favorite horse she finished 2nd in the world in Fine Harness at 14 years old against much older experienced professionals. “A Wish Came True” died 2015 from colic(his second time after a surgery the 1st time.(insurance covered the surgery) the vet couldn’t save him the 2nd time his stomach had twisted and burst it was to late by the time he showed signs. She won a World Championship in an English discipline park class, this horse was honored with a Breyer horse made in his image and name.

She has Had Lupus since She was 12 years old and her dream has always been to have her own barn, train horses & teach kids(some have challenges) we have been Allin with everything we have. She has had 2 heart surgeries and with lupus attacking her body daily her time could be really short so we wanted to help her Every way we could she was made to work with and train horses, animals and kids. Check out our Facebook site we are always posting pictures of different animals, kids and info of upcoming events.

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