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Name: Charles
City, State: Cootlumbia , SC
Occupation: Business Owner
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson
Major: Forest Resource Management BS (2005)
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Hobbies: Golf, Hunting, Fishing, Poker, and Telling USuC fans how it really is.
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From Blythewood, SC and went to Ridge View High School. I fell in love with Clemson while visiting colleges in the state. I first visited Wofford and went to one of their football games. I then visited Clemson during the 99' Bowden Bowl. After about the first hour of being in Clemson, I knew what school I was going to. It was by far the best 5 years of my life. I had a blast, partied like there was no tomorrow, and finally graduated, which, I never wanted to do. Clemson gave so much back to me. Thank you Clemson.

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