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Name: George Lippard         
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Hobbies: Working out, golf, snowskiing, abusing Coot fans     
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I was the first member of my family to attend Clemson, arriving in 1975. I graduated in 1979, but left a large piece of my heart in Clemson forever. Just to prove to myself that USuC really does SUCK, I attended grad school there for a year, and yes, I was right. I am an Operations Manager with SCE&G, where I have been employed since 1983. I have a brother, milfordcttiger, who followed in my footsteps at Clemson, and he is equally as rabid a fan and Coot hater as I. I am the father of 22 year old twin girls, one of whom graduated from Clemson in December 2005, and two other daughters, ages 6 and 4(via marriage #2) who aspire to be a part of the classes of 2021 and 2023 at CU. I have been an IPTAY member and season ticket holder since '79 and attend all home and many away games without fail. No trip to Clemson during the football off-season is complete without a visit to the Head Coach's office, and I have been known to drop in on Coach Bowden to discuss the perils of raising daughters. As for USuC, no COOT is safe on Tigerboard when I am logged on! As I have said for many years, a perfect fall Saturday is a brisk sunny day at Clemson, sandwiching a Tiger win and a Coot loss around a day of tailgating with close friends and family.