WATCH: Dabo Swinney says there is pressure in this world but none on his team

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Do you or your team feel pressure?

"I just laugh at that stuff," Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said. "I understand the question. I'm not being rude. My best friend is P.J. Tessmann who I grew up with. I get on the phone with him last night and his mom, "Sweet Mama" that is what we call her, she just goes to the doctor and finds out she has got very advanced lung cancer. They don't really know what they are going to be able to do. His job just kind of shut down so now he is looking for a new job. That's pressure. Do I feel pressure about a football game? No man. Turn the TV on. You got 150 people slaughtered in Paris. You got problems in this world. Football is not pressure. This is a game. That's the message I try to instill in our players all the time. First of all enjoy the moment. This brief, brief moment in your life to play a game that your body is not going to allow you to play forever even if you go to the NFL. Enjoy this brief moment of the relationships you have and just your time at Clemson. But also understand through this game you have a chance to bring some joy to people who really have pressure in their life, who really have problems. What kind of pressure do I have? Give me a break. I love what I do and it's important, but when you have the cross as the foundation of your life football ain't going to bring no pressure. I promise you that. Absolutely zero. That's why it is fun. This is a game. It's fun. People lose total perspective out there a lot of times. "

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