Quick notes from Dabo Swinney's weekly press conference

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opens press conference talking about breast cancer awareness month that begins on Wednesday.

- Swinney's wife Kathleen takes podium to continue presentation on breast cancer awareness. Pins will be on sale for $5 with proceeds going to breast cancer research. Kathleen and All-In Foundation gives a $50,000 check to Clemson researcher on breast cancer.

- Swinney on his foundation: "It's amazing to see this grow and for people to be involved in this cause. It's an honor to use this platform to give back."

- Swinney said that his mom had polio.

- "Our crowd was outstanding last week. We want to challenge them to continue to be difference-makers."

- On Death Valley: "This is a difficult place to play when the crowd is rockin."

- On N.C. State: averaging 500 yards a game offensively to lead the ACC. Their OL is a veteran group with a bunch of juniors and seniors. The biggest change is their QB. He is really good. Their QB is a very good football player. He leads the ACC in touchdowns (13). He moves a lot like J. Winston.

- They always has good skill on the outside.

- They lead our league with turnover margin. That is a main reason they are 4-1. I thought there defensive line was disruptive especially the guys inside. They got pressure on Winston and created some of those turnovers. They are young depth wise.

- They play a lot of man in the secondary with three starters back.

- This is a team that is improved from last year.

- "N.C. State is a team that’s playing with confidence and a lot of juice."

- 5 veteran guys on the DL that can play anywhere. There front line guys are good players. They do a lot of stuff formation wise that can cause you problems.

- They are better at QB. He is playing with a swagger. That is what the great ones do. It has affected them in a lot of ways.

- I was impressed watching them on tape. They did not play as well earlier in the year.

- They have done a nice job of putting it together.

- End of the day, we have played some good teams. We have been baptized by fire. There is a lot more good than bad.

- Kalon has been outstanding. This guy has take great ownership. He can play anywhere. This guy is gonna make some money. We lost two pieces last year (Shatley, Thomas). I am very pleased with Reid Webster. Norton has been good at times.

- Battle is a big-time NFL talent but not always disciplined as we want him to be but improving. He has a solid understanding of what we are doing. He has a bright future if he committed like we want him to be. Really was a basketball player first.

- Crowder has a bright future.

- (Morris) We think we hit on him in recruiting.

- Joe Gore had the best camp and didn't play to his potential in Georgia and S.C. State game. He did some good things last week.

- We had lost three OL to medical.

- Guys are competing their tail off. They are battle-tested. We will be just fine.

- We were really stubborn. We should of attacked them more. You throw for 435 yards and people want to know what is wrong with the running game. You are darned if you do, darned it you don't That is the nature of it. You will never please everyone. We won the game and we will move on to the next game.

- We did have some timing issues.

- We probably had the worst game on the TE position. "We've missed Coop, but we're excited we think we're going to get him back this week."

- We've got to improve (running game). No doubt. I love who we have at running back. As we prove we can beat people throwing the ball, there will be more opportunities.

- We don't have all the answers today. But i know this, we've played some really good people and had a chance to win them all. We got some guys that have to grow up and found out how to prepare. We are getting better and that is all you can ask.

- Deshaun is very focused on what he wants. He's never been a distracted guy. Always serious and studious. He has maturity as a young guy is rare. He has been through a lot. He is not your typical guy. He was not caught up in recruiting. He understands his responsibility that comes with the quarterback position. We have to manage that. He is a true freshman, not a redshirt freshman. He has a level head on him. We will limit Watson from a media standpoint. If not, it will be exhausting. He's a freshman.

- From the time he got here, he (Watson)is a quiet guy. He is a very serious person with what he is doing. Very purposeful in what he is doing. Deshaun and Sammy similar work ethic-wise. He is very prepared coming to Clemson. It feels like he is a junior because he has been around (recruiting) for ever.

- He made 3 or 4 mistakes that put us in a bad spot. Things that looks like a freshman. It was not good. All of that other stuff, WOW. He makes up look good. We do not have to be perfect with him. That's what the good ones do.

- GHOP is someone that has been coached. I am proud of him and how far he has come. Coaching pulled all of that together and he has responded. You have to give him credit. The results have changed for him. The talent has always been there. The things that you do in practice are critical.

- The WR's are coached very well. Jeff does a great job. I'm proud of those guys for making huge plays.

- Charone did not play one spot. We know what Charone Peake can do. We kept playing and our future is very bright with that position and will be brighter with the pieces to the puzzle.

- Clemson has allowed just 104 rushing in the past three games combined.

- We had some mental errors the other night defensively that should not happen. We didn't play screens very well. We lost our focus in the second half. We put points up and we put the foot off the gas.

- On Dye: Still getting better, still doing fundamental stuff. But he's not ready to play. We are not putting any expectations on him. We want him to be mentally where he wants to be. He's not ready to go today. He is more improved mentally and physically. He is right on schedule. He had a setback this summer and shut him down for two weeks. It was more mentally frustrated at where he was and has taken off since camp.

- On Michigan concussion on QB: "We've got a monstrous medical staff. We have doctors for doctors."

- On Cole: We're gonna continue to play Cole. How much and when? It depends on him and the game. There has been some separation and that is obvious. He will have the chance to play some.

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