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Clemson head coach Dabo SwinneyDabo Swinney
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talked to the media on Tuesday's press conference previewing the Clemson-Boston College game.

- Proud of our team this past weekend. Special win that you will remember for a long time.

- Really tough challenge this weekend. Very impressive team on tape. 4-2 and well coached. I like their coach and getting to know him and see how the team has taken over his personality. Very good football team that is capable of beating any team on any day.

- Offensively, they are big. There are 6-7 guys, 6-6 guys. Big physical guys up front. #32 is an outstanding back and averaging 70 something yards a game. Alot of 2 and 3 tight end sets. They do a good job creating edges for their running game.

- They use #6 in the return game.

- Heart of their offensive in the quarterback. He is second in the league in rushing. #12 in the nation rushing which is very impressive. He's done a great job every week. If he stays on track, he will be leading rusher by quarterback in ACC history. They are very committed to what they do. They have a great plan on how they involve all their players.

- We will have to tackle well. We will have to tackle one on one. We have to leverage well. We have to use our eyes in the secondary. 3 run to 1 pass team.

- Defensively, 4 of the top 10 defenses in the ACC. Must be year of the defense in this league. They are #9 in the league in rushing defense. Its another big challenge.

- LB not quite as big as past but they are fast and physical. This is the best secondary that BC has had in a while. They are confident in playing man to man. They have a good blitz package. We need to finish some drives and get back to some core things that can help us.

- We have to finish on the road and take that next step. It will be a huge challenge. 4# in the nation in rushing. They can rush and stop the rush so that normally equates to a good season.

- I was really proud of the defensive stand. Coach V did a great job of preparation. He had just watched that from a game from Western Kentucky.

- We would love to go faster offensively. We are 4-2 and had a really good three quarters at Georgia and had good 4 quarters at FSU. Its hard to get the tempo you want when you can not convert third downs.

- We are 6 games in. We are in halftime. We have to make a few adjustments and have a good second half of the season. We have done a lot of good things. We have done it with a completely different group. We have been a work in progress. I would like to be running the ball better but we are winning games. That is the ultimate goal. When it is all said and done, i think we will be one of the best groups out there.

- I love it when people are mad when we win...We just want to win.

- We can win on defense. They have taken ownership of that. Specials teams making big hits and forcing a turnover. Scored on specials teams.

- Its ok to be great on defense and special teams and put that effort out there.

- We will continue to improve and more young talent coming here on offense. If we can continue to be defensive team that I think we can be, that's a good combination.

- At the end of the day, its about winning the game.

- Ben Boulware was confident. He has gotten some good experience this year. It was awesome to see and played faster. That's why we recruited him and he was around the ball. He was the player of the game with Jayron.

- Shortage problems is fixable. We have to improve some with our personnel. All fixable.

- The second half of the season, I think we will be a better running team.

- 140 yards a game, we need to be 170+ rushing yards a game. A lot of our run games comes off are passing game.

- We have two freshman that are big parts of what we do. We have played some tough opponents. We played the #1 team in the land last week. We have had a challenging start. Those guys have come on. They are not freshman (RB) anymore.

- Cooper is just not getting back. Young at the position. Guys still figuring out the mentality at that position. They are still growing in that part of the game.

- Our wideouts missed some cracks during the game. A lot of stuff to do to improve to help out run game.

- You have to take what the defense gives you. We try to take pride and be a balanced team where we can do both.

- When we had to have it, we got it going. They didnt think we would be patient. We put the drive together - 12 plays. That's good coaching and guys doing what they are supposed to do. It wasn't pretty the whole game, but when we had to do it, we did it. We could never get that drive during the Georgia game. I saw a lot of growth. We are 4-2 and we have improved. We are in the thick of it and got to find a way to keep grinding.

- BC game was a very frustrating game last season. It was a difficult game and was a tough challenge. We were able to contain #44. We gave up two big plays that I remember. It will be a hard fought game.

- Cole took every rep last night. I think he is excited about the week. It obviously helps when you practice. He had a lot of mistakes but could have been eliminated i think with practice.

- Nick is really dialed in with getting all the second team reps. He is a much improved player. David Olsen will also get some reps.

- Tony was back and looked good. He was close to be ready last week. We were concerned if we had a set back, he would have been out three weeks.

- Watson is good. Everything went really great. It was a simple procedure. He will go to Boston College and will be important to keep him dialed him. They are not going to cast it. We will see how long he will be out and he will be back sometime. He has to stay ready as if he is ready. He's a guy that is very focused and driven. I do not have any doubt that he will stay engaged. He is involved in the game and mentally repping the game.

- Cole is still capable to do what we do offensively. Cole did not lose the job by playing bad. The other guy was being elite. He is very capable and have all the confidence in the world in him. I am just proud of him. Its a great message to our team about handling disappointment. He lost his job to a freshman and its a tough situation. He just chose to just keep working. He kept the right attitude. Never once bad attitude. He's a great young man from a great family. He was raised the right way. He stayed ready. Cole is a very good leader and still leads. He is one of the seniors that talk in senior meetings. That's what team is about.

- Crowder is ready, just did not play him. He is ready to go. We went with the guys that gave us the best chance to win.

- There has been a bunch of time we have only played five lineman.

- Gore is back at practice and have pads on today. He looks good and feels better.

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