Clemson releases secondary NCAA violations

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CLEMSON, SC -- As is its policy to do twice a year, Clemson announced its NCAA secondary rules violations on Friday. The names of the sports, coaches and students involved have been redacted by the university. Violations can be classified as either secondary or major. Secondary violations are those that provide only a limited recruiting or competitive advantage.

Level I / Level II - Date of Violation - Bylaw(s) - Summary of Fact

Level I - 5/1/09 -, 13.2.1, 16.02.3 - Prior to enrolling at certifying institution PSA’s high school coach provided PSA with cellphone service for a period of two years ($1767). It was discovered that HS coach was marketing PSA to other collegiate institutions. Additionally, PSA received impermissible transportation to an unofficial visit by a representative of athletics interest ($230). Representative also provided PSA and PSA’s brother with two Clemson polo shirts and a HS sweatshirt as Christmas gifts ($330). Representative of athletics interest Compliance services was contacted by NCAA June 2011. PSA declared ineligible and reinstated with conditions by NCAA SAR. PSA required to repay full cost of benefits ($2327) to a local charity and withheld from the first four contests (30% withholding). Institution has set up a repayment plan for the student-athlete.

Level I - 3/24/11 - - Coach informed compliance that they overheard several student-athletes discussing their Spring Break trip to Miami, FL and meeting up with former teammates training in the area. Coach wanted to make sure nothing impermissible took place involving agents. Compliance met with all involved student-athletes and discovered that two student-athletes received an extra benefit by staying one night with a former teammate at a hotel suite provided by the former student-athletes agent. Student-athletes indicated that five people were present in the suite. Compliance contacted the hotel and determined that the total nightly rate of the suite was $379 plus tax/per night. Reviewed NCAA legislation with student-athletes. Student-athletes required to donate cost of impermissible benefit to a local charity ($76). Note: Previously report on 10-11 ACC Level II chart. NCAA contacted institution requesting SAs be reinstated by NCAA SAR. NCAA provided relief from withholding.

Level I - 7/15/11 - 12.1.2, 12.2.5 - NCAA Amateurism staff determined that the PSA triggered professional status due to declaring herself a professional in five competitions. PSA declared ineligible and reinstated with conditions by NCAA SAR. PSA withheld from competition during the 2011-12 academic year and charged a season of eligibility.

Level I - 10/1/11 -, - SA was certified as eligible for competition on the NCAA Squad List prior to the NCAA Eligibility Center certifying her final amateurism. Rules education, SA withheld from next competition, institution paid a $500 fine for ineligible SA

Level II - 10/18/11 - - Non-recruited walk-on SA practiced with team beyond the 14 day grace period prior to signing the NCAA drug testing consent form. Discovered when Associate Athletic Director reviewed study hall report and reported SA to compliance. Compliance contacted HC who informed compliance that the SA was a walk-on who has been practicing with the team since September 1, 2011. SA declared ineligible to practice until SA completed paperwork, which SA did immediately following the discovery of the violation. Rules education given to coaches on Walk-On procedures.

Level II - 10/21/11 - - Non-recruited Senior walk-on SA practiced with the team while not enrolled full-time at the University. SA enrolled in a three credit course which SA already passed and was not permitted to count towards full-time enrollment leaving SA enrolled in nine credit-hours. Discovered when registrar was reviewing SA”s academic record for eligibility. SA was immediately pulled from practice and dismissed from the team.

Level I - 11/10/11 - 12.1.2, - NCAA Amateurism staff determined that SA received prize money above actual and necessary expenses in 11 competitions prior to full-time collegiate enrollment. SA declared ineligible and eligibility reinstated with the conditions that the student-athlete repay the $2128.29 of prize money received to a charity of her choice, and be withheld from the first 30 percent of the regularly-scheduled dates of competition of the 2011-12 season.

Level II - 12/2/11 - - Assistant coach posted a congratulatory message on prospect’s facebook wall. A coach at another NCAA institution informed assistant coach of the violation. Assistant coach self-reported violation to compliance services. Admonishment issued to assistant coach. The coaching staff was precluded from having contact with PSA for a period of two weeks. Compliance office provided applicable rules education to the entire coaching staff in next newsletter.

Level II - 12/12/11 - - The name of a student-athlete appeared in a newspaper advertisement promoting the student-athlete’s appearance at the commercial business. The student-athlete was unaware of the advertisement. The advertisement was forwarded to another institution’s compliance office which forwarded to compliance services. Issued a cease and desist letter to the commercial businesses.

Level II - 2/12/12 - - Institution permitted the improper use of a current student-athlete’s photo to be used in an advertisement for a local business. Violation was discovered by an athletic administrator who saw the ad in a publication. Administrator notified compliance services. Local business provided a cease and desist letter. Athletic staff members involved received a review of the legislation and received a letter of admonishment.

Abbreviation Key

HC – Head Coach

AC – Assistant Coach

VC – Volunteer Coach

GA – Graduate Assistant

SA – Student-Athlete

PSA – Prospective Student-Athlete

HS – High School

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