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Jamie Cumbie is a huge pick up for David Blackwell and the Tigers. He has everything you look for in a prospect. Cumbie has the size, speed, athleticism, frame, agility, drive, academics, etc. It is of little surprise that he is
considered in the Top 100 by all of the national services. We also love the fact he could play on either side of the ball. This is the kind of prospect that continues the building up of the big bodies in this program. There is no way to overhype this commitment.

Plyler: What were the major factors in choosing Clemson?

Cumbie: The major factor is that I would be most comfortable at Clemson. It was between Clemson and Notre Dame. I visited both and Notre Dame had a nice campus but it wasn't a good fit for me. I grew up a Tiger fan and I felt at home with Clemson.

Plyler: You are in Illinois, but you spent most of your life growing up here in South Carolina.

Cumbie: Yes I did. We moved up here in January 2004, so I have been here about a year and a half now.

Plyler: Do you still have family in South Carolina?

Cumbie: I have an aunt and uncle down there. They are real excited about me making a choice to go to Clemson.

Plyler: Tell us about the process in telling Coach Bowden and those guys about your decision.

Cumbie: Coach Bowden is a great guy. Coach Blackwell and my dad have been talking a lot lately. They seem to have a great bond right now. Coach Bowden was real happy, with a first commit he said that it should bring in more commitments that may not have came had I not committed there.

Plyler: Where do you think you'll end up at Clemson?

Cumbie: Right now I think the coaches are looking at defensive end. Tight end is still an option. It does not matter to me. Right now I prefer defense, but tight end is fine. It’s just where ever I am going to fit in.

Plyler: What are some things you do well on the football field?

Cumbie: I make sure I go 110 percent every play. I keep my motor going all the time and try to make plays.

Plyler: I'm sure it doesn't hurt that you are 6' 7" and 255 lbs.

Cumbie: It helps a lot.

Plyler: Was committing early something you always knew you wanted to do?

Cumbie: I am happy with my decision. That is where I have always wanted to go.

Plyler: Let's talk about your career so far, how did you guys do last season?

Cumbie: We were 13-0 going to the state championship game and we lost 17-0 to a Catholic school. So we were 13-1 state runners up.

Plyler: Do you think you'll get to state championship this season?

Cumbie: We should. The offense we have coming in should be pretty good. We lost our quarterback but, our problem is our defense. We lost two of our real good junior linebackers last year so we have to fill those in. The defense we had to put some guys together that are going to have to step up and play for us. We should be all right.

Plyler: What other schools caught your attention?

Cumbie: Illinois, Tennessee had a big offer, Wisconsin, there are some great schools there but it came down to Notre Dame and Clemson and Clemson came out on top.

Plyler: Talk about your baseball skills.

Cumbie: Well, I am a pitcher. I throw about 90 and right now there is the option to play both football and baseball at Clemson but I'm not sure if I am going to take that or not. I haven't decided what to do with that yet.

Plyler: What did you think about the new things going on here at Clemson?

Cumbie: Me and my family were real impressed with the campus. The new west zone will be there my freshman year and that's going to be an awesome


Plyler: Is this a firm commitment or will you take any other visits to any other schools?

Cumbie: Clemson is where I have wanted to go my whole life and I am going to be solid with them.

Plyler: What's going on for you this summer?

Cumbie: We start summer baseball for the high school next week, and I have three or four more professional tryouts this summer, other than that, I'll be in the weight room every day working hard and play baseball when I have to. It’s going to be a busy summer.

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