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Question: Godfrey:VT or Clemson

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope all is well. Godfrey has not answered his phone in two weeks. Roy Philpot asked me yesterday at the BB game, "Have you ever reached Godfrey in the last two weeks?" Going into the visit with VT I thought it was CL,WF and VT. But I think WF has a great chance. However, that is only a gut feeling.

Question: Spiller: Clemson,Fl,or Fla. State

Answer: He does not know right now. He is a great kid and will make the right decision for him. Gut says FL.

Question: So, where does Spiller wind up?

Answer: I woudl not be surprised if he picked any of the three. But in the end I think FL

Question: Spiller is offically down to 3. Many think that it's us and UF. Does our staff have any idea of his intentions? What's your hunch?

Answer: They do not know. He has not told his mom, his coach or anyone. I don't think he knows right now. He told me he is having a hard time sleeping

Question: Do we get any more commits?

Answer: Of the 5 I could see Spiller, Grant, Godfrey but not Sims or Jenije

Question: If nobody of consequence signs other than who we have now, where (If anywhere) will we have fallen significantly short this year??

Answer: Maybe RB

Question: Who are we gonna get? Who of our current commits won't qualify?

Answer: I don't know and I don't know. I am not a lot of help but at least I am honest

Question: Any more junior commits in the near future?

Answer: I think they will get a few after their junior day and bunch at camp

Question: Where would you rank this class with Coach Bowden's other classes?

Answer: Among the best

Question: Why is "Memoirs of a Geisha" on showing on one screen in Greenville?

Answer: Wrong man to ask

Question: Of the players still on the board,who do you think we will get?

Answer: I have no idea. Please understand: If the players really have not made up their mind then I can't know

Question: Mickey, is Meyer THAT good of a recruiter? What is going on?

Answer: He has done a good job but he worked hard in May and throughout camp

Question: chances of us getting no more commitments?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Any chance with Sims?

Answer: I really doubt it

Question: Any word on Donnell Clark's progress? Is Cole Downer completely recovered?

Answer: I think he is doing well. I have not heard on Downer but I think he is OK

Question: Any word from the ACC on the Miam iLSU bowl ban yet?

Answer: I think they should have to drop football

Question: What effect on the basketball team's morale will yesterday's loss have?

Answer: Ask me next Monday

Question: to avoid another Spiller ?....how bout that free throw shooting?

Answer: As bad as I have ever seen

Question: i know it is early, but the staff at RNE, do we have a realitic chance with Barnes or Gray?

Answer: Clemson's staff thinks they have a chance but I doubt it.

Question: Did we get a sorry schedule for , or what?

Answer: I think it was pretty harsh but not impossible

Question: Do you foresee any turnover in the staff over the next 30 days?

Answer: Hopefully one spot

Question: Why do you see us as a longer shot for Marcus Sims than the others??

Answer: His brother played at FSU. His dad and mom ran track at FSU and he lives in Tallahassee. How is he not going to FSU?

Question: do you think alabama and so miss are the top 2 for Grant?

Answer: No. I fell bad for Grant. he really has no idea. The Memphis staff think he will go to Clemson but a lot of folks say AL. I have no clue. He hates doing interviews. He is a very shy kid. His homelife is different because his father passed away and the mom lives in Florida. He is a great back but a very difficult read.

Question: chances of making the ncaa tourney?

Answer: Before yesterday 40%. After yesterday 20%

Question: Where does OL Andre Smith end up?

Answer: I think Alabama

Question: What's the latest on Coach Hines?

Answer: No news

Question: Looking forward to spring football practice, who do you see standing out, who may have been back in the shadows before?

Answer: Grisham, Taylor, Barry, Lambert, Grant, Austin, Humphries, Murchison, Clay, Miller, Conner, Lewis, Ray Ray, Chancellor, Chambers

Question: What are our chances with Caleb King? I bet UGA gets him.

Answer: CL,GA,AUB,LSU will be in it. Too early to tell. Lets talk about him in 267 days.

Question: Do you expect to see any significant modifications to our offensive or defensive schemes next year? I assume there will be some routine tweaking.

Answer: I think offensively, they will run more play-action and bootlegs. They will roll Proctor out more. More tight ends. Defensively I think more of the same.

Question: Gotta tip your hat to OP's boys. They are laying it on the line every night. Chances on them making the dance, given the remaining schedule?

Answer: I agree, great effort. 20%

Question: UF would have 29 signed if they got Spiller?

Answer: Yep

Question: Think we have a good shot with Grant?

Answer: Yeah but who knows in the end

Question: Clausen seriously considering Carolina South?

Answer: Yeah but ND is the team to beat.

Question: Can you shoot FT's? If you answered yes, do you have any eligibility left?

Answer: I am a very good free throw shooter. 87%

Question: do you see braian maddox from hanna as a lb or rb? do you like clemson's chances?

Answer: I think LB but he may be too short there and play RB

Question: has uf's negative recruiting of fsu helped us with spiller?

Answer: Yes

Question: Any word on K.C. Rivers injury???

Answer: I have not heard

Question: what do you think of beamer asking aboygie (sp?) to keep his commitment switch secret from sc?

Answer: Happens everyday

Question: Do you think Murchison,Gabriel, and Etta Etta will provide adequate depth next year? Will Kwam Williams be back?

Answer: Murchison and Etta-Tawo will be very good. Gabriel needs more time. Williams should be back but needs to get in gear

Question: Is there anyway the schools can take back football scheduling? The ACC does a fine job of screwing it up....

Answer: Nope

Question: Why is BC pencilled in as being a world beater? Don't they lose a great deal off last year's team?

Answer: I agree. i think Clemson gives BC too much credit

Question: will spiller be watching the super bowl with meyer this year?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: would we take both grant and spiller?

Answer: Yes

Question: Since all of that is true about Sims then why did his dad contact US to begin with???

Answer: He wanted to have options. I think he is considering Clemson. The staff made a great impression on him. They got in the game. But in the end they will finish second. Hope I am wrong

Question: HAs UNC ever played a Thursday night fb game? Was not Clemson supposed to get a year w/o a Thurs. nite game because we had so many? What ever happened with that? And, why does it JUST happen to Clemson?

Answer: ACC

Question: Anyc hance with Caleb King? I hear he is UGA ll the way.

Answer: He has not made a decision

Question: Who do you like in the Super Bowl?

Answer: I have no idea but would guess the Steelers

Question: Mickey, I listened to the coot recruiting show last night. How good is their class Honeslty???

Answer: Its OK. BTW-We had 17 Clemson commits and 17 USC commitments on in the four shows including a 25 minute interview with Korn and a 13 minute interview with Cumbie

Question: Was Charlie the best QB on the field at the Senior Bowl?

Answer: I did not see the game

Question: Expectations for next year? How many regular season wins?

Answer: 9

Question: Mickey,I never felt like WE had a chance for Marcus Sims and his teammatenor Craig Stevens..However I have a good feeling about Spiller and Godfrey..I quess time will tell..Your thoughts?

Answer: Sims and Stevens were not teammates. Sims and Jenie are. I think Clemson has a shot at both Spiller and Godfrey

Question: How much of an impact does it have on recruiting to get the Nike combine?

Answer: It will be huge. The staff is ecstatic

Question: If Simms is alock for FSU because of his parents why did we not get Carl Johnson? Did his dad not play for us?

Answer: Johnson is adopted. Plus they do not live in Clemson. Plus they are people who think differently than the Sims

Question: How many commits do you see us having by this summer (for the 2007 class)

Answer: I have no way of knowing that but to satisfy you guys I would guess ater camps and going into August maybe 10

Question: Loking very far ahead, I know, but for the 2007 recruiting class, aside from DE and OL, what are the major needs this staff needs to fill?

Answer: It depends on Wednesday. Maybe RB, TE, DL

Question: You were on the floor, were the calls as bad as they appeared from my seats yesterday?! (by the refs)

Answer: Worse. Jamie Luckie is the worst I have ever seen. Yesterday was the first time I have ever witnessed a basketball game where Mike Wood was not the worst ref on the floor.

Question: Is Cecil Huey teaching our guys to shoot free throw?

Answer: No but he wants them to be in class more and on the free throw line less. BTW-ask Cecil how Duke shoots it

Question: do Barry and Muse push for starting spots in the Fall

Answer: Hunter will be the first guy going in but Barry and Muse will play a ton because of their skills plus they will play a bunch of tight ends

Question: Godfrey will stay with WF??

Answer: I would guess yes

Question: Jenije will be FSU bound. Any chance at all with Sims?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: It appears that if CJ does not sign with us, we may be done. Do you agree? I think Grant will go to Bama or S. Miss.

Answer: Why d you say it appears that way. Listen please-------CJ SPILLER HAS NOT MADE HIS MIND UP YET. nO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE IS GOING. IF HE DOE NOT KNOW THEN HOW DO YOU KNOW? gRANT HAS NOT MADE HIS MIND UP YET. IF HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW DO YOU KNOW? Now they might end up where you think but it would be luck because in the end they don't know. Sorry for the rant but please don't say I have given up on any player. I can't sit here and say I know Spiller will not go to Clemson. I know he will not go to SOCAL or MIA. That is all I know. I know he will eother go to FL, FSU or Clemson

Question: Richard Jackson is our punter for sure next year, right?? What about kick-offs?? Opinion??

Answer: Again, please don't get me wrong here. But jackson has not had the first practice at Clemson. How can we know for sure he will be the punter next year. He is taking classes at Riverside High School right now. I think he will have a good shot at the punting job. I am not sure though. really the staff doesn't know that right now. I can give you a long article on his chances but if Bowen does not know then how can we?

Question: Who were the refs yesterday? Who is the short dumpy ref with thinning hair? He seems to always be in the spotlight and likes to be on TV.

Answer: Mike Wood and jamie Luckie were the two bad ones. I don't know the good ones name and that is a good thing

Question: have you heard anything about Rendrick playing a new position, kind of a mix of WR/TE?

Answer: The staff has not made a decison but I doubt he moves

Question: Why do "fans" have trouble accepting the notion that this class, as it is right now, is a stellar class - even if we don't get another committment?

Answer: Because some folks are short sighted and are only after instant gratification. Imagine of Clemson was waiting on Ricky Sapp, Jamie Cumbie and DeAndre McDaniel right now

Question: So, any signing day surprise on the level of Antonio Clay will be just that . . . a huge surprise????

Answer: They are waiting on 5

Question: what do you say to all of those whiners that bitch about not closing well? Hell we got Sapp, Cumbie, Maxwell, McDaniel, Gaither, Alexander, etc...

Answer: Some people have no clue about recruiting. James Davis did not go down to signing day. How did that turn out?

Question: Is married life getting to you?

Answer: No. I am in a great mood. I hope people don't take it the wrong way. I am not trying to be harsh. But the facts are tht no website or expert or coach knows right now. That is how it works. If you predict a player to a certain school at this time that has given no idication then it is only a guess

Question: Hines to MTSU?

Answer: No

Question: The "good" ref is Maxwell...must be a newbie (I had not seen him before yesterday)...He did not get the Coach K/Swofford memo....

Answer: Mike Wood was bitching about the TV announcers getting on the refs on Saturday. Instead of getting the call right he was worried about what they said about him. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY SHOW TODAY AT 3:05 pm www.wccpfm.com or 104.9 FM. I will expose Mike Wood for what he is

Question: Do you know if Korn has contacted CJ? What kind of contact with Clemson have with CJ this week?

Answer: I don;t think he has but I have not asked him. They can call him.

Question: deroberts here Mickey. Enjoy your show. Where do you think C.J. Spiller will end up???

Answer: FL,FSU or CL

Question: Will there be a shake up in coaching assignments?

Answer: I doubt a bug shake up

Question: How big of an impact would CJ have to our program?

Answer: Huge. It wuld put Clemson as the favorite in the ACC in my mind

Question: I personally apologize for some of the people in chat. Signed, deroberts.

Answer: Thank you.

Question: Will Kenrick Ellis qualify?

Answer: I am not sure. I have never seen his transcript. I have never seen my transcript

Question: When are we going to get a definitive word on Coach Hines?

Answer: I would think before Spring practice

Question: is chris little the top o'limemen on the board for next year?

Answer: One of the top ones. he is a great one. FSU and UGA will be there on him also. CL is in his top three. Smith would also be up there.

Question: Is Mike Wood's life the subject of "Brokeback Mountain"?

Answer: E-Z

Question: Sapp qualify?

Answer: I think so

Question: Why don't you see Sims and Jenije?

Answer: I don't see them?

Question: If none of the last few high profile recruits commit to CU, is there a list of 'plan b' recruits?

Answer: No. They are already over the scholarship limit

Question: Think Cumbie stays at de?

Answer: I am not sure yet. The staff will make that decision after he gets here

Question: EXposing Mike Wood is a project best done on radio....No film at 11 I hope...

Answer: He is a fraud

Question: What's the mood of the staff right now? Excited? Satisfied/? Still expectant?

Answer: All of the above. It is about what you would think. I have not talked to any of them since Friday

Question: when is clemson's junior day?

Answer: I am not sure yet. I will find out after signing day

Question: Do you see Spiller AND Sims at FSU?

Answer: It is a possiblity

Question: Mickey, don't forget to mention his trip with Duke to Europe and the Duke stickers on his car....

Answer: I did not know he had Duke stickers

Question: Any advice for a fan that might consider jumping from a tall building on Wednesday? Signed, peavy.

Answer: Yeah. Jump and do the world a favor.

Question: won't amy get mad at you for slamming her hubby.

Answer: I could care less

Question: What will happen to Geathers? His recruitment has been quite strange.

Answer: He has not taken any oficial visits. Who knows. It is the strngest recruiting I have ever seen. How do you not take any official visits?

Question: How does it work out when you sign 27-28, but only have 25 scholarships you can give? Does it always just "work out"?

Answer: Some kids don't qualify or they have to grey-shirt some

Question: Is this spring"do or die" time for Tribble Reese?

Answer: Not really but he needs a sense of urgency

Question: If we get Grant, Spiller, Sims, who do we grayshirt?

Answer: They would cross that bridge when they get there. No sense in discussin that until that is the reality

Question: Worse looking? Mike Wood or Amy Wood?

Answer: Mike

Question: If you could pick just one of the remaining recruits still on the board,who would it be? Why?

Answer: Spiller. he is a program changer. He is also a great kid.

Question: Oh Lord. Amy Wood's gonna go on a cookie and pie binge!!

Answer: E-Z

Question: How do you like the lb group we have committed?

Answer: I like them. Alexander is a physical beast. Campbell is a smart kid that runs well. Wilkerson is a long kid that is still growing

Question: how bout that brawl exposeé?

Answer: No one had any balls

Question: Wood , Wirz or Nichols: which was the worst?

Answer: Wood

Question: Are you going to have the Wood scandal uncovered before or after the brawl scandal?

Answer: Before.

Question: think any of our DB commits avoid redshirting?

Answer: I think all 5 have a good chance at playing. This is a great group

Question: What ever happened to the brawl story??

Answer: No one would ever go on the record. Maybe a story after some folks retire

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