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Question: Mickey, what recruits (official, unofficial, semi-official, etc.) will be in attendance Saturday?

Answer: Jonathan Warren is the only confirmed official visit. There is over 50 prospects expected to attend unofficially

Question: Mickey, who is at the top of the board as far as RB? How does Spiller compare to Sowell?

Answer: CJ Spiller is at the top. Carlos Brown, Josh Adams, and Anthony Allen would follow. Sowell is a good player,but he would be below those guys on the board

Question: Mickey, who starts at CB this week and why da change?

Answer: Koenning was very tightlipped on the change today at the press conference. It is unclear who it will be but it most likely will not be Sergio Gilliam. Gilliam graded out in the sixties versus Duke, which is way too low for a corner. Koenning said he has taken the matter very personal, and he hopes Sergio will respond the same way CJ Gaddis has since being demoted

Question: Sapakoff says Rice is the best player on Clemson or South Carolina. How can he be serious. James Davis, Jamal Fudge, Anthony Waters and Jad Dean are clearly in a league of their own.

Answer: Rice is a good player, but Iwould say that is a stretch. It is a disservice to the players, who have produced in more than one season. Aaron Kelly would have put up similar numbers at South Carolina this season in my opinion. Anthony Waters is the best player in this state in my opinion

Question: mickey-do u think spiller is just using this visit to see FSU, whom he saw last week, or actually trying to have an open mind on where he wants to go?

Answer: I believe he has an open mind. Clemson has a chance here, but things will need to go well this weekend.

Question: So according to Sapakoff Clemson and USC are equal in talent...thoughts?

Answer: Clemson is still the more talented team. The last two years was not just Clemson outcoaching South Carolina.

Question: Will the WEZ have a new scoreboard/videoscreen?

Answer: Originally, it was planned to have one. I am not sure what the plan is right now

Question: Is Carl Johnson still a solid commit to UF?

Answer: He is still a solid commit to Florida, however he has not told Coach Hobby to stop recruiting him

Question: Gene, Will Warren commit this weekend?

Answer: This is Trey Manning, sorry if the logos are not right. It is possible, but I do not expect him to commit

Question: What do you think Charlie's draft status is?

Answer: Late day one, early day two

Question: is macintosh doing anything at florida? have noticed there is alot of injuries at uf.

Answer: I have watched Florida four or five times this year, and have yet to see him on the field

Question: Is Sowell a "fall back" guy for us???

Answer: No, I wouldn't call him a fall back guy. Clemson has been able to position themselves for an official visit with some really talented running backs.

Question: Can we beat FSU and USC with Will at QB?

Answer: Yes

Question: mick, you agree with Gene that It is doubtful Clemson will ever be a consistent top 24 program, given the new improved ACC?

Answer: No that is a stretch in my opinion. Clemson can and should be consistently one of the top 25 programs in the country. Clemson has to start beating the teams they are supposed to beat, and that will be a big step in the right direction. Had Clemson beat Georgia Tech and Wake Forest, they would be playing for a shot at the conference championship this weekend.

Question: How is James Davis doing with that cast???

Answer: Davis is doing well. He looked good against Duke with eight carries for 85 yards. He should see more carries this week against FSU

Question: This injury to Charlie must be much worse than people are letting on...thoughts?

Answer: No b/c Charlie is able to practice, but it is a day-to-day situation. Charlie said today he really feels it will be a gametime decision on Saturday. He said last week he knew on Tuesday he would not be playing.

Question: if we lose out, is next year do or die for TB (8 win minimum)

Answer: It will be pretty close

Question: Is James Davis a liability coming out of the backfield for receiving with that cast?

Answer: No, if he was Coach Burns would not allow him to play. Coach Burns has too much confidence in Merriweather and Browning to play someone who would be a liability in any situation

Question: When a kid says 'Stop recruiting' me, do all coaches (not just ours) back off?

Answer: All the coaches they tell to stop, stop

Question: if we win out, where to we go bowling?

Answer: Charlotte

Question: any chance Proctor and Whitehurt share time sat?

Answer: I would say that is the most likely scenario at this time. I will be surprised if either sees all the snaps against FSU

Question: what has Alabama's avg recruiting rank been the last 4 years?

Answer: I couldn't tell you off the top of my head

Question: If Charlie was physically to play or experiencing pain that would keep him from performing 100%, how confident are you that he would actually tell the coaches?

Answer: Every player is always about 10% less than what they say they are. Charlie is a competitor and wants to play, the coaches will have to make the decision to keep him off the field. If he feels he can play at all, he will want to give it a shot

Question: any truth to the rumour that the coots called the ppv shot, cause home team gets the revenue?

Answer: No

Question: Where is Akeem Robinson playing now? Progress of Chris McDuffie?

Answer: Robinson-TE, McDuffie is progressing well. Look for him to really come on strong in the spring. A really good run blocker, still needs to work on his pass blocking

Question: Overall impression of the WEZ so far??? Good, about what you expected, beyond what you expected??

Answer: How can you not be impressed right now. I am not sure really what I expected. It is exciting to drive by everyday, and I can't wait to see the finished product

Question: Are all of us that have Direct TV and Dish Network screwed out of ordering the Clemson/SC game?

Answer: No you can still order the game on satellite

Question: So our TE depth chart for next season is what? How much of an impact will Cumbie and one other TE have???

Answer: 1) Thomas Hunter - if he decides to return 2) Durrell Barry 3) Paul Muse. I am not sure Cumbie plays TE, Coach Spence will fight to keep him there, but he may be needed on defense more. It would just depend on who the one other TE would be. The three I listed will be difficult to replace. For the record, I expect Akeem Robinson to be back at OT in the spring

Question: heard of any special teams personel changes?

Answer: no

Question: When the WEZ is finished combined with what we have now where will we rate in the ACC facility wise?

Answer: in the top three

Question: Is the 'no tv for the coot game' an additional penalty by the ACC offices for the brawl?

Answer: The ACC had no control on the situation. With the game at Columbia, it was up to the SEC

Question: what are the other top 3 ACC facilities?

Answer: Virginia Tech and Florida State

Question: are we in trouble at CB next year?

Answer: It is the biggest question mark I see on the team for next season. Chris Chancellor and Ray Ray McElrathbey have looked really good on the scout team this year, and they will be counted on next year to deliver

Question: where does our coaching staff rank in the ACC?

Answer: Fourth behind Virginia Tech, Miami, and Maryland

Question: question posed to sapakoff.... win out, lose out or split?

Answer: I do not see Clemson losing out. I think right now it is probable Clemson wins out

Question: When will we settle on a position for Chris Clemmons? Where is he better suited?

Answer: He is settled at safety. He may play corner this weekend, but his home is at safety. Koenning reiterated today that he is going to be a very good player at safety

Question: does poppa bowden retire after this year?

Answer: Nope b/c Joe Paterno iwll not retire

Question: will CU ever be on top again?

Answer: Yes

Question: how do we win out given our trouble at CB and playing two passing teams?

Answer: The pass defense will be corrected. Gilliam played terrible against Duke, but they were able to stop Georgia Tech's passing attack.

Question: Are we still contemplating going to a 3-4 in the near future? Has any thoughts been put into the defensive staff visiting NE to see how they run their defense?

Answer: I hope you meant New England, b/c Nebraska's defense is a joke. Not sure if they would visit with the Patriots. The move to a 3-4 is still in the progress. They have played a lot of 3-3-5 defense since the Wake Forest game

Question: given FSU's passing woes last week, think we'll blitz more than usual?

Answer: I would expect a similar defensive gameplan that was put in place against NC State

Question: any truth panther cheerleaders will be at the valley this weekend?

Answer: I have not confirmed that, but I will never look at a long line for the women's restroom the same again

Question: lol....yeah I meant New England, best 3-4 defense despite this season....do we ever go to any other programs to see how they operate?

Answer: Yeah that normally happens during the spring. Occasionally they will visit some pro teams during the summer. Two years ago, the offensive staff went out to Utah

Question: Are you surprised at the rate the WEZ has been built?? Those side sections werent even supposed to be used at all now we are gonna get extra $$$ from them....excellent I would say

Answer: Very good progress. They are doing an excellent job. Billy D and his staff should be commended for the job they have done ensuring the progress continues at this rate

Question: Rank our facilities in comparison to the rest of the ACC: Weight room, team lounge, team locker room, practice facilities

Answer: They are behind VT and Florida State. Overall they are even with NC State and North Carolina

Question: chances we go 6-5 and don't bowl?

Answer: A loss to FSU and a win against South Carolina I would say it would be 50/50 Clemson receives a bowl invitation

Question: Has not having a real indoor facility specifically for the football team ONLY hurt us at all recruiting wise and during the season and off season?

Answer: No, it has not really hurt in recruiting. It has hurt preparation at times, but it doesn't really affect recruiting. Mostly, the indoor practice facilities are a big draw up north where the temperatures are much colder

Question: But I take it what we have now for an indoor facility is better than Jervey right? Less chance of injury??

Answer: yes it is more serviceable than Jervey

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