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Question: Who should start at QB Saturday?

Answer: Good afternoon, sorry I am 13 minutes late. I have been standing in line all day. Good question. I would always play the guy that practices the best each week.

Question: What the @#$# has happened to our offense?

Answer: Turnovers, penalties, play calling, decision making and execution

Question: Is CW a leader? Do we have any leaders (a la Khaleed Vaughn and others 2 years ago)?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: True or false... The sky is falling?! Please explain to these poor, lost souls that this is a process, and this offensively and defensively, Clemson will be much better in 2006...

Answer: I think Clemson will be better but I am an optimist. The schedule is easier

Question: Is CW really hurt?

Answer: He has had a bad shoulder since Miami

Question: So why all the secrecy around Charlie's lack of practice this past week?

Answer: They did not want to alert the opponent

Question: I am all for the execution of the offense.

Answer: LOL

Question: Any reason why TB is afraid to sit someone down if they arent having the best of days?

Answer: He has always been loyal

Question: Quick question, what was the new formation Vic Koening used in the NC State game?

Answer: He played a three man front more

Question: With the talent that Clemson has, the blame has to be placed on Tommy, right?

Answer: Ultimately yes

Question: Did we lose any recruits Saturday?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: So apparently Bowden believes a sub-par CW is better than a full speed WP?

Answer: I guess so

Question: Have you bought Solomon a going away present yet?

Answer: Who?

Question: Will the west end zone not be completed now that we lost Sat? I'll hang up and listen. Love your show, Mickey

Answer: Thanks. No. everything is still a go. I drove by there earlier and it is much more impressive than I could have ever imagined

Question: Will I live long enough to see Clemson be really good again?

Answer: How old are you?

Question: It is amazing to see how this defense is really developing into something special, especially with so many youngsters getting a lot of PT...

Answer: The defense still has some growing to do but it has shown some signs of being dominant in the future

Question: Is TB letting Spence call the offense, like he was supposed to do?

Answer: Yes

Question: We give really goood driving directions to recruits so they don't get lost, right?

Answer: I think so

Question: How can the blame for this last game go soley on TB, he didn't fumble, miss open receivers, hold etc etc, this one was on the players for not executing....period...but I guess we should just blame TB for everything

Answer: He is ultimately responsible for everything. I blame the staff for certain play calling (Naked bootleg out of your own endzone, third-down. Also bad use of time outs) but turnovers, penalties, execution and bad decisions are players too.

Question: Is it conceivable for Clemson to compete for ACC championships within the next 2-3 years?

Answer: Yes

Question: Why does George Bennett keep sending me letters about paying for a brick I paid for 3 years ago?

Answer: You have to ask him

Question: when do you think we can expect to see 8 wins at Clemson?

Answer: 2006 because the schedule is 12 games and easier

Question: How much input does/should a coordinator have over the personnel on the field?

Answer: Most

Question: where do we stand in terms of recruiting considering how the season has gone?

Answer: Great shape

Question: If TB was to come up against a hurricane, who would win? And the hurricane's name is Ditka.

Answer: Ditka

Question: If you had to pick a winner right now based on game splayed so far. Who wins. USC or Clemson and Why???

Answer: I think Clemson is more talented but who knows?

Question: Can we Focus enough to play a good game against Duke? Or will our team show up and just go thru the motions?

Answer: Good question. Good thing Duke stinks

Question: Is 8 wins out of the question for next season?? Is it at this point a bare minimum to keep some of the looney tunes in line???

Answer: I think 8 is very possible

Question: Is the QB or the Receivers the problem? Our OL seems like their doing a good job...

Answer: QB had a bad game Saturday

Question: Is it true that some around the program have tremendous faith in Proctor if he will ever be given the chance?

Answer: Most think he will do a great job when given the chance

Question: Was the4th & 7 pass a bad play by Charlie? I've watched it 10 times at least and he wasn't under much pressure

Answer: Bad decision

Question: Do you think CW will really sit out Saturday?

Answer: No

Question: Is Rice better than Calvin Johnson like cock lovers say?

Answer: No. Rice is very good. Johnson is the best in the country

Question: Does this team have any fight left or should we be VERY wary of the next three weeks?

Answer: I think they will fight

Question: Can Charlie throw left handed?

Answer: Doubt it

Question: How many weeks before James Davis is ready to tote the rock again for us

Answer: I think he may try to go again this week but who knows how the recovery will go

Question: How long was the line that you stood in today?

Answer: Stood in two long ones

Question: Beating FSU is still a possibility - right?

Answer: Yes

Question: how is @ FSU, VT, BC, and lord Wake....easier? No A&M??

Answer: No Miami. GT at Home. Seven home games

Question: Will Davis play against Duke?

Answer: We will not know until closer to the game. Clemson mssed him Saturday

Question: will Arkansas beat the coots?

Answer: No

Question: will TB be the hc at clemson in 2007?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will James Davis play more this Saturday or will TB keep him out untilFSU?

Answer: I am not sure yet

Question: Please tell me we DO NOT have any of those "special" Nike jersey's waiting for us against FSU?

Answer: No

Question: What's your favorite sandwich at Jason's Deli?

Answer: Chilli

Question: Are Spence and Koennig happy at Clemson?

Answer: I think so

Question: Bottom line... I believeTommy Bowden is the coach to get Clemson back to contending for ACC Championships... Am I crazy?

Answer: No

Question: Are most of these questions coming from folks with cock or usc or gameock in their handle?

Answer: Not that I have noticed

Question: Wouldn't it be better for James to play Saturday and take some hits then come into FSU without much hitting since the NCSU game???

Answer: I can see both sides of the argument

Question: How much liquor did TDP need to drink to soften the blow of checking his voicemail this morning?

Answer: I cant imagine it was too fun

Question: Assuming a 6-5 finish for this team, is it possible to still maintain some of the recruiting vibe the staff has conjured up prior to the start of this season?

Answer: I think so

Question: How is Hamlin progressing?

Answer: I thought he looked great vs Johnson

Question: Do you think our gameplan was adjusted significant for Charlie's injury? Why not try a 55 yard FG?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: To me this loss is not even close to the Wake game, I was mad at losing a game I thought we could win but come on, this bridge jumping is a bit much don't you think?

Answer: GT is not very good. I think WF is better than GT

Question: Did Cecil Huey call the 3 yard pass on 4th and 7?

Answer: No. If it was up to him GT and Clemson would have had 50,000 showup for a spelling bee Saturday instead of football game

Question: Is Jad Dean jumping to the NFL at the end of the season

Answer: No

Question: if Charlie has a sore shoulder, why is he playing in the 4th quarter vs Temple?

Answer: I agree. Proctor needs to play more. My thing always has been "The players that practice the best throughout the week should play the most. It sends messages and creates competition"

Question: good seeing you saturday. bet if tommy knew charlie was going to throw that 3 yard out pattern on 4th and 7 he would have sent jad out for a long fg try.

Answer: Or Choked Whitehurst

Question: Will Korn saves Bowden's job in the long run....true or false?

Answer: True

Question: Will Alabama make a push for Swinney?

Answer: I am not sure which assistant is leaving

Question: The RH-NW game use to be the one to come to see, what game you going to this week??

Answer: I have the honor of being an emcee for Tigerama this week.

Question: How do you think we do in Basketball?

Answer: I think Purnell is headed in the right direction. I realy like this team on paper

Question: Since CW was hurting and could have been hurt worse, why leave him in the game?

Answer: I agree

Question: I haven't heard much out of Charles Bennett. Is it scheme or what?

Answer: He has played well each week.

Question: loyalty is great but it will get you fired. ask brad scott.

Answer: I agree

Question: Phantom Holding call on #63 on that last drive....discuss.......

Answer: I did not see the hold. It was a huge call

Question: Did some of us overrate Whitehurst? Seems like he's having another average year, and not making the crutical plays alot of times.

Answer: I thought he was headed for greatness after his sopomore season. But he is 10-9 since. He has not played that well for the most part since 2003

Question: So an assistant IS leaving? That isn't good

Answer: I don't think so

Question: Is an assistant coach leaving?

Answer: No

Question: Isn't Huey supposed to retire at the end of the year?

Answer: Lets hope so. I will throw a parade in downtown Clemson on that day

Question: rallycats or cheerleaders?

Answer: A married man should not answer that question

Question: Is this chat your favorite part of the week?

Answer: I enjoy it but I enjoy most of my week

Question: Where does Brent Schaeffer end up??

Answer: California junior college

Question: Are we gonna lose a Asst. coach this year?

Answer: No. The question was about Alabama

Question: What do you think of Dabo's coaching ability. Our recievers don't seem to develop as they grow older. He's a great recruiter.

Answer: I think he is a great coach.

Question: You said a couple of weeks ago that Huey was going to retire this year.Didn't you?

Answer: Yeah. I think he is scheduled to

Question: IF Huey does leave and we somehow get PRO-football people in his spot, I'll buy the kegs for the post-parade party! Do you think the administration is 100% behind this football program? If not how much is behind us?

Answer: do not think the adminstration is 100% behind football. I think Terry Don is but the folks in Sikes and board needs to understand what it takes to be successful

Question: if we finish 5-6, does that make next year do or die for TB?

Answer: Yes

Question: So Schaeffer to UF, GT, or UNC wont happen?

Answer: He is going through the recruiting process

Question: Our recruiting in Alabama gonna take a hit the next few years??

Answer: I don't think so

Question: will Korn still come to CU if TB is let go after 2006?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: how did UT get so bad on offense?

Answer: Injuries and no offensive identity

Question: TB won't be let go next year...this will be an amazing team in 2006.

Answer: I think they have a chance

Question: do you think the cocks win out?

Answer: No

Question: Who are the top OL / DL still on the board and what are our chances with each?

Answer: Getahers, Johnson

Question: if next year is do or die for TB....say he dies, what happens with Korn??

Answer: I am not sure

Question: What are our chances of landing Deantwan Whitehead?

Answer: I think he stays in state

Question: Mickey - our goal as a football program is to be a consistent winner. With the WEZ, TDP, assistant coaches, and Bowden ... do we have the necessary ingredients to be a top 25 team each year and contend for the ACC?

Answer: Yes

Question: How 'bout some love for C.J. He played his best game yet Saturday.

Answer: He is improving

Question: Looking at the big picture, with the players returning and recruiting, as well as facilities, what would you say the Vegas odds would be on Tommy Bowden being the coach at Clemson for 2007 and beyond?

Answer: Yes

Question: If one train leaves Greenville and heads north on 85 traveling at 85 mph and a train leaves Columbia headed north on 77 traveling at 27 mph, which one gets to Charlotte first?

Answer: I would think a train should not be on 85

Question: unless we win out, this year is another dissapointment. will TB make more staff changes? or stand pat and do or die with the current staff. would be hard to get a good assistant to come on board prior to a do or die year

Answer: I know one who needs to go

Question: What will our record be at the end of the year? and who wins the last game?

Answer: 6-5. Clemson

Question: Nick Watkins must have snapped out of his fantasy world on saturday...

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Do you think the constant speculation about Coach Bowden's job by keyboard All Americans hurts recruiting?

Answer: Not really

Question: So in your opinion, Clemson loses to Florida State in 2 weeks?

Answer: I think FSU will be favored

Question: Did Saturday's loss hurt our chances for the Super Bowl?

Answer: Clemson will not win the Super Bowl

Question: do we get a bowl bid at 6-5, 3-5 in the ACC?

Answer: Yeah

Question: We play Fla Atlantic and UNC next year, who is the 12th game supposed to be

Answer: Temple, Temple, FL Atlatic and LaTech

Question: Safe to say we see a more run-oriented offense with the OL and RB returning?

Answer: Yes

Question: who is responsible for speculation about TB's job? the fans or TB?

Answer: TB

Question: which assist coach needs to go?

Answer: TE

Question: Would you say it is Charlie's fault for throwing a 5 yard out on 4th and 7, or Spence's fault for calling for a play that included a 5 yard out on 4th and 7?

Answer: 6. The underneath reciever was there only to pull the safety or linebacker up in coverage

Question: How is Taylor tremel doing? Did he play against Temple?

Answer: I am not sure. I don't think he will contribute too much

Question: You packed for Boise yet?

Answer: No but would love to go skiing

Question: Do we have purple jersey's in the future (this year)? Please for all that is good at Clemson tell me we won't be all orange for Duke....PLEASE????!?!?!?!

Answer: They do have purple jerseys

Question: Where is Rendrick Taylor these days? Aside from blocking, I am not seeing much from him...

Answer: He plays a lot but is paying his dues

Question: is it the resposibility of the postion coach (TE in this case) or the player make sure the appropriate personel are on the field for a particular play call?

Answer: both

Question: All purple for FSU.

Answer: I am not sure

Question: What will our RB rotation look like in 2006 aside from James and Reggie?

Answer: Freshman or Chancellor

Question: so TB threw Downer under the bus and not Hines?

Answer: not sure

Question: How has Mathis looked in the early BB practices?

Answer: He has been hurt again. His knee has held him back

Question: Mickey - do Clemson fans have expectations that are too high by expecting better than 6-5 in Bowden's 7th season?

Answer: No

Question: Why are no passes being thrown to the other wideouts? Seems like Charlie only wants to throw to 3 receievers, I would love to see others get involved

Answer: I agree

Question: Is it time to go back to an option-based attack? Does DeChane Cameron have any eligibility left?

Answer: No and No

Question: Mickey, if you do not preform well here today is you job on the "hot seat"?

Answer: I hope not

Question: With Tye Hill gone next season, who plays the DB positions? Will this area be a major weakness in a quickly improving defensive unit?

Answer: Gilliam, Coleman, Ray Ray, Chancellor at CB. I think they will be the weakpoint of a very good defense

Question: Is it really THAT big of a deal that Proctor didn't play? He probably wouldn't have fumbled twice then again I doubt he hits that pass to Thomas Hunter on 3rd and 16 either...agree?

Answer: How can we tell?

Question: who is the TE coach?

Answer: Hines. Gotta run to the day job. Call the show and see you at Tigerama

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ESPN analysts disagree on Lawrence effect on Clemson CFP chances
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