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Question: Who do you see us picking up as we get closer to signing day?

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope all is well. Clemson is still a waiting on a few. I think they are in the top 2 with James Davis, Mike Davis, James McKinney, Jamie Robinson and Chris Chancellor

Question: Opinion of Koenning,Spence,and Hobby?

Answer: I don't know them personally. Professionally contacts I have say good things about them. Hobby is reportedly a terrific recruiter.

Question: We still looking good with James Davis?

Answer: Alabama did a fantastic job this weekend. James gets excited everyday about something new. Last weekBurns went in and it was Clemson. Beamer and several coaches went in and it was all VT. Then the trip to AL and now its all AL. Who knows.

Question: Mickey, of the newhires on staff which is the strongest recruiter? and how will they compare to those they replace?

Answer: Hobby is outstanding.

Question: Avrey Vogt still a possibility??

Answer: I doubt it.

Question: Corey Lambert fully qualified?? For sure?? Whats the scoop?

Answer: We tried all day yesterday and could not get confirmation. In the last 24 hours we have contacted his high school coaches, two Clemson coaches and one Clemson adminstrator and they are all checking. He does not work on Mondays so his employer did not know. He has not been at home when we have c alled. I am trying to confirm it through the appropriate sources. I have a couple of sources calling me back before my show.

Question: You hear any rumblings about NC State being on the NCAA's poop list?

Answer: It would not surprise me

Question: dexter davis gonna get a shot at grad asst?

Answer: I hope so. I am not sure where there is an opening right now

Question: Any chance Sergio G. gets moved to WR in the spring? If not, what about Gaddis?

Answer: Sergio has a better chance than Gaddis to move. The staff will fight for Sergio on bioth sides of the ball but he is more likely to move if they make a move

Question: Is this how you see it:

Answer: YES

Question: mickey, thanks for the professional way you have handled all the coaching staff rumors. you could have gotten into the pissing contest with korn, ard and roy but you have stayed above them all even though i am sure you knew as much or more as all of them. that being said, how about some scoop. lol

Answer: Thanks. The way to keep friends for years is to be honest with them.

Question: In your opinion, will Coach Blackwell stay?

Answer: He does not know. He loves Clemson. He will have to consider any offers he has though. I think all of us would listen to job offers.

Question: Has Clemson ever had a class of OL that looked as good on paper as the group we have this year?

Answer: Not even close

Question: Do you see Clemson in the top 2 with DL Greene from Conway?

Answer: Yeah. I think Clemson is the slight leader going into this visit

Question: why do we never hear about larry cox??

Answer: He is most likely a sign and place. He has an outside shot at qualifying.

Question: Of the LB's still on the board, which are we most likely to sign?

Answer: I have no idea. I can see a scenario where they could still land Clay or Stamper or Baker or Hayes. But I also see a scenario where they do not get any of those. The staffs do not know now

Question: What influence can Levon Kirkland have on football recruiting from his new position in minority recruitment?

Answer: It depends on how involved he gets. I am not sure of his role as of yet but I would not count on him as much this year as you can in the future

Question: Do you think making up unsubstiated rumors about a prominent recruiter leaving to go to another school a week before the big recruiting weekend is good stuff or shoddy journalism?

Answer: It happens. In recruiting all is fair.

Question: Lot of speculation about Gaddis to LB . . . can you see this happening?

Answer: I have not heard that one. He has the body. But I have not heard of that one

Question: How is Aaron Kelly progressing?

Answer: The GAs say well. he is working hard. He is doing a good job in the weight room

Question: Whats your feel about Jamie Robinson?Clemson or FSU

Answer: FSU slight lead

Question: How good is Jarod Cook. Great size but saw he missed his JR season with an injury.

Answer: Big kid that could move to TE in the future

Question: tell vinny to be at logans in anderson NEXT week, mickey--we all want to meet him

Answer: I will tryo to get him there. He is a brave hero.

Question: We know you have a busy schedule(cough) but the TAC was wondering if you will be attending the basesball social??

Answer: When is it?

Question: any rumors- besides the scoot one- about NC st assts ?

Answer: I have no idea who scoot is?

Question: Mickey, we are on the edge of our seats to hear your shocking news on the brawls. When do we hear something?

Answer: March

Question: Do you see any weaknesses in this class? Overall, it looks outstanding, but what do I know?

Answer: The need one more Rb and one more LB

Question: Any chance the Tigers can turn LB Kalvin Baker this weekend

Answer: They have a chance. Florida will be tough to beat though

Question: What percentage of sign & place JUCOs ever come back and make a meaningful contribution.

Answer: I am not sure. Porbably not as high as you would think

Question: Did the chickens get any commitments over the weekend?

Answer: Three. Cook, Sinclair and Banag. They will get Bonds and Bergen

Question: Do you think anyone will fall for Clemson this weekend?

Answer: I do not know of anyone planning to end it Sunday. I think they will go though next week. The Tigers are really only waiting on a few

Question: We know you have a busy schedule(cough) but the TA C was wondering if you will be attending the basesball social?? the date is4-30 Sat Georgia Tech 7:00

Answer: Remind me and I will be there

Question: Is Tyler Grisham a Justin Watts with a bit more talent or is he head and shoulders better?

Answer: Tyler is much faster. Watts was a good athlete with good hands but Grisham is a 4.4 kid

Question: Does the staff want Robinson or chancellor more for CB. Chancellor seems awful small.....

Answer: Robinson

Question: If we were to get J. Robinsonn , does he have the skill/talent / mental toughness to step in as a starting fresh. CB ?

Answer: Yeah. I think he could make a move. He would definately not red-shirt

Question: will that clown Huey lose his job due to your expose?

Answer: If the people in the adminstartion wake up and see through him

Question: So you think other schools are using Philpott to make up rumors b/c he needs some scoop to generate readership?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: If we miss on any additional LB's this year, who would be out top targets next year?

Answer: The top LB in SC will be the kid at North Augusta-Marcus Jackson

Question: how does losing van gorder affect UGA ?

Answer: It really hurtrs. He is a great coordinator. They will have to move quick. I would think Muschamp would be the top candidate. Todd Unzicker of UGASPORTS.COM will be on my show at 3:06 to talk about it

Question: Have you heard anything about Van Gorder going to the Jags?

Answer: Yeah. he is gone

Question: any chance akeem robison gets a look at TE this spring ?

Answer: That is a possibility. It all depends on depth at OT first

Question: How is the article on the brawl coming

Answer: I have not worked on it and will not until after signing day. The story deals with the suspensions. Be patient. I will have something in March

Question: Have we cooled on Carlos Thomas?

Answer: Yes

Question: Which remaining recruits are being recruited by Dabo?

Answer: Hivera Green

Question: rumor about scot, not scoot to NC ST.. any legit names out there ?

Answer: No

Question: Any truth to the rumor that TJ Williams won't make it academically?

Answer: He needs to hustle but the staff thinks he has a great shot and will make it

Question: the date for the social is march 30th around high noonish

Answer: I will be there

Question: How is the brawl article coming?

Answer: I have not worked on it

Question: Your prediction for the starter at Free Safety next year?

Answer: Hamlin slightly over Walker

Question: are any of the coot commits from this weekend any good?

Answer: Sinclair

Question: Who's the biggest catch so far in this recruiting class?

Answer: Miller, Ruffin, Austin, Humphries, Merling

Question: Have you heard on how Andrew Diomande is progressing?

Answer: Good. He has a great upside but he has not played a lot of football yet

Question: Think we'll give Riley,the Duke commit any consideration?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: If you're gonna say that the idiot Swofford wantted to lay down the gaunlet on our team, we already knew that.....he is a putz.....

Answer: Baby Blue Boy

Question: Chance of getting James Davis or Mike Davis?

Answer: Both will come in this week. The staff does not know. Ask me on Sunday. Both could go down to the wire

Question: Is Randy Moss going the way of Micheal Jackson?

Answer: LOL

Question: Mickey, would you moon the fans at Lambeau if you scored a TD

Answer: Too cold. Plus 5-11, 200 pound white guys who run a 4.8 do not get in the endzone at Lambeau often

Question: Which freshman receiver will play next year?

Answer: I think Grisham, Taylor, Smith and Williams all have chance. It depends on who is physically and mentally ready. Right now the staff doesn't even know

Question: Know you can't say much but is the inside information on the brawl itself or the punishments handed down after the brawl?

Answer: Punishment

Question: Thoughts on where Travil Jamison goes? Does he have a shot at qualifying?

Answer: He will have to start atb prep school or JUCO

Question: Is Hobby considered a good recruiter?

Answer: The people I talk to say he is an excellent recruiter

Question: Have you heard anything about Koenning's recruiting skills?

Answer: I understand he is a good recruiter

Question: How did Koening get in the mix for the DC job?

Answer: His defense has been good. Bowden knew the head coach at Troy well. Bowden saw film of their defense a couple of times this year

Question: If Lambert is in, might Akeem Robinson move to DE?

Answer: That is a possibility. You guys ask all of these very good questions but quite frankly the staff has talked about many of the moves but have not decided on any right now. I hate to be so vague but if the staff does not know then I don't know

Question: I'm going to say Manning gets shut down in Foxboro. What are your picks for the weekend?

Answer: I think all four home teams win

Question: How are Reese and Harper progressing?

Answer: Very good,. It will be fun to watch and see which one picks up the new system first

Question: Who has the better fro..Moss or Buckwheat?

Answer: I thought they were the same person

Question: You run a 4.8? I thought you cherished your credibility!

Answer: Bring the stop watch t5o the radio station

Question: 4.8 lol.

Answer: Place your bets

Question: Do you think Merling has the talent to make the two depp at DE next year?

Answer: It may be tough next year because of the upperclass men coming back. Jamison may get an extra year. Bennett, Williamson, Adams all come back. But the future looks really bright for Merling

Question: Never knew you ran a 4.8....you willing to take a timed run?

Answer: Bring it

Question: a 4.8 mick? Your faster than Meat Summers!

Answer: I have scored the same amount of touchdowns against Clemson too

Question: Mickey, does changing coaches before signing day influence or hinder recruits?

Answer: It depends on who they are. Most of the time it would hurt but it depends on the situation

Question: Any truth that you brawl with the next person who asks a question about the brawl and suspend those involved from TigerSource?

Answer: LOL. No. Everyone is welcome at TigerSource. We are all inclusive

Question: Who is likely to commit for us on Sunday?

Answer: I doubt anyone ends it on Sunday

Question: Do you kow if the players we have on campus match up well with Koenning's defense?

Answer: Waters, Watkins, Dunham, Billie, etc. I think the LBs will like this scheme

Question: Will Merling and Barry get in ?

Answer: I think so

Question: Have you heard the Jack Hines to FSU rumor (admin position, of course)?

Answer: When does the parade start?

Question: Does Will Proctor see significant snaps next year or do you see Reese/Harper as the future??

Answer: Proctor will be number two going in but the freshmen are the future

Question: Are you David Beasley in real life?

Answer: I have more morals than he does

Question: is Lambert maybe going to push Dukes inside??

Answer: If he is better at Dukes at tackle. I think Lambert will have a big adjustment to make

Question: The five-year rule . . . dead or just on hold??

Answer: On hold for now

Question: Stock to NCSU?

Answer: He has not been contacted

Question: how about T/E this year with Hall gone?? IMO Hall would do very good if used

Answer: Green comes back. A couple of former walk-ons come back but Barry and Muse will get a look

Question: How bad is it for the Wolfpack to lose three assistants at this stage and still not have them replaced?

Answer: The line of assistants leaving NCSU is long. Don't forget Chow and Green

Question: Do you think Rob Spence will bring instant success to our Offense?

Answer: He has been succesful where he has been. This will be a tough test for him though

Question: Could Barry play wr ?

Answer: No. He is 6-5 and 260 pounds. TE

Question: Does Stock like it under Spurrier?

Answer: I think so

Question: What's our best shot at another linebacker, is Eugene Hayes still in the mix?

Answer: The staff still is working for the final linebacker. Hayes is still in the mix and will come in on 1/21

Question: mickey - what do you hear about Blackwell and Scott

Answer: Both are happy at Clemson

Question: Is Mike Davis waiting on James Davis? Could the Tigers possibly lose both because of it?

Answer: I think he is aware of James. In recruiting this scenario always happens

Question: Is Eugene Hayes of any relation to Isaac Hayes?

Answer: Doubt it

Question: Who is likely to backup Fry at C? Lctray, Hutinson, someone else?

Answer: I think both have a chance but one of the freshman could push

Question: What is your overall opinion about the new coaches?, Did we improve or remain the same. Iknow we got younger on the staff

Answer: I think Hobby is a better recruiter than Smith. The coordinators are good

Question: sure hope both are as happy as U say

Answer: They are but every coach in the country has to do what is best for his family. Brian van Gorder was happy at UGA but he is gone

Question: has LeTray got his "hear on straight"???heard he was not happy with conditioning program

Answer: He needed to rededicate himself

Question: Any chance at all for CJ Byrd to change his mind?

Answer: No

Question: How about Capote? Other than the TAC "all face paint/he must be good" team, haven't heard much.

Answer: He needed to condition better. The talent has been upgraded on the OL since he signed

Question: Mickey, would you be in favor of allowing a player a one time exemption to leave for another D1 school if the head coach leaves to go somewhere else?

Answer: Yeah

Question: How firm are Murchison, McElrathbey, Chambers?

Answer: In order from most firm to least I would say Murchison, Chambers, McElrathbey

Question: What is the word on Scott

Answer: He will stay at Clemson

Question: who takes millers spot

Answer: Gaddis or Gilliam


Answer: WR

Question: Should I take a nap this afternoon or just try to tough it out?

Answer: Ronald Reagan and Bobby Bowden both were believers in a good nap. They were successful

Question: Think Ray Ray could spurn us for the Gators?

Answer: I think there is a pssibility.

Question: Mickey, Where in the draft do you see Miller going?

Answer: Late first early second round

Question: Mickey -- what do you think about a 5-yard "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty. That way you can penalize or even warn one guy without a drive-killing 15-yarder. Plus, you can penalize both guys in a fight, but penalize one more if his acts were more egregious...?

Answer: I believe sportsmanship is a bigger issue. I like the 15-yarder

Question: Any good stuff planned for Davis and Robinson, ie, rollin out the red carpet this weekend?

Answer: Yeah but NCAA says no more Willie Williams stuff.

Question: Does J. Miller leaving help with Robinson and C. Chancellor?

Answer: It does not hurt any

Question: What does crow taste like?

Answer: I am more of a beef and chicken man myself

Question: Mickey --- If you knew some really good inside scoop on a recruit, would you tell us in this forum?? Seriously.:^)

Answer: Yeah as long as it is on the record and not off of the record. You have to be able to keep your sources. Your questions are so good but there are no answers to some of them. The staff does not know if they are going to sign Mike or James Davis. it is called recruiting. They talk about Sergio moving to WR but they have not decided. I try to give you all of the info I have that I can relase but I will not be over dramtic or make up anything

Question: Will the NCAA travel restrictions for recruits affect Clemson this year?

Answer: Not as much because many of the kids are in-state so they can drive

Question: Thanks Mickey for taking the time to chat with us.

Answer: Thanks for stopping by. See some of you ate Logans in Greenville on Wednesday, from 3-5 on www/wccpfm.com or Sunday nights from 8-10 for the recruiting show

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