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Question: Do we have a good shot at landing Sexton?

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope everyone is well. I think FSU leads and Clemson needs to push FSU's new depth at QB with Xaiver Lee and Drew Weatherford. Clemson needs to push Whitehurst being a senior next year and he could compete with Reese and Harper

Question: With McKissick now coming in Januray (hopefully with Lambert), should we be able to hold onto Grant, Austin, Humphries, and Ruffin?

Answer: I think so. All four have told us they are solid to Clemson.

Question: Realistically, what are the Gamecocks chances vs. UT in 2 weeks?

Answer: I think so. Tennessee is good but not great. They are beatable. USC's style of play allows them to stay close to almost anyone. But USC must play better than they have so far this season

Question: Will Clemson or Carolina be bowl eligible this year?

Answer: Both have a chance but have to play better than they did in recent weeks

Question: What were your impressions of Collins?

Answer: I thought he played great. It is refreshing to see a kid with good hands and a great attiude. You can count on Collins. I know he does not run great but he is dependable. I am not sure you can say that about the one he replaced

Question: How does it feel to WIN?

Answer: Good. I hope we can win tonight but Pedro will be tough in Fenway

Question: Do you have any more information on Kelvin Grant?

Answer: Suspended due to academics. But here is my take: How can you depend on this kid anymore? How many times can he miss a class off the field and drop balls on the field. IMO he is not dependable

Question: how would you rank our RB targets, most wanted to fall back ?

Answer: Mike Davis is at the top. He is a must for this class.

Question: I've heard Mike Davis is close with Brad Scott and that we have a good chance to land him. Is this true? Will we sign a top notch RB? Thanks!

Answer: Davis told us last night that he likes and trusts Brad Scott. I think they have a great realtionship. Clemson will sign a great R in this class

Question: so is it official that mckissic has qualified.

Answer: He says so but it still has to go through Clemson and NCAA clearinghouse

Question: Will we beat MD?

Answer: Clemson is a slight favorite. I think the Tigers can win but the atmosphere needs to be there. This is a huge game. It is funny how Friedgen is a genius until he has no players and now people say he won with other people's players

Question: How did you think we performed this week?

Answer: Defensively very good with the exception of alignment issues. Offensively I tought poor in the first have and better in the second. Penalties, turnovers and missed opportunities in the first have. Better production in the second. I still think they need to be more committed to the run

Question: Mickey, Have any positions for an Accounting/Finance major? I need a job man.

Answer: Call the radio station to inquire. 865-654-4004

Question: Who wins the NASCAR Championship?

Answer: I hope Junior can come back and win this title.

Question: will we sign a FB in this class- maybe the pickens prep kid ?

Answer: Simmons can play there. They really liked the Paschal kid in Charlotte but UNC will sign him.

Question: What is up w/ CJ Gaddis? He looked totally lost out there.

Answer: Two weeks ago in this chat I was critical of him and his assignments. He has no clue what he is doing. How many times will he line up on the wrong side of the field?

Question: So has Merriweather moved to the #2 tailback spot (officially or not)?

Answer: Yeah. Saturday was obvious

Question: Please tell us more about Mike Davis?

Answer: First, he is a bright kid. He is really quiet. But I think he is going at this the right way. Frankly if I had a son I wuld tell him not to talk to these internet sites about recruiting. Really it is none of our business. His conversations should stay with the coaches he is working with. Davis gets that. He is a power back with good speed and vision. Clemson will be in this one until the end. I saw him this weekend and he looks great

Question: Who are we competing against for Davis?

Answer: UCLA, USC and many others but again he is so quiet about his recruiting

Question: mickey- parker here. saw davis Sat... well built kid. the arnold kid is small to tiny.

Answer: Davis is well built kid. I like his frame. I did not see Arnold but I will take your word

Question: Who would you start at RB next week? How many carries does Reggie get?

Answer: Coleman starts. Reggie gets 10-12 carries

Question: Will Lambert enroll in January?

Answer: Assuming everything clears the academic hurdles

Question: Can Maryland Possibly Be That Bad on Offense???

Answer: They are terrible. It goes to show you how important players are. After the UVA game I heard Groh say it on his radio show. Players win games. A VT assistant told me that UVA ran 6 plays. Friedgen is a genius but look at his he can't run, catch and throw

Question: How come Fridge doesn't have a qb?

Answer: Graduation and evaluation and inexperience

Question: any word on gabriel, merling and barry at prep school ?

Answer: All three are having great years on the field. They took the SAT a week from last Saturday and no word yet

Question: When will the Yankees ever stop sucking so bad? ;)

Answer: Hopefully tonight

Question: Who would win, Utah State or Furman?

Answer: Furman

Question: Is Friedgen still certified as TAC coaching genius?

Answer: Yeah but like TAC he can't play too

Question: How did you like Saturday's RB rotation? lol

Answer: I like Coleman and Merriweather rotation. I wish Browning would get more time

Question: If Bunting is out at UNC, who's in the mix there ?

Answer: Spurrier, Meyer, Clyde Christianson, Mack Brown. How about Darrell Moody?

Question: Do we have the OL for the run?

Answer: YES. other coaches think Clemson has an athletic OL but you have to give them a chance. Be more committed to the run

Question: mickey - you understand why we would throw the long ball into the wind in the first half but never with the wind behind our backs?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: 1972 Dolphins or 2004 Patriots?

Answer: I loved the no-name defense and Morris, Czonka, Kiick, Warfield, Griese, Larry Little but this PATS team is incredible. 20 in a row is unbelievable in today's game

Question: I know Mike Davis was at our Midnight Madness. Does a successful basketball program (or the appearance of one) influence football recruits at all?

Answer: The energy and atmosphere could get to a kid.

Question: If Jr. wins it proves NASCAR is fixed....agree or disagree?

Answer: Disagree. It is too hard to fix one race much less 36

Question: Mickey, do you think CJ will move to WR in the Spring?

Answer: I hope so. He is lost on defense

Question: Does a noon start time typically have any impact on a team's performance?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: What are we going to do w/ Browning?

Answer: Hopefully give him more opportunities

Question: Have we stopped recruiting Travail Jamison? Are we starting to slip down James Davis' list?

Answer: Jamison still has acdemic hurdles. James Davis still list TN, VT and Clemson

Question: Why is Maryland so awful this year on Offense?

Answer: Inexperience at QB. Lack of play makers on offense

Question: Is Josh Miller firm to Clemson?

Answer: Yeah. I would be very surprised if he is not

Question: A. Waters to the middle next year?

Answer: I think Dunham has played well wince he was moved there but Waters or Vincent could play there

Question: Is Charlie overrated or are his OL and WR's hurting him this year?

Answer: Charlie has not as prodcutive this year. He has not been able to throw undernetah until last week. He has not had enough time to throw and the receivers have not helped as much. His confidence has dropped. A lot of things contribute

Question: Mickey - Where does Clemson stand with recruiting LB's - Josh Miller should be good if he honors his commitment. Others on the board that we have a chance at??

Answer: Stamper, Clay, Higgins, Nicholson Dewberry all have talked about lineing up visits. Also Kindred could move to linebacker and the staff loves Courtney Vincent

Question: Why would recruits waste their time with the bunch of idiots on this site?

Answer: I don't think they do

Question: Why would recruits waste their time with the bunch of idiots on this site?

Answer: I don't think they do

Question: How much impact does bowden's job security have on the firmness of the verbals already committed?

Answer: A ton. I think they know Bowden will be there the entire time they are here

Question: Heard a former roommate of yours headed to the coast for a few days this AM. He must really have a great job. Your thoughts?

Answer: He has a job?

Question: Is Gaddis any more lost on defense than Tye Hill was his first year??

Answer: Hill knew which side of the field to line up on

Question: Why doesn't TB ride the team bus with the team?

Answer: Not sure. I am not sure any ofthe head coaches have. I am not sure that is a factor

Question: Why are we not using outlet pass to rb?

Answer: I have no idea. Coleman is a terrific receiver

Question: What are the percentages that we sign bothj CJ Byrd and Mike Davis??

Answer: I would say Byrd is UGA-Clemson and Davis is quiet. Both are 50-50 so what are the odds if both are 50-50 to sign both? I am not good with probability and statistics

Question: Are you envious that your former roommate can decided this morning to leave after lunch and go fish at Edisto for 2 days?

Answer: You cpul not pay me to go fishing.

Question: Will Rendrick Taylor give USC a look?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Which assistant coaches will be fired at the end of the season?

Answer: Come on

Question: How is Akeem Robinson progressing?

Answer: Very good. They call him Skeletor. He is a great athlete. I still think there is a chance he could move to defense

Question: Is it COMMITTING to the run or actually coaching your OL to execute a successful running game?

Answer: I think they have to committ to the run but also get in the three point stance more and drive block some people of out of the way

Question: any news on ben hall's injury?

Answer: He will be back this weekend

Question: Do we turn the corner this week and have a breakout on offense?

Answer: Maryland is pretty good on defense. Maryland is a lot like USC. Good defense and anemic offense

Question: Do the Yankees win this afternoon?

Answer: I hope so but I am a little nervous

Question: Any chance we get a big lb with speed like UVA's middle lb?

Answer: There are few inthe country that are like this NFL-first rounder

Question: I know this is supposed to be talks about football, but what do you think is happening with our soccer team? We used to dominate this sports, especially in the ACC, but we've been averaged at best. I'm not a soccer fan, but I'm a Clemson fan. And it concerns me that we're now playing second fiddle to other teams in a sport we used to dominate.

Answer: I wen to the soccer game yesterday and Clemson outplayed the number-five team inthe country. I don't know a lot about this team but they gave UVA both goals and could not finish. Trevor will get it turned around

Question: Other than Vincent, which freshman are shining on the scout team?

Answer: First the coaches rave about Vincent. Also they like Hamlin, Clemons, Croley, Kindred, Scott on defense. Hutchinson, Kelly, and both QBs on offense

Question: do yo think there is a lack of talent in the wr corp and do you think we have the quality we need on campus? what are oour big target outside of taylor?

Answer: I think they have been inconsisent catching the football this year. Until Saturday they did not have a big wide out. They miss Hamilton but also should have had Zimmerman and Crosby there this year. CJ Byrd is the best one they are recruiting this year

Question: Does Gaddis have a true place on this team? Where would you use him?

Answer: I think he has an offense mentality. If they sign McElrathbey and Croley and Clemons are special then I would move him RB or WR

Question: What was the purpose of the coaching shuffle last year...results?

Answer: It was supposed to better the program. It was supposed to keep them from being complacent. This team is not as talented but I am not sure why

Question: Do you agree with the BCS rankings?

Answer: No. Oklahoma is one of the top two but Jeff Sagrin screwed Oklahoma

Question: Did you get a flu shot?

Answer: No way no how

Question: Will we ever see the end of the hurry-up and wait offense?

Answer: They huddled a lot on Saturday. No one runs the fast break anymore

Question: How lucky was USC to beat "lowly" UK?

Answer: That was an awful game. It looked like Seneca was playing Pendelton

Question: Do we beat the "Fridge" this Saturday?

Answer: I think so

Question: How winable are the next two games for the tigers?

Answer: Both are winnable but Clemson has to play its best football of the season

Question: Would you say that Merriweather is the best "pure" running back we have? He and Coleman seem to be a really good mix.

Answer: I would say Coleman and Merriweather are the two best

Question: so based on the level of talent on this Clemson team, have the recruiting rankings that showed us with average clasees the last few years been accurate?

Answer: This team is abpve average at places and below at some. The lack of experience and playmakers have hurt but the scedule and the number of turnovers are the real story

Question: does wccp post walt's picks anywhere?

Answer: No. You have to listen

Question: Mickey, please don't ever compare seneca and the coots, thanks!!! Coach bass' bobcats of the late 90's would give lou fits.

Answer: LOL

Question: Did the defense play that well Saturday or is Utah State that bad?

Answer: Both

Question: would any back we are recruiting take over next year at rb? any of the wr recruits have a chance to play immediately ( i would assume byrd)

Answer: Davis could get in the mix at RB. Taylor and Byrd would get a shot

Question: Do you see us going back to the Indy style offense Bowden ran with Rodriguez as OC?

Answer: No

Question: Have defenses been doing anything different over the past two weeks to keep the Maryland offense to such poor numbers, or are they just playing poorly? What do we have to do to make the woes continue?

Answer: They have QB issues

Question: Who are the best HS teams you have seen play?

Answer: SW Dekalb vs Douglass a few years ago had five or six NFL guys like Jamal Lewis and Cosey Coleman on the field at the same time. I thought Fairfield Central about seven or eight years ago was a great team with the DB and TE on that team.

Question: it was good to see the defense motivated to try and get the shutout. do you think a game like that can get them over the hump?

Answer: I think confidence always helps. Success leads to success

Question: Any updates on Roderick Battle out of Atl...heard he enjoyed athens

Answer: I think he will end up at UGA or AUB

Question: Dillon stomps a mudhole in Greenville and wins the state championship finally...you heard it here first...lol

Answer: Would not surprise me if Dillon won the state

Question: Will Gaddis be moved back to QB?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Other than Davis, who would we be glad to get this year?

Answer: All of the current commitments plus Byrd, McElrathbey, Stamper, Clay, McKissick, Lambert, Merling, Barry

Question: What do you think of Sadat Chambers??

Answer: I like his versatility. I think he is a legit ACC/SEC guy. I think he stays in state and Clemson leads

Question: Where do you see Merling?

Answer: TE or DE. I think he could end up at DE

Question: What did you think about the bogus clip our buddy Rosie Amato called Saturday?

Answer: How does he officiate ACC games? he is the worst in America. He has the ethics and character of his trashy brother

Question: Will GA having a true freshman rb starting help in our recruiting?

Answer: Yeah but they really are not going head-to-head with UGA on many backs

Question: how big an impact does the 1st phase of the WEZ have on recruiting?

Answer: I think it would help but the complete project will really help

Question: Does the TIAA-CREF commercials bother you when watching CBS coverage of the SEC?

Answer: I never watch commercials on Saturday. I am a remote All-American

Question: mickey... how good do you think the tigers are at run blocking and how good are they at pass blocking?

Answer: Adequate at both

Question: Any thoughts on RB from Travelers Rest, Will Ford?

Answer: He looked great at Clemson's camp this summer and I liked him as a sophomore and junior but have not seen him this year

Question: Hey Mickey what do you think of Chuck the Chest's Ruby Red Shoes?

Answer: What a joke. The glasses, the hat, the shoes are all a joke. NC State deserve that piece of trash

Question: Did Charlie's interception get caught in the wind, or was it just that bad of a throw?

Answer: Terrible throw but it was windy

Question: Mickey,

Answer: what?

Question: What's happened to Yusef Kelly?

Answer: What do you mean? The other backs are better players and more dependable

Question: What's up with Miller at corner, he seems to get beat everyweek. Should we move him to safety?

Answer: I would move him to safety or RB in the spring if he came back. His cover skills are average

Question: Any offers for Will Ford?

Answer: Not yet that I know of

Question: Ginger Maryanne or Brooke Burke?

Answer: Brooke Plyler

Question: Was that you Saturday walking around with the 12 pack and the foxy lady?

Answer: It depends on who is asking

Question: How are freshmen WRs Diomande and Aaron Kelly doing?

Answer: Both are doing well. Diamonde will be a player down the road. Kelly will be a factor next season. He can be terrific

Question: "He has the ethics and character of his trashy brother " can you expand your thoughts on chucky chest?

Answer: He is exactly what you see. Its bad when Miami turns down Bobby Washington but NC State gets him in school

Question: Hey Mickey have you figured out what House the "Fridge" is trying to protect according to his Under Armour Commercial?

Answer: Hoepfully not Byrd Stadium. They should blow that place up and start over. They could also use an sportsmanship house

Question: Would Robinson be a DE or DT?

Answer: I sould say DE until he gets more mass

Question: Will we go bowling this year?

Answer: Midnight bowling? Just kidding. Ask me after the NCSU game

Question: Michael Collins needs more touches. His presence along with Ben Hall could work wonders for our offense. What do you think?

Answer: I agree. He catches the football and goes to class

Question: what happened to UVa?

Answer: Like I said on my show. FSU doesn't lose at home. Plus Groh thought 3 points was good enough to win. He thought he was still in the NFL. Plus they got the Knights and Pawns out of position

Question: Be carefull Rusty the rooster went to Maryland

Answer: It figures

Question: thanks for the answer Mickey. A friend of mine is convinced the NCAA will be or is already, snooping around at NCSU

Answer: Play in the mud and you get dirty

Question: so its no mistake Chuck the Chest hired the Balco steriod pusher as strength coach?

Answer: They belong together. He is the most neagtive recruiter in the country

Question: Time for work!

Answer: I know. Thanks for coming by. Hope everyone has a great week. See you guys next week

Question: Troy Williamson...does he even consider making the jump to NFL after this year based on the WR's in the draft?

Answer: He has the ability but needs another year

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WATCH: Dabo Swinney makes sub sandwiches at Subway
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