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Question: where was Byrd visiting this weekend and how did it go?

Answer: He went to Clemson-GT game. We chatted with him and he had a great trip. The staff continues to make a good impression on him. I still think this is UGA and Clemson

Question: mickey, give us some scoop.

Answer: The kids we spoke with after the game had a great trip. James Davis told us Clemson is his new leader

Question: aTm: Better team than GT, about the same, or worse? In what ways?

Answer: Not as good as GT. QB not as talented. Top WR and RB injured. Young on defense. But 12th man is a concern.

Question: What is your overview of the game and where are the most improvements needed?

Answer: The collapse at the end was as bad as I have seen. Tigers need to find a dependable short-yardage back. I thought Browning and Merriweather playd well. Defense played well for 55 minutes. All-ACC candidate corner got beat four times for TDs despite being in position to make a play. A freshman WR caught 3 touchdowns over upperclassmen corners. Place kicking is a concern. Whitehurst seems to be off a bit.

Question: A lot of visitors on campus this weekend....any highlights in recruiting?

Answer: Byrd, Davis, Sesay, Stamper, Battle all had good times.

Question: Do you think we stand a chance of getting James Davis away form Tenn?

Answer: Yeah, UT will be tough but Burton Burns has done a terrific job

Question: What are the problend in the dressing room that Bowden brought up on his program yesterday?

Answer: I did not hear him

Question: Are we still planning to bring Phillip Merling in Jan if he makes it? If so how many Dls will be in this upcoming class?

Answer: Yes. Merling, McKissick and maybe two more. I would think 4 total.

Question: Impact on the team after such a devastating loss? Can Tommy get them focused like Wake last year or is this the beginning of a collapse like G Tech a few years ago?

Answer: This is a huge challenge to this staff. The emotional trauma suffered Saturday night could last a while. But, you can't let one loss beat you twice

Question: Do you think Clemson will take this and use it as a motivational experience this week or still have a hangover?

Answer: That might be a good idea. I talked to Michael Dean Perry a couple of weeks ago and he said he is always available

Question: Does this team have the same chemistry as last year to recover from a disappointment like this past week?

Answer: Ask me next week. That is a big question right now

Question: Will Coleman play this week?

Answer: I think so. But will know more after Tuesday and Wednesday practices

Question: Any updates on Mike or James Davis?

Answer: Mike is so quiet. He never mentions anything about his favorites. James says Clemson leads Tennessee but he is going to UT-Florida this week in Knoxville

Question: What is the status of Groover? Any updates today?

Answer: Not yet. McDuffie played well from what I saw

Question: Have any new 'leaders' stepped forward on the team?

Answer: I am sure that is a big question mark now. I hope Coleman can have that impact.

Question: Are you surprised that Clemson is favored Saturday night at A&M

Answer: No. Clemson is the more talented team but again Kyle Field is torture

Question: Has TB indicated why no long FG try from dean at the end of the half? perfect chance to try jad dean I thought..

Answer: I thought they should have tried it. It would have been 53-yards. I think Dean has a better chance at 53-yarder than a hail mary. I also thought the staff should have called timeout at the end of the game rather than take the delay penalty

Question: Some chatter on the board about something with Noah Whiteside. What's up?

Answer: I haven't heard what he did

Question: Yusef still get the start despite being pretty ineffective and fumbling on a key play?

Answer: I think you have to go with the guys who have proven you can trust them. I trust Browning and am starting to trust Merriweather

Question: Have you had a chance to check in with any of our commitments who were at the USC game. I think Grant and Taylor were there, and I was wondering if there is any cause for concern.

Answer: I have not. We will try both this week.

Question: please tell us again what's so great about walt deptula

Answer: Have you listened to him?

Question: We have looked like worldbeaters at times during each game and clueless for long stretches at others. To what do you attribute this inconsistency?

Answer: Great question. Youth and inexperience in some places but overall just the rules now. 20 hours per week, no two-a-days for back -to-back days, limited amount of time coaches can spend with players in the summer. I think everyone will go through this at sometime during their season

Question: What is your feeling on Stamper?

Answer: Auburn and Clemson. He had a really good time at Clemson. We talked to him last night. He goes to Auburn-LSU this weekend

Question: yes, i've listened to him. i'm a big fan. i just love hearing people say how much they love him. tell me again, please

Answer: OK. Walt Deptula is the Walt Deptula of radio

Question: Did the staff give any thought to taking a safety before the punt snafu?

Answer: Not before. But hindsight I said yeah.

Question: After a few weeks of high school football, who are the biggest surprises so far instate?

Answer: Easley is 3-0

Question: Was DE Williamson hurt? He ran off as if he had a shoulder injury.

Answer: I think he is OK but will check. The SID office has not released any injury info yet

Question: Is Charlie's obvious discomfort caused by the not quite right oline, new WR corps or something else?

Answer: I think protection, lack of consistent running game and timing with new wide outs. He does look a little out of sync

Question: Can this loss help us in the long run?

Answer: I don't see how

Question: Have you talked to Byrd since his visit to Clemson?

Answer: Yes. He had a great trip and Clemson made a wonderful impression on him

Question: Any visitor from this past weekend looking to commit to us soon?

Answer: I don't think anyone will go down anytime soon

Question: When is James Davis looking to commit?

Answer: January

Question: Heard Clemson had several recruits this weekend, how many that are high on the boards?

Answer: Of the 75 or so they had in, 50 have offers.

Question: How is the morale of the team now?

Answer: I am not sure. But they need to go back to work today and especially Tuesday and Wednesday because this is a tough road trip

Question: any players close on commiting? Who do we have the best shot to land right now? Any big fish on the hook?

Answer: I think several players would go if pushed but the staff is starting to slow play some.

Question: Is it true that doubled as the Outback blimp after eating too much pig at a tailgate gathering?

Answer: I am still full

Question: What RB's being recruited were at the game Sat. and did you have a chance to find out where they stand?

Answer: James Davis is one of teir top two targets. He was impressed. It was his first college game

Question: Were you as impressed with Reggie Ball's throwing Saturday night, took me by shock

Answer: He throw it very well when he had time. He threw the fade with perfection

Question: Mickey.....you need to check out the young RB at Abbeville. He is only a 9th grader but is far from ordinary.

Answer: I heard he is a good looking kid.

Question: Other than the possible return of Coleman... any changes for Saturday's line up we might now expect?

Answer: I think Barry Richardson will play more. Chris McDuffie, Tramaine Billie, LaDontae Harris are a few more than played well Saturday. Bowden said Sunday the best players will play regardless of experience

Question: Is RB from Greenville high on our list and are we high on his?

Answer: All schools would be higher on him if they knew he could qualify

Question: Aside from the three recruits that TigerD mentioned, are we in on any more highly-rated OL prospects? It looks to me like there's an opportunity for immediate playing time...

Answer: It is so difficult to play on the OL as a true freshman. They have four committed and will take Lambert and maybe one more great one

Question: How is Lambert doing? Any reports on his attempts to qualify?

Answer: The SAT/ACT start this Saturday or the next. It will take a few weeks after to get his first score back.

Question: Mickey- Rendrick Taylor looks like a LB to me, not a WR. Where do you think he ends up in college?

Answer: I think he will get a chance to play WR but has the size and speed to playe elsewhere. He is the kind of athlete that you just sign and worry where he will play when he gets in school

Question: Is the ACC as tough as we've made the first 2 games look?

Answer: I am not making anyexcuses for the poor execution in the first two weeks because they have not played a complete game yet. However, parity is here. You have to bring it every week now. Just look at the upsets and close games so far. Each week is about execuiting.

Question: Do you see a positive response coming for Sat night, or do you think it's going to be tough to overcome?

Answer: I have no idea how this team will respond. I hope it will be close to that of the end of 2003

Question: Think Aaron Kelly will play any this season? I thought he looked good in warmups.

Answer: No. I think the plan is for himto red-shirt unless there are injuries ahead of him

Question: If you were given a pair of brass knuckles and Jim Rome was only armed with a cardboard toilet paper tube, how long would it take you to knock some sense into him?

Answer: I can think of a few other I would like to knock sense into first. He does have a high opinion of himself though

Question: who controlls the rotation of the RBs? burns, bowden, o'cain, lovette?

Answer: I think a combination of Bowden, O'Cai and Burns talk about it before each series starts to get the package that suits each back best ready.

Question: Do you keep up with many high school recruits from North Carolina?

Answer: Yeah, we have talked to Derek Nicholson, Johnathan Hannah, Cameron Sexton, Brandon Ghee, Montario Hardsety, Josh Briscoe, Scott Long,etc

Question: Mickey, do you like gladiator movies?

Answer: No. I have seen that type of movie a hundred times. A bunch of testosterone.

Question: Was CU's loss the biggest choke job you can remember?

Answer: I would say it is up there.

Question: Are you still on the Fox News highschool highlight show?

Answer: No. It is difficult for me to be there every week. For instance, I am leaving Thursday for College Station, next Friday for FSU. I would have to miss the Friday in October because I am an emcee at tigerramma, etc. It was too difficult to get there every week. They do a better job without me there anyway

Question: Do you think Coleman can pick up where he left off? How big of a difference can he make for this team?

Answer: He wuld have to have some rust wouldn't he. I think he makes a bigger difference each week on the field but starting this week on the field

Question: Based on your comment about RB rotation... does our staff sometimes overcoach and outsmart themselves?

Answer: I have said since the Coleman inury that Browning is dependable

Question: How often do you get the oppurtunity to speak with Coach Bowden or any of his staff?

Answer: I talk to the staff frequently. Bowden's schedule doesn't permit a lot of contact. I tryo to visit with the staff frequently

Question: When you speak with them, is it all about upcoming recruits or is it just more general football and how everything is going?

Answer: Football in general. They are not permitted to talk about recruiting. I ask about the development of players currently on the team

Question: Have you ever seen an ugier uniform than the cocks have now?

Answer: No. I liked the garnet ones but do not like "Longest Yard" look

Question: Is Bozzie a hero of yours?

Answer: Yes. He is a great friend. All right guys thanks for stopping by. I am off to my other job. Have a great week and I will see you guys in College Station

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