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Question: when will O/C be announ?? Today??

Answer: Good afternoon. I hope everyone had a great holidays. Spence is the guy but I am not sure of the announcement time. Bowden may want to name all three coaches at the same time.

Question: do we lose H. green to coots because they took Wallace that no one else wanted??

Answer: I doubt that will be a big factor. I think he will sig with either CL,VT

Question: when is ncaa going to get usc?? they are so dirty!!!

Answer: I have not heard anything new on their investigation

Question: So Spence, Muschamp and Ward/Smart will be the hires?

Answer: Spence for sure. Muschamp will have a few decisions to make. He could go to the NFL, stay at LSU or look at another college job. Ward would be tough to get but who knows. Smart will also have other options. Bowden has been very quiet about the defensive hires

Question: Any ideas on WHO OUR DC will be? If not Blackwell,will he stay at CU?

Answer: I have no new news on the DC as of this afternoon. Blackwell has other attractive offers and I think Clemson would have a hard time keeping him if he was not the coordinator

Question: Is Murchison considering the coots or is his visit just a free trip?

Answer: He will probably take the visit this weekend but right now Clemson is pretty solid with him

Question: Do we expect any more commits between now and signing or will the ones left keep us hanging?

Answer: I think of the guys they are waiting on most will decide before signing day

Question: Hope your holidays went well. Any players seem close to Clemson since the school break? Any drifting away?

Answer: Things are pretty much staus quo right now. The staff has done a fantastic job of fighting off those schools that have come after their current signees. The staff is on the road this week before a break next week for the convention

Question: Mickey: we are currently at 23 right? how many more can we offer?

Answer: As many as want to come. This staff will not turn down guys like Davis, Robinson, Clay, etc

Question: % of Clemson signing James Davis?

Answer: 60

Question: What is your gut on jamie robinson? I heard he has always liked FSU,and our brawl,caused him to lean heavily their way.

Answer: I think he has always been an FSU lean. He made a comment about the brawl but I doubt it has a lot to do with his decision. FSU ahs been on brawls recently

Question: who is the 'unknown' who is going to shock everyone by signing with Clemson? he is apparently a commit to someone else now

Answer: The staff is working about four or five guys that are currently committed to other schools but if we knew then it would not be a shock

Question: If we are able to pick up a few more committments are there certain players that may not return and/or has the staff talked to any current committments about grey shirting?

Answer: Through intitial NCAA eligibility requirements, transfers, grey-shirts, etc things always work out. Those are things to worry about after signing day

Question: number of crunches you can do in a workout?

Answer: About 20 and then it is time for EMS

Question: Don't want to jump too far ahead in recruiting, but does the Jr. class in S. C. seem strong?

Answer: I think pretty strong. There are about five or ten guys we will have updates on in the middle of February. I think the DB from Ft. Dorchester might be the top junior in the state

Question: We've been pondering who the next Sherrod Ford will be. Any ideas who OP and the coaches are looking at to fill that big spot?

Answer: Akinbala will have another year left. They should have red-shirted him as a freshman. They like the kid from Jacksonville but he is not as highly recruited as Ford

Question: Is Wannstedt retaining Pitt's DC?

Answer: Good question. I have no idea. I will check though

Question: Where is Jimbo Fisher going to end up?

Answer: He has an offer to go to the NFL and will have other offers soon

Question: can you list the top 5 guys Clemson would like to get come FEB

Answer: Of the uncommitted guys-1. James Davis 2. Antonio Clay 3. Jamie Robinson 4. James McKinney 5. JC Neal

Question: super bowl pick?

Answer: Pats

Question: WHo are the DB coach candidates?

Answer: Smart, Ward, Davis, etc

Question: Has laptop-gate been totally swept under the rug in Columbia now?

Answer: I have not heard anything about it in a couple of weeks

Question: Hello from Camp Bucca, Iraq Mickey. Do we have a legimate shot at Clay and McKinney?

Answer: Better with Clay than McKinney. Both have already been in for visists and the staff has done a terrific job with both. Thansk for all you guys do. Tell everyone there thanks so much and get ready for a hero's welcome when you get back

Question: no seriously, super bowl pick LOL

Answer: No seriously Pats

Question: Where if anywhere do you see Kirkland helping us this Feb...

Answer: He will help in some areas but will grow in his role. He probably has his hands full with his new job now

Question: Where is J. C, Neal projected to play?

Answer: I think WR or safety

Question: Will the staff take the first Davis to commit?

Answer: They would like to take both. They will not stop recruiting either if the other commit. James is the higher rated prospect

Question: Does T. Billie have a starting spot nailed down next year at this point? He seemed to play very well the last 4 or 5 games.

Answer: Yeah. He was the better player there all of last year

Question: Are we going to be able to snag another LB from somewhere?

Answer: Yes

Question: I know;dumb question, but who are Smart and Ward

Answer: Kirby Smart secondary coach at LSU and Lorenzo Ward secondary coach at VT. See our stories and profiles on TigerSource

Question: chance that dexter davis comes back to Clemson?

Answer: He wants to come back and Bowden has had some contact. He will coach at Clemson one day. Maybe sooner rather than later

Question: How's Spurrier doing with his "master plan" recruits?

Answer: They got off to a slow start but have two big weeks coming up this weekend and next weekend

Question: Robinson and Neal, your gut feel...

Answer: Robinson-FSU Neal-NCSU

Question: Do you think Les Miles is a good hire for LSU and why is USuCk "SuCking" so bad on the recruiting trail?

Answer: Miles was a good hire. He is a football coach. They players will love playing for him. Their offense will be better. I amnot sure how they will be on defense. Clemson did a great job in the state, USC changed coaches and have been forced to go outside of the state

Question: based on current redshirts and incoming recruits and outgoing players, biggest weak point and biggest strength next season?

Answer: Strengthes- TB, FB, QB, DE,DL,LB,P,PK Weaknesses-WR,TE Too early to tell-OL

Question: Can you list the projected starters on the O-Line..

Answer: LT-Richardson LG-Myrick or Pilgrim C- Fry RG-Bennett or Frye RT-Dukes

Question: how many are coming in Jan 14?

Answer: Between 30-35

Question: Anyword on Miller leaving??

Answer: I think he will announce soon that he is gone

Question: Has the NCAA ruled on V. Jamison's request for a sixth year?

Answer: Not yet. They have the paper work now and a decison is pending

Question: What do you think of Tony Nelson?

Answer: Solid back with good balance

Question: Any truth that Blackwell was the DC after the UVA game???

Answer: No

Question: this whole thing about how the coots have changed coaches and thats what's hurting them, does that mean the previous staff was just sitting on their hands and not recruiting? I mean if they were recruiting, doesnt it seem like Superior ought to be able to hold onto them?

Answer: All of the speculation about Holtz or Spurrier hurt plus so many were already committed

Question: is tommy b just gonna turn over the offense to spence??

Answer: I don't think he would ever turn the entire thing over

Question: I heard Pilgrim would transfer. True??

Answer: I don't believe so

Question: who will be the #2, reese or harper?

Answer: The staff doesn't even know now. They like both and this will be a big battle i the spring. Don't rule out Proctor

Question: mickey-tell us more about the wednesday thing at logans--whos buying my dinner and what all r u planning for that night--i will probably see u tehre at 7

Answer: First, you will buy your dinner. LOL. JK. Tony Morrell of Gamecockcentral.com will join me every Wednesday in January at Logans Roadhouse from 7-9 PM. We will rotate between the Anderson and Greenville locations. He will go first and I will follow. We will have film of current USC and Clemson commitments and prospects. We will review and preview official visits, give the latest news and field questions. It should be a great time

Question: If Blackwell is named DC would he recruit less and therefore hurt recruiting in the long run?

Answer: No. He would continue to recruit

Question: What happened at mid-season to get the defense playing better?

Answer: The defensive line got more experience. The corners started playing they were supposed to. Waters improved

Question: Does Miller leaving help or hurt the program overall?

Answer: Hurt short-term help long-term

Question: how many scollys will we have free now? srs, transfers, etc..

Answer: They only have around 18 now

Question: What is up w/ Capote? He does not look to be in shape.

Answer: He has fought his conditioning since he arrived

Question: Is Chambers a guy that is a Jamal Fudge type in our plans?

Answer: Exactly

Question: Is the SAFA offense officially over now? Was the SAFA (stand around eff around) offense O'Cain's call or Tommy's? It was painful watching the hurry to the line and check back to the coaches.

Answer: Looks good when WF, WVU and other do it

Question: Is your point that TE is a weakness based just on exp or what?

Answer: Lost Ben Hall. Only Green comes back on scholarship. Barry and Muse might have to play

Question: Since TB doesn't allow coordinators much recruiting time, is it better to get coordinators from out of the region and position coaches with local recruiting ties?

Answer: His coordinators have been on the road the last few years

Question: What is the mood of the staff.....

Answer: Very upbeat

Question: where does Blackwell stand in line as far as prospect for DC.

Answer: He is one of the leading candidates

Question: Ugh. How can you stand to eat with a Pollyanna like Tony Morrell? By the way, tell him that his friends in TAC miss him.

Answer: I will. He is a great guy. Come out to Logans on Wednesday in Anderson

Question: Anyword on Currie and where he may go int he draft?

Answer: I think he will get drafted but not on the first day

Question: do we "ask"some of the guys who are not contributing to the team to transfer?

Answer: They may ask a few guys who have a chance to graduate early

Question: Is Tony Morrell the poster formerly known as universal?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Stupid question, with players living off campus and receiving meal stipends, is there still a training table, where?

Answer: Yeah. Still same place

Question: what's the deal with Lambert?

Answer: He is still attempting to gain his SAT/ACT score

Question: SAFA off is used to take time off clock when you are sacared to run the next play

Answer: LOL

Question: What is the drawback on Currie NFL wise? He's at least as big as Santana Moss.

Answer: He can't make a lot of guys miss. He wil make it though

Question: Now that the smoke has settled some, whatis the mood of the team with no bowlgame..are they hungry..how is Charlie...

Answer: The team is still upset for the most part but they have moved on. Charlie has his wrist scoped and is doing fine

Question: mickey is spence going to be announced as the oc today?

Answer: He will be named but not sure when they will announce it

Question: Will Stuckey move into Currie's role next year? If so, who takes that H slot position?

Answer: I am not sure what the new offense wil look like but Stuckey will be the number-one guy

Question: Of the 4/5 stars out there still uncommitted, who are our best one or two shots with?

Answer: James Davis, Clay, Robinson

Question: When does winter cond start??

Answer: Next week

Question: why are we having such a hard time recruiting L/B`s

Answer: Because AUB, MIA, FSU are recruiting the same ones

Question: do you think the whole story of the suspensions and bowl ban will ever become public /

Answer: I hope I can tell everyone soon

Question: How's the ACC tourney set up? Is there a chance we don't even qualify?

Answer: No. Go to theacc.com and they have a bracket. The tourney is in Washington

Question: do u think TB will announce spence then at a later date announce one or both of the defensive coaches or do it all at once

Answer: I thinkall at once

Question: Will we consult with bart wright as to the timing of the coordinator announcement?

Answer: They are probably on the phone with him now coordinating it

Question: Is there a Calvin Johnson type impact WR out there for us or are we having to develop guys instead.

Answer: Those are few and far between

Question: What's the story with Browning...I saw him a lot in hs...he caught quite a few balls and has good hands...would they ever try him at receiver?

Answer: I think he will see his role increase with the backs becoming more of a receiving threat

Question: does Grant get his buttt in gear and play this year like he should?

Answer: He needs to

Question: Do you think Spence is "ready" for what he's going to see from a schematic and talent standpoint? It is about to get more complex than the MAC

Answer: He has been at Maryland

Question: Thoughts on Kelvin Grant?? Dabo gonna fix him?

Answer: He has tried everything. Now the ball is in Grant's court

Question: Mick., Is there a lot to tell about the brawl that we don't know?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Is Chansi fully healed from his nagging injuries?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Will Chris Jefferson or McCloud be able to help us this coming year?

Answer: I doubt it unless they have better springs than they did last year

Question: Are we bringing anyone in this weekend, or waiting till the 14th?

Answer: None this weekend. 30-35 on the 14th

Question: Will Spurrier find a QB ?

Answer: Beecher

Question: Will you tell us all we need to know about the brawl when you can??

Answer: Yes

Question: I'll subscribe to your site today if you'll tell us what we don't know about the brawl. LOL.

Answer: I am still trying to confirm all of the details

Question: mickey is spence going to be announced as the oc today?

Answer: He is the new OC but not sure when they will announce

Question: Is the West Endzone Project helping us recruit right now?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Who will break the Brawl news first, you or Philpott?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Why not tell us about the brawl and keep your souces - secret?

Answer: Can't. Someone would lose their job if it came out right now. Trust me you will be shocked if I can confirm it

Question: If he is not in top 5 wanted list, where is Mike Davis?

Answer: 5-10

Question: i sure hope u can beat kornhole to the "punch" on the rest of the story -concening the fight/brawl

Answer: My story deals more with the suspensions

Question: Is Spence a good fit?

Answer: Yeah. He is a terrific X and O guy

Question: You see the tape of Minter urging the coots to the Hill before the game?

Answer: No

Question: What about Dewberry and Gino Hayes, do we have any shot at them, and are they even on the board anymore?

Answer: Dewberry sign and place deal. Hayes leaning to FSU

Question: will spence be named the oc today by tb?

Answer: He is the new OC but not sure when it will be annouced

Question: Has Kelly, the receceiver, added weight and impressed? Could you compare him with Youngblood at this stage?

Answer: Yeah he has been working hard. He is not quiet as fast as Youngblood before Youngblood broke his leg

Question: Speaking of the fight/brawl why was the incident at the hill at the beginning not taken into account?

Answer: Not sure

Question: Will Monts start out at FS or will we go to Walker and/or Hamlin?

Answer: I think hamlin will be ahead of Walker but a lot will depedn on new DB coach

Question: What about King--do we have a shot at getting him and how good is he?

Answer: He has a great body but is still very raw. He will sign with USC or Clemson

Question: mickey do u think any of the wideouts we will sign play as freshman?

Answer: They wil have to play a couple. Grisham will get a look. Smith and Taylor will be physically ready. Williams is gifted enough just needs to adds strength

Question: hey mick, so what are you saying, spence getting announced today or what. lol

Answer: LOL. I have been asked that 200 times

Question: Which is more annoying,:questions about Spence or about the brawl?

Answer: LOL

Question: Saw that Spence was QB coach with MD in the mid-90's, who was the qb?

Answer: I think Milonovich

Question: Have any of the asst. coaches been replaced, and if so whom???

Answer: Bowden will complete the staff late this week or early next week

Question: How big of an impact do you think the WEZ is/ will have on our recruiting, coaching hires?

Answer: Huge.

Question: Do you think Aaron Kelly will have an impact next year? How fast is he?

Answer: He is a 4.45 guy. Heis getting bigger and stronger. His ball skills were ready last year he just needed to be more physical and learn more and be more consistent

Question: None has heard anything on this brawl scoop...sounds like you are BSing us....

Answer: I am working on a major story with the suspensions and how it all came down. You will be very surprised by what I am working on. I just have to get more people to talk and confirm it on record

Question: Mickey, just tell me about the brawl...I promise not to tell more than 4 people

Answer: lol. I will let you guys know as soon as I can

Question: Oklahoma or Southern Cal?

Answer: OU in a close one. Walt says OU by a lot

Question: any word on ty zimmerman and idris price? heard they may be sign and place

Answer: I will be pushing up daisey's and someone wil come to my grave and ask me about ty

Question: do we change Taylor or M. Davis to L/B if we can`t sign some more

Answer: Taylor can play LB, Davis cannot

Question: Who would you compare Rendrick Taylor to?

Answer: Physically Rod Gardner. Big, strong. Needs to improve ball skills and quickness

Question: How many recruits do we have that aren't qualified as of yet

Answer: 2 of the commitments

Question: where does Travil Jamison sign... USC or Clemson?

Answer: Sign and Place. I think Clemson right now

Question: How bad would we have looked if we had suspended the "hooliganismers" and gone to a bowl on our own..

Answer: Not bad at all. One of the most sensationlized stories I have ever seen

Question: Mickey, well I am certain Amick, Gressette, Huey and Swofford were behind all of it until you tell me otherwise...

Answer: More details when available

Question: Any last minute surprises - good or bad (bad like last year?)

Answer: If I knew about them they would not be surprises

Question: Any jr QBs out there we are looking at?

Answer: Jacksonville kid, Spring valley kid and sophomore at Byrnes

Question: sorry if this has been asked but any news on dc?

Answer: None. Bowden should have it filled by late this week or early next week

Question: What is the latest with Rodney Williams, yall still hang out

Answer: Yeah. he is going great things. Donated $1 million to West Zone project and another million to United Way. Budweiser is doing great. they are great sponsors of the show. I talk to him often. He and his family are doing well. All three girls are doing great. had dinner with his mom and dad the other day

Question: Do any of these sign and place kids ever mention that they wished they had studied more? It is not like they didn't know they had the football talent couple of years ago.

Answer: They all just get so behind. I agree but atleast most make it back

Question: Should we go ahead and offer Green from Summerville? LOL. Seriously, how good is he going to be?

Answer: Very, very good

Question: thanks for coming in here and putting up with us like U do!!

Answer: LOL. I love you guys. If not for you guys, I would not have a job

Question: will new dc or oc bring any new recruits into the picture?

Answer: Maybe one or two but doubt many will follow. The class is almost full anyway

Question: Walt's pick VT(plus da pts) or Auburn?

Answer: VT plus the points. I have to get to the show. See everyone at Logans on Wednesday in Anderson. Have a great week

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