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Question: How was the Shrine Bowl?

Answer: It was fantastic. We had a great week. Talked to a ton of coaches, shriners and admistrators. But the highlight was evaluating the players and then getting to know them personally

Question: Mickey, what is the latest on the coordinators?

Answer: Bowden has kept everything close to the vest on this. The current staff does not know who he is going to hire. I think he makes a strong run at a couple of big name guys on both sides of the ball. My sources tell me that Bobby Bentley has not been offered. Blackwell has not been offered the coordinators post yet but could get the offer if Bowden doesn't not get the one or two big name guys he is after. I know Bowden would be very comfortable with Blackwell. DB coaches I hear being mentioned include people like Lorenzo "Whammy" Ward, Kirby Smart, Dexter Davis, etc

Question: How is the recruiting going?

Answer: Unbelievable. 23 commitments from good players and this allows them to be very selective and concentrate on those final few commitments

Question: What are the realistic chances of Clemson landing Clay, Hayes, Vogt or Stamper by the time Signing Day gets here?

Answer: I think they could get one of those guys. I think the order of chances would go 1. Clay, 2. Vogt 3. Stamper 4. Hayes

Question: on your board-u say there r some kids that u cant report due to privacy issues---can u tell us what that number may be?

Answer: Just one or two. What happens there is we find out from a source that the staff is trying to keep a guy quiet and gives us the info but tells us to not release who it is. I really don't think anything will come out of it but there are still one or two of those type guys

Question: James Davis said he was 90% sure he would go to Clemson, do you buy it? If James pulls the trigger, does that scare off Mike Davis?

Answer: I think James is leaning to Clemson. The percentage thing always is tough but yeah he is leaning. Burton did a great job with him throughout the last two years. Mike Davis will probably not go to the same school as James

Question: yep mickey, luckily north carolina was so good or they really would have gotten killed. thought jamie robinson looked great.

Answer: They had six turnovers hurt. They had about seven or eight of the top ten players but South Carolina made plays especially in the kicking game. Robinson looked great all week. He is a true corner

Question: If Smart is in the mix, does that Meauchamps in the mix?

Answer: I don't think Muschamp is going anywhere but keep an eye out for Saben and the Dolphins then who knows?

Question: did Burns contact SS as coots say?? I do not believe he did

Answer: I think coach Stokstill was the in-between guy there. Stockstill and Burns are very good friends

Question: Mick, who do you DEFINETLY see us signing @ LB?

Answer: Definetly Josh Miller. What a great kid. I am not sure I have ever met anyone with that kind of character at his age

Question: What if Blackwell doesn't get it? How long will he stick around?

Answer: I think he will have NFL opportunities but he would stay at Clemson as a DC until he got an offer to be a head coach

Question: What coveted recruit(s) are the Tigers still trying to land for this class?

Answer: James Davis, Mike Davis, JC Neal, Carlos Thomas, Curtis Crouch, James McKinney, Hivera Green, Antonio Clay, Eugene Hayes, Ryan Stamper, Karlton Baker, Jamie Robinson, etc

Question: Mickey, any possibility of offering grayshirts to 2-3 of the early commits to make room for a few more in this class?

Answer: That is always a possibility if the numbers escalate and the qualifiers escalate.

Question: What LB's do you see us getting? Seems like they are all longshots.

Answer: They will get one more but right now there is a long way to go on all of them. The good news is they only need one more. This is what recruiting is all about. The staff will hammer away at those guys until they get one more

Question: if Blackwell is not DC will we lose him/ also,what is latest on C. Lambert

Answer: I think Blackwell will get NFL offers. Lambert is still trying to get eligible through the tests

Question: What is the biggest difference in getting some of the bigger names between this year and last year? Are we still feeding off the finish of 2003?

Answer: Yeah. That is where players like Taylor, Austin, Humphries, Miller, etc came from. They had a great junior day and summer camps. In the last 15 games Clemson has defeated FSU, Miami, Tennessee and desroyed its arch rival twice. Also they have been recruiting players like James Davis for two years. It helps to have stability and build relationships

Question: Mick, if Blackwell were not named DC would he be ticked?

Answer: I think he would be disappointed but it depends on who they hire. he is a team player. David Blackwell is very unselfish. I think he learned that from his father

Question: Heard anything about Muschamp to be DC?

Answer: No but the LSU-Miami Dolphin thing will determine a lot of jobs across the south

Question: Mickey, enjoy your efforts. We seem to be recruiting much better, or at least much more consistantly now. Is this due to the in raods of the staff, or the emergence of the "new" ACC?

Answer: Both. There are so many factors that go into it. I think this staff has worked extremely hard and the dividends are starting to pay off. Also this team looks different now. Blackwell as the recruiting coordinator has turned this into a big body program

Question: I was in Tommy's office Friday and when I remarked on what a great recruiting this class is, he just said,"If we hold on to them." Later Dabo said the same thing. Are there some who are considering defecting or was he just showing concern?

Answer: There are always guys that will get recruited after comitting. These guys know to always keep the foot on the gas

Question: if some guys want to "keep it quiet" I support that completely!! we do not need to know everything

Answer: I agree. If you let out the stuff that is off of the record then your sources would not be there for long. I have worked a long time also building relationships with so many people and I can't afford to lose them

Question: Did we make progress with any players at the shrine bowl that would surprise ?

Answer: Yeah. The committed guys did a great job on Jamie Robinson, Mike Davis, JC Neal, Hivera Green

Question: who do u THINK may be the next to commit--and will it be b4 the first of jan?

Answer: I doubt they get another commitment until after the new year. They have to be very selective and I know a lot of these guys wil go down to the wire now

Question: Would you agree that Jamie Robinson is really a Nole in waiting, regardless of what Justin Miller decides to do?

Answer: No. I really think FSU, VT and Clemson have a shot. I don't think it is over yet

Question: Anything to Stock to NC State talk?

Answer: He has not been contacted by NCSU

Question: What are the odds that Blackwell is NOT our DC in 2005? And, would there be a reason to worry that he would leave at some point to be a DC elsewhere?

Answer: I have no idea what the exact odds are. I think he is the favorite. I think he has to consider DC offers but if he was the DC at Clemson he would not leave until he had an ofer to be a head coach

Question: Why is it so important we keep Burns anway? It's not like our offensive backs have been setting any records as it is.

Answer: Let me get on my soap box. First he is one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He is a great father, husbrand, friend, etc. Burns is a fantastic football coach who has turned down an offer to coach with Spurrier at USC and multiple offers from Nick Saben to coach at LSU. He is a wonderful recruiter also. He has commitments from Josh Miller, Ray Ray McElrathbey, Haydrian Lewis, Durrel Barry, Phillip Merling, Elsmore Gabriel, etc. He has Clemson is the lead for James Davis. He coached Travis Zachery who has broken records. No one scored more TDs at Clemson in his career than Zachery. Look at what Jasmin did at the end of 2003 and Merriweather did at the end of 2004. Burns is one of the best running back coaches I have ever been around. His players love him. Remember too that you have to give the ball to the backs in order to set more records. You could not be more off base

Question: did i hear correctly--that rich bisassia is the asst head coach for Notre dame?

Answer: Yeah. Biasacia and Weiss are long time friends

Question: Saban to Miami, Tuberville to LSU, SOS to Auburn whatcha think?

Answer: Nah.

Question: any chance we turn Byrd & Huggins??

Answer: No. Byrd to UGA and Huggins is overrated

Question: i congratulate stock for helping SOS make a fool of himself with burns and scott..

Answer: You have to try

Question: Mickey - a couple of recruis I know have admitted Phil Kornblut asked them several times why they didn't want play for a legend like Holtz. This was last year. Is he able to ask a question in that manner in terms of NCAA violations?

Answer: That is not a violation

Question: Derrick McPhearson?

Answer: Florida

Question: Sounds like our committs "recruited" pretty well at the Shrine Bowl, did that help with some prospects?

Answer: Absolutely

Question: Mickey: When are you going to pay me back that $10 I let you hold?

Answer: I am not sure I follow

Question: I need some help on my parlay cards.. whats the gut feeling on uva*(-6) vs fresno state, unc (-3) vs BC, and Navy (even) vs new mexico

Answer: UVA, BC, Navy

Question: MP: why aren't you answering any of my questions? They are such good ones! I should work for Chris Ard or something.

Answer: I have answered every question put up so far

Question: What are our chances with Hivera Green?

Answer: Clemson and VT lead. Dabo has done a good job of staying here. Also Charlies Wiles of VT is a fantastic recruiter

Question: I think star ratings are a lot of BS. Consider we had three walk-ons on the field at one time vs. USuC this season and we still pounded the ball down their throats.

Answer: I agree

Question: Mickey it looks , at least to me, that with not having a bowl game this season the coaches have really focused on recruiting. I know you always want to go to a bowl for the money, practices , etc. Could this have been a blessing in disguise?

Answer: I can see that line but I still think a bowl really helps from an exposure standpoint

Question: in your opinion is Spence from Toledo first choice for O/C?

Answer: I think so but Bowden and Spence have been very quiet

Question: Mickey - will our staff be able to close out the recruiting year better than the previous few years?

Answer: Yeah but they have so few spots left. In the end who cares when they commit as long as they commit

Question: Mickey - Heard anything on the West Endzone situation?

Answer: They will get it done

Question: Is James Davis good enough to come in and take over for Merriweather?

Answer: He would play but Merriweather is a good one. He had over 500 yards in his last five games

Question: does Robert Reese get back on team?? can U tell us why he was dismissed from team?

Answer: he has been permantly dismissed. He broke team rules on the Miami trip

Question: Mickey - I know he's a good friend of yours, but Stock has turned into a typical loser gamecock.

Answer: No

Question: How stock rose and fell the furthest during Shrine Bowl week? NC and SC

Answer: Haydrian Lewis rose. Joe Cox fell. Jamie Robinson rose. Eric Huggins fell. Alonzo Higgins rose.

Question: Is it true Cobb Oxford is going to be replaced as the AD for Greenville Tech?

Answer: He is not the AD at Greenville Tech

Question: Where will this class rank in terms of Clemson's finest in the past decade or so?

Answer: I think it has a chacne to be as good as any in years. Ut has balance and it has big bodies. Plus the academics and character are strong

Question: Mickey - I am concerned about WR next year. Your thoughts? Do we have any big play guys?

Answer: I agree. Stuckey has to stay healthy. Grant need to get above the Mendoza line. Baham needs to stay healthy. Kelly will help and I really think some of these freshemen will see the field

Question: How will Spurrier do recruiting wise?

Answer: OK. It is hard to tell until he completes his staff and gets to the official visits. he made references twice in his Friday press conference to the job that Clemson has done in the state and how tough it will be

Question: sure agree that U must protect your sources!! again TAC guys do not need to know everything

Answer: They can ask but they need to understand if they don't know

Question: Mickey - in yoru opinion, what is a realistic goal for the basketball team this season?

Answer: I spent the better part of an hour today looking at the schedule. I think they are a strong NIT team and there is a chance they could sneak into the NCAA. The Rainbow Classic is big. If they can go 2-1 or 4-0 there that would help. Then a win against ECU and UGA later. In the ACC they can go 7-9 and get into the NCAA with this RPI. Ask me again after the Rainbow Classic but eh OSU and USC wins look very good. This is a great staff and the future is bright

Question: do u think stock gets an offer from state? and will he accept if offered

Answer: There has been no contact so far. It would depend on the money and the years

Question: MP: or maybe I owe you $10. On second thought.. never mind.

Answer: Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about

Question: Concerned about the LB position with the loss of Hill and our inability to close one some teh last few years?

Answer: They will sig one more

Question: What is JC Neal's infatuation with NC State? Their team stinks, as does the school?

Answer: He likes the atmosphere and the offense and the facilities

Question: I know what Lavon`s job description is but surely when they have a recruit up @ Clemson they will walk by his office

Answer: Yeah he will be involved

Question: Mickey, since the OC/DC have not been stated, when recruiting how does the staff handle questions regarding it?

Answer: They tell the guys that the OC and DC will be named by the time they take there official visit on 1/14

Question: What have you honestly heard about the ongoing investigation at USC? Anything going to happen?

Answer: I have not heard anything lately

Question: How embarassing was it for USC to be turned down by not one, but two Clemson coaches? How would USC fans have reacted if Brad Scott had been hired?

Answer: Some would welcome him back and others would not.

Question: Is Clemson ready to turn the proverbial corner? Or is this excitement preparaing us for yet another mediocre season?

Answer: This next class will help. But you know this conference is going to be very good

Question: Mickey, No way Spurrier leaves USC now, is it?

Answer: No

Question: any chance stock gets out of that sewer he is in now.

Answer: I think he will stay there at least one more year. He wants to be a head coach and it is hard to go from a tight end coach to a head coach

Question: Is the promise of better facilities helping to seal the deal with any recruits?

Answer: I think it will help

Question: mickey---you/someone needs to set up a signing day party somewhere in clemson---is there a hooters in clemson? LOL

Answer: LOL.

Question: Is it feasible for Clemson to get to the point to expect top 10 recruiting classes and 9/10 win seasons?

Answer: I think it is OK to expect it but when it does not happen understand why

Question: I'm a great man and I love my family. Can I coach the running backs position too? (only picking on you MP)

Answer: If you can recruit like Burns and have a back that would break the all-time school record for touchdowns then send in your application

Question: All reports says Jordan Sorrells had a good game this past Saturday. Why aren't bigger schools recruiting him? Wouldn't this be a good kid for someone like Spurrier to bring in?

Answer: He will fit in very well with his father at Furman

Question: Mickey - Any indication of how close Lambert is with his test scores? Thanks.

Answer: He is closer just needs to get over the hump

Question: Are more coaching changes coming on the CU staff after signing day? other than DC and OC

Answer: I doubt it

Question: i want to apologize for the two IDIOTS that have bothered u with their stupidity

Answer: It happens

Question: does Robert Reese get back on team??

Answer: No

Question: Have you seen pics of Tiger Tide's Wife?

Answer: No

Question: Mickey, if we held Lewis and Ray Ray, and got Robinson and Neal as well, would they all come in as CB's?

Answer: I think Neal plays offense. I think Robinson could play CB,WR or safety

Question: MP: What has happened to Grant. That kid was great in the Shrine Bowl in Rock Hill a few years ago and now he just can't get it done?

Answer: His confidence is lacking. He needs to focus and concentrate on getting the job done

Question: Who's offense were we running this year, Bowden's or MOC's

Answer: Bowden

Question: How much has going from the perpetual "blueprint" stage to actual groundbreaking on WestZone helped in recruiting this year?

Answer: I think it really helps

Question: Any decent looking waitress at Logans in Anderson?

Answer: They are all great looking

Question: In your opinion- why did Stock not go to a more legitimate SEC or SEC school? Surely the opportunity was there for someone with his reputation.

Answer: He is making $450,000 for three years

Question: is CJ Gaddis gonna play baseball again this year??

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Gerald McCloud was such a great player coming out of HS in Jacksonville. Do you think he will see more playing time next year?

Answer: If he is more physical and more focused and coachable

Question: Just off the cuff...what are your initial thoughts on the Texas A&M game to start '05?

Answer: I think they are going to be really good but Death Valley is back and it should be a war. Clemson's atmosphere has been so good I think it will be tough to come in here and win

Question: How will Levon be involved with recruiting? Any news on Dewberry?

Answer: On campus on official visits. Dewberry is a sign and place kid

Question: Ghetto school, smallish stadium with a large population of violent rednecks and nice facilities- isn't this a decent evaluation of NCSU?

Answer: This isn't Chuck Amato is it?

Question: Is Justin Miller leaving or staying? Who will take his spot if he leaves?

Answer: I think he goes but he is going in-dpeth with his analysis

Question: mickey--do u not think that one reason we have done soo good in recruitin is because there is no talk of bowden leaving and he has such a long term contract?

Answer: Yeah. That is a huge factor

Question: How much PT do Roy Walker and Mke Hamiln get this year?

Answer: I think they will battle for the starting job in the spring. I think Hamlin may have an advantage going in

Question: Mickey, still think that the North Carolina Shrine Bowl team will roll over the South Carolina team?

Answer: If they don't turn it over six times

Question: Mick: Don't you have a raido show to do?

Answer: Yeah. Thanks for reminding me. Thanks for stopping by and the interest. I hope everyone has a great holidays. Talk to you guys next Monday.

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