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Question: With the loss of Byrd & Stamper who are remaining targets at WR & LB?

Answer: Thanks to everyone for joining us, hope all is well and everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. WR-TJ Williams, Derrick McPherson LB-Antonio Clay, Avery Voght

Question: Any word on suspensions? Are they going to happen in addition to the bowl ban? SEC dropping suspensions on USC too?

Answer: I doubt there will be anymore.

Question: Do you know when the ACC is supposed to issue their statement today?

Answer: No. I could be totally wrong but how can they suspend anyone. If they did Clemson should have gone to a bowl game. The Tigers can't afford to miss anyone for A&M next year. The entire team got a one game suspension.

Question: what is walt deptula's % this year. it's great to hear his opinions!

Answer: He has had only two losing weeks all year. He has had an unbelievable year

Question: Does the bowl ban hurt our recruiting?

Answer: Maybe a little

Question: will sexton give the coots a look?

Answer: Yes. He has to make a decison soon because he will enroll in January. We talked to him last night

Question: what had bigger bearing on losing byrd and stamper wins and losses or facilities?

Answer: Its not like they are going to NCSU or anything like that. They are going to UGA and Auburn. They did not lose those guys. How do you lose a guy if you never had him. Auburn and UGA are better right now

Question: Think we have a good shot at McPhearson?

Answer: I think so. The staff wants to bring in two more wide outs and he is the best of the smaller ones

Question: if there were suspensions next year, could we lobby to enforce them vs La-Monroe instead of Texas A&M?

Answer: How can they suspend anyone. In escence the bowl game was a one-game suspension for everyone

Question: Who should we look at for possibilities of leaving early for the NFL from Clemson & USC? Miller? Williamson? Who else?

Answer: Miller is the only one from Clemson. Williamson and maybe Levey will loom at USC

Question: I thought Antonio Clay peaced us out?

Answer: He tells us we are still in it. Ron West is going there tomorrow night

Question: What do you think about the Etta Two Two commitment?

Answer: Clemson is still evaluating. They like him but are full on the offensive line and are getting full on the defensive line. There may be good news on Elsmore Gabriel. There is a chance he may be able to get in school in January. Gabriel and McKissic coming in January and Merling coming in August. They will bring in only two more DL. They also like Jerrell King in North Charleston

Question: Staff change rumors abound... any thoughts on how legit they are?

Answer: I have heard rumors but nothing yet

Question: what happens if there are not enough teams to fill all of the bowl slots? right now they are 2 short

Answer: Great question. How about a Clemson-USC rematch?

Question: mickey, what do you think of the article in the anderson paper that says USC has better talent than Clemson? are all journalists idiots?

Answer: How can anyone in their right mind say that? Have they watched Clemson win convincingly in most of the ir seven wins in eight years. I do not think the talent level is all that close

Question: can u give us a yes /no answer?

Answer: yes

Question: i'm sure we're not going to back off c.j., but do you think there's any chance he'll rethink his committment and become a tiger?

Answer: No. I think he is firm to UGA but this may help with Antavious Coates. He toldus he will visit Clemson

Question: What has been the reaction of both Clemson and USC recruits over the bowl ban and the brawl?

Answer: They thought the fight was funny. They haven't talked too much about the ban.

Question: Is Sexton still considering Clemson? Who do you think leads for him?

Answer: I don't Clemson is in it but he is so quiet. He has not toldus anything on leaders since about October

Question: Does it look like we will take a qb in this class?

Answer: No. They like Reese and Harper enough to not recruit one

Question: Do you think coot pressure was a decding facor in CU not going to the bowl? I dont believe thety really wanted to go anywhere anyway.

Answer: Yeah. Clemson's administration caved to the pressure

Question: whats your feeling on sexton?

Answer: I have no feel. We talked to him about once a week and he says nothing

Question: if we are gonna oversign anyway, why is there a question about the kid from powder springs ga?

Answer: They oversigned linemen last year and one thing to remember: Every year fans want to oversign but then when scholarships are low the next year they don't understand. Clemson likes Etta-Tawo but just wants to make sure what the rest of the board looks like. They like Jerrell King and will see him in person at the North-South game next week. Also it is a long shot but they hane an in-home with James McKinney this week

Question: So how shot is our WR class this time? Any shot to keep Taylor and possibly get Terrell Smith and TJ Williams?

Answer: No. If I were you I would find the closest bridge. Just kidding. Clemson will keep Taylor and Grisham. They lead for Williams and Smith. Smith can play WR or FS

Question: I read that M Davis likes Auburn now. If we lose him, J Davis and Jamison what do we do about rb this year since we passed on one last year?

Answer: Derrick Chancellor

Question: When can we expect to hear any comments from Tommy regarding the bowl and the way the year finished? Is he planning a presser any time soon?

Answer: I doubt it. He is ticked off and wants to keep his mouth shut

Question: who wont be back for clemson (coaching wise)

Answer: Shyatt, Barnes, Ford, Wilhelm. Just kidding. I have no idea.

Question: How critical is our WR situation next year?

Answer: There is a shot they could move someone from defense there this spring. Gilliam, Walker, Hamlin are candidates. I think Gilliam needs to move to WR

Question: Do you expect we will get a commit from the 6-3 WR from alabama?

Answer: Yes. Terrel Smith is a Clemson lean

Question: if ACC does issue suspensions, should Clemson solicit a bowl bid?

Answer: YES

Question: how do you get better if we don't start signing the byrds and stampers at positions we badly need help? seems like the quality and consistancy of coaching will have to improve if we are to make more out of what we got

Answer: Sign the best players you can sign and then scheme

Question: miller will be back

Answer: Man I doubt it. I did hear him say that but I think he will get a look at where he could be drafted

Question: What's the story on Etta Etta Tawo. Was the verbal accepted or not?

Answer: Clemson likes him and will see more film tomorrow. A lot of schools like him as a OL right now. he played one year on the OL and one on the DL. The Tigers are full on the OL. They will make a decision on him and Jerrell King in the next 7-10 days. They like both but are getting full

Question: Should we be concerned with this class and how it will finish? We have a lot of holes will they be filled for the most part?

Answer: Always be concerned but you people act like the sky is falling because UGA and Aubrun beat Clemson in recruiting. My goodness there is a shocker

Question: Is it now too late for Lambert to get scores and enroll in January? Any other schools recruiting him?

Answer: No he can still get in but it needs to happen soon. If he enrolls in January it has to be with Clemson. If he doesn't enroll until the summer or August then he is free to go where ever he wants but Clemson is solid

Question: What's our chances with Carlos Thomas? Does he still visit this weekend?

Answer: He is scheduled this weekend but this weekend is an SAT weekend. He got back with Clemson after the Miami game. I think there is a chance because him and McElrathbey are so close

Question: could spurrcock at usc end up being good for Clemson? at times I think we have beaten them so much the last 15 years it allowed us to be content being mediocre instead of pushing to get better. an occasional loss to usc at season's end may encourage us to take a closer look at where we can get better

Answer: I don't see how losing to USC could ever be good. I think the staff is motivated to get better every year without a lost to your arch rival

Question: What receivers do we have a legit shot at signing?

Answer: Williams, McPherson, Smith, Hunter, Kyles, Riley

Question: What's Lambert's deal?

Answer: Still looking to get passing score on standardized test

Question: any chance for lambert to get in in Jan? can he get in in August based on grades or would it still be test score?

Answer: Slim. He would still need the score

Question: Are we looking at anyone else from Fork Union?

Answer: Clemson loves running back at Fork Union named Bryan Payton. He is built like Merriweather but has a little more breakaway speed. They will bring him in for a January visit

Question: Why does our administration continue to allow USC and the media to distort the truth on the brawl?

Answer: They are followers not leaders.

Question: true or false?

Answer: True

Question: Are people in the AD more at ease with the bowl decision now or is everyone still on edge? Think we'll ever see someone (TDP or Tommy) come out and blast the decision?

Answer: The majority are still on edge. No one will go public because they love their jobs

Question: true or false?

Answer: True

Question: if coots go 5-6 next 2 seasons does spurrier stay?

Answer: Who knows?

Question: Any hunch on our taking a running back in this class? James Davis? Mike Davis?

Answer: James Davis is coming in this weekend. Mike Davis is coming in January. Chancellor, Payton, Nelson coming in January

Question: Mickey - my feeling on superior's offense - in the late 80s and early to mid 90s, his fun n gun was new and innovative. now bunches of teams run similar offenses. while USC will be better on offense than under Lou, I don't see them putting up mid-1990s Florida numbers. your opinion?

Answer: They do not have the Anthony, Hillard, Taylor and Wuerfel

Question: Does it not just seem as if the administration does not share the same ideas and desires as the athletic department when it comes to forwarding the Clemson football program?

Answer: I could not have summed it up better myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Our staff seems to be able to find some gems sortin through some of the not highly rate guys....heard of anyone this year thats under the radar, Already signed or that we're still recruiting?

Answer: Jerrel King who I have mentioned several times today.

Question: is anyone recruiting the running back from Blackville-Hilda?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Do TB and TDP get along

Answer: Yes

Question: Is Sadat Chambers waiting himself out of a Clemson scholarship?

Answer: Maybe. They are getting full at DB and ATH

Question: why not gaddis back to WR

Answer: The staff covets Gilliam on offense more than Gaddis

Question: give the 2004 tigers a grade - mine would be C- as I expected 7 or 8 wins. miami win is canceled by duke loss

Answer: C in many ways. Better in some and worse in some. QB, WR were worse than I would have thought. OL, RB, DL, LB and special teams better than I would have thought. Schedule difficult like I thought

Question: Is Cutcliff out at Ole Miss?

Answer: I heard the AD is hard to work with. I think he wants out

Question: How firm is Josh Miller?

Answer: Very

Question: so you are saying that if suspension is handed down Clemson will then put in to go to a bowl?? How cool!

Answer: No. I said they should

Question: Any other players that Clemson will bring in in January other than McKissick?

Answer: Maybe Gabriel

Question: Assuming he commits, how long would we have to wait to see Travil Jamison in a Clemson uniform?

Answer: One year

Question: We actually have an in home with McKinney who is going?

Answer: Ron West

Question: Will Spurrier be having a Super Bowl party this year?

Answer: Not unless the Redskins turn it on

Question: Can we land Carlos Thomas?

Answer: There is a chance Clemson could turn him this weekend but GT is still the team to beat

Question: What do you see Nolan doing next year?

Answer: I think they like him at DB but maybe RB or WR in the spring

Question: Thomas Austin 90210's brother any good?

Answer: I haven't seen him yet

Question: Would the fight have happened if USC never left their bench and do you agree that Clemson leaving their bench was only reactionary to the USC bench clearing?

Answer: Yes

Question: Will we give the Kid from PeeDee area a chance at RB or is he strictly D? Josh M.

Answer: I think he is a LB

Question: are these reasonable expectations for Clemson when the WEZ is built - rebuilding year = 6 wins, avg year = 8 wins, once in every 5 or 6 years challenge for ACC champ/BCS berth?

Answer: I would say with the new conference- Rebuilding 5-6 wins. Avg 6-8 wins. Challenge for BCS every 4-5 years

Question: Why the &^&% can't we get someone with some balls at Clemson?? We will continue to be mediocre until Clemson does what is best for CLEMSON. To hell with everyone else.

Answer: Could not have said it better myself. When is Cecil Huey going to retire?

Question: Mickey - what position is our biggest weakness heading into the spring?

Answer: WR

Question: I know TDP is the figure head for the AD, but did it seem to you that the decision was painful for him to say?

Answer: I was there and could not read him either way

Question: Are there any prospects that we could actually swipe from a UGA, Auburn or Tennessee late or on signing day?

Answer: Antavious Coates

Question: What is the average age of our BOT? 98? Has the whole world passed by these old foggies?

Answer: It would be different if some of them were not so arrogant. Some come across like they are bigger than Clemson. We need and injection of youth and humility on the board

Question: Anthony Waters to MLB to replace Leroy, whats the plan there?

Answer: I think he could move inside. Also look out for Courtney Vincent

Question: What kept Curtis Baham from getting more balls thrown his way this year?

Answer: He got hurt early adn dropped a few. He played better late

Question: is President Barfer on the same page with the athletic department?

Answer: I personally like President Barker but I think Cecil Huey and other have too much influence

Question: We have one WR that underachieved this year...will they consider moving him elsewhere? or will he ride the pine?

Answer: Where else can he play?

Question: Any chance we can move the A&M game to another year if we get hit with several suspensions by the league?

Answer: No

Question: Will Josh Miller play RB or D?

Answer: LB

Question: what Shrine Bowl players will prove themselves worthy of D1 status that right now are not considered to be so....or will any?

Answer: I will be there all week and will have reports all day. Right now though I think the ones they will offer have been offered

Question: Where will this class end up ranked? Top 20? Top 30? Top 50?

Answer: It depends on those last two or three commitments

Question: Where do you think Miller will be in the NFL draft?

Answer: I would think it would depend on whomelse is coming out. He should be a first or second rounder

Question: Mickey - what down is it? Reggie Ball, atlanta, ga

Answer: He made two huge mistakes this year when you also consider he ran out of the back of the endzone vs VT

Question: Would it help more in future if all things equal to sign lineman from Ga or Chars. area?

Answer: Not sure. The Charleston kid is 6-7 the Atlanta kid is 6-2

Question: Have you ever seen a coaching staff make worse calls than GT did in their last series?

Answer: Nope

Question: Who signed McPherson last year?

Answer: Florida. he is orginally from DeMatha High. Hope everyone has a great day. BTW-We are having a lot of updates tonight and this week so check out the site. Thanks again. Mickey

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