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Question: will bowden keep his job?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope everyone is doing a little better today. Yeah. They are married to Bowden through at least 2006 unless they go 2-9 or 3-8

Question: i have named you Head coach. what personnel changes will you make ?

Answer: They have already said Hamlin will start. I would change kick off return guys. I would change punters. I would not play zone defense near as much and attck the line of scrimmage with more blitzes

Question: looks like Barker and the BOT are getting what they want on saturdays...

Answer: The administration needs to tak emore than their share of the blame

Question: When will Spurrier get to 8 wins in a regular season?...07 or 08?

Answer: The schedule is easier next year. IU have not seen 07 or 08 yet

Question: rumor that charlie's shoulder is/has been hurt..any truth?

Answer: Yeah. He did not throw until Thursday last week

Question: Should a team have to use fake field goals against an opponent when they should have no trouble blowing that opponent off the line of scrimmage?

Answer: It should not have come down to that. A good football team would not have made 5 crucial (2 blown coverages, blocked kick and two interceptions) in the first half. Then a good team puts them away inthe third quarter or after the pick in the fourth quarter

Question: mickey, ecu chicks or uga chicks? :)

Answer: UGA

Question: I know this keeps coming up;but this has to affect recruits more than a small way, right?

Answer: It depends on what happens the rest of the year

Question: mickey, what is tommy's current buyout numbers? 3 million? over how many years?

Answer: I read it today but can't remember. I think it is 4 million

Question: So with Hamlin taking over for Gaddis... will CJ stay second team or can they think about seeing if HE can be a go too guy on offense... or will it be next year?

Answer: He has been a big disappointment. I am not sure where to put him

Question: Mickey how can Bowden defend that fake fg?

Answer: I did not think it was a terrible call. A FG does little. I guess I would have gone for it with the offense on 4th down

Question: Any Idea how much of the playbook Spence is using?? he said 70% of the plays were put in, so i am guessing around 7 plays?? its a joke people

Answer: I have no idea. I think it is more defense than anything

Question: mickey, anyway gaddis goes to wr? he just seems lost in the secondary.

Answer: He is lost

Question: mickey, you think tdp has the guts to make the hard decision with tb after the season . . . if it's necessary?

Answer: It depends on what happens from here on out

Question: wouldn't you play Proctor some with his "run" dimension?

Answer: Maybe

Question: is charlies shoulder ok now?

Answer: I have not asked him. I think so

Question: mickey, could you ever see david bennett as head coach at cu?

Answer: I am not sure. It depends on how the next few years at Coastal go. I think he would have to win somewhere else first

Question: So, was this really like Oklahoma losing toTCU?

Answer: Who cares.

Question: mickey, can we hold on to johnson?

Answer: I think so

Question: Is Tommy aware tham many in Tiger Nation want his scalp right now?

Answer: I am sure

Question: Is Wake a good team and we just overestimate the Tigers? Or was Saturday a big mistake?

Answer: Clemson is better than Wake.

Question: How is the administration at fault in this? I thought they had straightened their act out a little regarding making a commitment to us winning football games.

Answer: What have they done to straightend it out

Question: mickey, do you think that tommy has what it takes to win 8 or 9 a year consistently at clemson?

Answer: Not consistently. How many teams win 8 games consistently?

Question: Mickey the last 7 years Isn't the "I need to figure out" wearing everyone a little thin

Answer: I am not sure what you are referring to

Question: mickey, will korn stick with us no matter what?

Answer: I think so

Question: So I guess the 'media' saying he was on the hotseat knew their stuff.... at least he seems to be back on the fan hotseat

Answer: depends on the rest of the season

Question: how bad would it have to get this year for their to be a change at HC? Next year?

Answer: 3-8 or 2-9. 5-6 next year

Question: mickey, can we protect charlie against ncsu's rush next week? if not, lookin' like 2-4.

Answer: NCSU will be favored

Question: mickey, if tommy can't at least win 8 consistently, why don't we just settle for mediocrity and give tommy a 10 year contract?

Answer: I think 7-8 wins per year should be expected. Bad years are 6-5 great years are 9-2

Question: Forced the start of the West Zone project, finally, and moved Becky Bowman were two problems that you used to demand fixing by the administration--please name some others?

Answer: Cecil Huey

Question: So what are Barker and the Board doing to keep us average?

Answer: Cecil Huey

Question: Mickey, forget the constant blame placed on the players, forget the boneheaded fake FG call, forget TB's insistence on talking about other teams who get upset, does TB not realize how stupid he looks when he says we would have lost anyway if he had kicked the FG??????????

Answer: 31-30

Question: mickey, how much is tdp hearing it today from the fan base? you think it has been a crazy morning in mcfadden?

Answer: I am sure they are pounding him

Question: Several teams average 8 wins a year. The top 25 is full of them. And Clemson used to be one of them. And that was the expectation when we pay a man $1 million a year. Is that unreasonable?

Answer: Not every year. name the ones that have won 8 games every year

Question: What was up with our secondary on Saturday? CJ just looks lost out there.

Answer: Gilliam blew zone coverage on the 75-yarder. CJ blew coverage on the second one. Too much zone. No blitz. No pressure. 8-16 on third down conversions. Third down is killing the defense

Question: 31-30? We were in FG range with a TO left.

Answer: How can you count on getting the ball back? Who is to say Wake leaves anytime?

Question: mickey, does your "gut" tell you that tommy makes it to 2006?

Answer: Yes

Question: mickey, if tdp has to make a change, do you think he could get a butch davis at clemson? what's their relationship like?

Answer: I am not dodging this one but how can you speculate on that? What good does that do. TDP will do what he is paid to do. Players play. Coaches coach. Administrators make those decisions. And fans cheer. Everyone has their role and no one should do more than that

Question: who is huey?

Answer: NCAA faculty rep from the University and a major problem the last five years

Question: mickey, any way tommy will make coordinator changes after the season, if it stays this way? or, is he going to stick with spence and vick no matter what?

Answer: I don't have amajor problem with the offense. I think the defense is awful

Question: mickey, if tommy makes it to 2006, will he essentially be a lame duck?

Answer: How can you tell with six games left in 2005 and 12 left in 2006. Did anyone learn anything from the last time this happened and everyone sold the team out

Question: People are wondering what Cecil Huey's inlfuence over the football program is.

Answer: He is the NCAA faculty rep and has amajor role in policy. Clemson has some academic policies that make no sense. He has created an adversarial relationship with athletics

Question: 31-30? We were in FG range with a TO left.

Answer: There is no way to tell that with 2:46 left

Question: mickey, is it true that david bennet is danny ford's mini-me?

Answer: He is a good one but can we get over the Danny Ford stuff yet?

Question: Well HOW exactly has Mr. Huey been a 'major problem' don't stick it out there and then leave us hanging

Answer: He has a ton of influence on academic/atheltic policy

Question: Who's our biggest foe next week, NCSU or ESPN Thur night?

Answer: NCSU and ourselves

Question: mickey, did you see jeff davis' expressions and body language during the game saturday? he looked like he wanted to puke most of the time.

Answer: I talked to him again. He is hurting

Question: OK: since 2000, teams to average 8 wins a year in the ACC. FSU, Va. Tech, BC, Miami. SEC: Georgia, Florida, LSU, Tennessee, These are the teams we aspire to join. These are the teams we pay $1 million to join. The question still stands: is it unreasonable to expect that of a program that has been there before? If so, why?

Answer: In the last five years only eight teams have won at least eight every year: Tennessee, Michigan, Miami, Texas, FSU, Virginia tech, LSU and Oklahoma

Question: What kind of things will the team be working on in the bye week? Any aggressive changes?

Answer: I don't know what is in store but I would work on zone coverages and more blitzes

Question: Listening to sundays media interview. TB sounded to be in a joking mood.

Answer: Who cares what he said. that is irrevelant. What matters is what happens on the field. They lost. That is the problem

Question: Mickey, then there's no way to tell we still would have lost if Jad kicks the FG....come on man....

Answer: You are right. But how ticked would you be if he kickedthe FG and Wake beats them 31-30. You would be calling Bwoden an idiot

Question: mick, who is a better qb at this point, reese or harper?

Answer: Harper

Question: So you donr think we gave wake a huge momentum swing on the fake FG?

Answer: As it turned out yeah.

Question: Regarding Huey, have we missed recruits because of him? Your responses on this seem vague.

Answer: Clemson has policies that are different than every school in the country. The last semester before graduating rule that allows someone to take only the hours he needs is not the case in Clemson. Everyone has to take 12 hours. That cost unneccesary dollars. It cost IPTAY money. If a player is eligible under NCAA rules and could get into any school in the ACC or SEC but is in the bottom half of his class then he has to go in front of an academic board that Huey is on. It is his policy. Believe me he hurts Clemson athletics

Question: mickey, would you say that the tigers are similar to the panthers, in that they play to the level of their competition?

Answer: I don't follow the Panthers enough to know

Question: mickey, suppose grobe coached our team saturday and tommy coached grobe's team, how radically different would the outcome have been?

Answer: How could you tell? What offenses would be run?

Question: So, if we don't give them a huge momentum shift on the fake FG, there's no guarantee they score a TD for that 31-30 final?

Answer: I would have gone for it with the offense I guess

Question: mickey, do you think that bud foster would/will make a good head coach for some team?

Answer: How can you tell? What hae done so far as a head coach?

Question: I do not disagree with going for it on fourth down, but I think that 3rd down should have been a run in bounds if you are going to go for it on fourth. I also think that I would have rather had my offense on the field than depend on a punter and field goal kicker to run 8 yards. Do you agree or disagree?

Answer: Agree

Question: Looked like JAmes Davis had a problem with his shoulder during the game. Have you heard any updates?

Answer: I have not heard

Question: Were Wake's coaches lying in the post-game when they said that they didn't expect the fake? We ran a fake against them in 2002 in the exact same situation. If seeing it would make this question seem dumb, then I am sorry--fortunately I went to a wedding during the 4th qtr.

Answer: How can I tell if they are lying?

Question: mickey, regarding the grobe/bowden switch, assume they would run what they both ran saturday.

Answer: Man I am not smart enough to answer that

Question: What do think of the move of Gaddis?

Answer: How can you depend on him?

Question: Will the loss to WF hurt our recruiting efforts? Could we lose any of our current verbals over that loss?

Answer: It depends on what happens the rest of the season

Question: Is there any reason to think that we'll win more than 2 more games this season?

Answer: Yeah but it comes down to production and efficiency

Question: Did you know that VANDY beat Wake??

Answer: Really

Question: Nothing against Charlie, but how much better would this offense be with a QB like Korn at the helm? Korn is amazing!

Answer: He is a great one

Question: Mickey, I'd like to hear your feelings on the program. Where are we in talent compared to the rest of the ACC.

Answer: I think FSU, Miami, VT, NCSU are more talented than Clemson. I think Clemson is more talented than Duke, WF. I think there is not a ton of difference in talent between Clemson and GT,NC, MD, BC, VA

Question: mickey, do you like bush's selection to replace o'conner? :)

Answer: I have not kept up with it

Question: Any injuries in the game?

Answer: Not that I know of. Williamson was hobbling

Question: Just me or has Charlie looked really good throwing the ball down field this year?

Answer: I have ot seen enough of it

Question: Why does Nick Watkins constantly look lost out there? Get Clay in, at least he has an excuse

Answer: Watkins has not been productive

Question: When you say the defense is awful do you mean the players or scheme? Because to me it looks like the defense has been busting its ass all year staying on the field the whole game and keeping teams to FG's for the most part

Answer: Scheme.

Question: was barry richardson banged up on saturday? looked as if DeBeer got more snaps than usual

Answer: I did not notice that

Question: I think the zone takes Tye Hill from a great cover corner to an average one....thoughts?

Answer: I agree. Too much thinking. Not enough reacting

Question: mickey, did koenning look just as lost on the sidelines saturday as his defense? don't think i've ever seen a coach with his head down that much. blackwell looked disillusioned. thoughts?

Answer: Blackwell is a great football coach

Question: thoughts on Kelvin Grant? Do you think rendrick taylor or josh miller will get more reps this year?

Answer: How can you count on Grant? Taylor is hurt, Miller is getting better

Question: Bottom line: Any chance of a head coaching change at the end of the year?

Answer: Not unless they win 2 or 3

Question: how had Joe Don Reames done at Newberry? Would like to have him returning Kicks for us this year.

Answer: I don't know

Question: Did Antonio Clay play against WF?

Answer: Yes

Question: mick, anyway blackwell take the reigns of the d after the season, while allowing k to stay on?

Answer: I would take it right now

Question: do you think koenning is the man for the job?

Answer: Not right now based upon results

Question: was wakes last td a busted coverage?

Answer: Yeah

Question: What's your feeling on K. Grant? Is he improving? He had a big catch against WF.

Answer: I guess he is improving but as soon as you say yeah then he drops off

Question: when is the article on the brawl going to be ready?

Answer: Not gonna happen. No one wants to talk

Question: Did Barker employ Huey? What's to gain from Univ. perspective with these guidelines, grad rates?

Answer: barker and Huey are best friends

Question: mick, why is coleman still running back kick-offs? he looks "stiff" back there.

Answer: He is not smooth and does not explode

Question: Is the talent gap not due to coaching? Notre Dame has stricter academic guidelines, they're fine with talent

Answer: They are Nore Dame. Their pool is bigger. If a kid has the academic record what are the chance he chooses Clemson over ND? Weiss is awesome though

Question: So after 5 games you favor dumping VK? kinda soon aint it?

Answer: I am not saying that I am saying that is the biggest problem in my opinion. My order would have been Muschamp then Blackwell

Question: What will it take for Bowden and Clemson to part ways? Do we have to wait for his contract to run out? I know it is favorable to him.

Answer: More losses

Question: mick, how can wfu play that crap over and over on the intercom during the course of game?

Answer: The have to manufacture noise

Question: Amazing Mickey, Koenning has been here 5 games and you want him gone...TB has been here 7 years and you want to give him more time....

Answer: I see signs with the offense. The Tigers are improved there.

Question: mick, would you say that wfu is actually a pagan college and not a baptist college? :)

Answer: LOL

Question: Mickey, remember this from President Barker back in 2001....While maintaining full compliance, achieve notable recognition with another national football championship, two championships in Olympic sports, and two Final Four appearances. Do you think this can happen within the current system.

Answer: That was a PR nightmare. Two final fours? How about getting to the to .500 in the ACC? That is unfair to the coaches to place such goals. The president of a company should give his personnel what they need to be successful then expect the results. Anything else is unfair

Question: mick, any "for sale" signs making it to bowden's yard these days?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: mickey, and why did bowden let lovett go. explain it for us again, please? :)

Answer: Recruiting and evaluations

Question: At least Koenning has the "guts" to admit he screwed up and apologize to the fans, all we get from TB and Mr. Wizard is BS rhetoric and God Bless you's after the game....

Answer: Who cares what people say. If a coach is fired it is because of production not words

Question: why are you dissing on the players, they play for tuition and the fun of it. It's the coaches job of putting the best players out there. Leave the players out of it, they busted it all summer long only to be suffocated by bogus schemes and bogus coaching.

Answer: I see your point but if you want the accolades of the great plays then you get the blame on thebad ones. It is the nature of the game. When a guy produces he gets pub. When he busts coverages he gets the pub. You can not have it one way

Question: Is it more losses or less butts in the seat?

Answer: Both

Question: More carries for Merriweather? Even is Davis gets his feelings hurt...

Answer: Yes

Question: As far as offense goes...down the road I think at least Spurrier has an excuse. Right now he would kill for a Reese or Haprer, much less Charlie or Will

Answer: They are terrible

Question: When will WCCP's broadcast power be improved? I'd love to listen in Spartanburg.

Answer: I doubt you would ever be able to get it clear in Spartanburg. www.wccpfm.com

Question: prediction for rest of year?

Answer: How can you tell? I am not that smart

Question: mickey, will our current offense attract the kendrick taylors of the recruiting world?

Answer: Who is kendrick taylor?

Question: Will the USC Clem game be called "Battle for Boise"?

Answer: Blue Carpet Bowl 2005

Question: mick, do you think tommy realizes that we have been more than patient with him and it's time to right the ship or be gone?

Answer: I think he realizes this

Question: rendrick taylor

Answer: If they win. Gotta run to the day job. Call in and listen. Hope everyone has a great day. Thanks

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