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Question: If you could, please comment on the play of both the offensive and defensive lines against Texas A&M, and how it compares to years past.

Answer: The offensive line looked probably the best it has under Bowden. They really began to wear TAMU down at the end of the game. Nathan Bennett played his best game. At the end, Clemson was running behind Richardson and pulling Bennett, they overpowered A&M. The defensive line is smaller than years past. I thought they played average. TAMU averaged 7.3 yards per play, so the offense really helped the defense by controlling the clock

Question: Mickey, how long will it take to re-install the crown at Death Valley?

Answer: This is Trey and I have no idea where they would either bother re-installing the crown. There is enough expenses to worry about

Question: Notice Tim Tebow was on campus...Is he an exception to the no mo QB recruiting promise?

Answer: He would be if he was seriously considering Clemson. He came away from that game still favoring Florida and Alabama. I doubt Clemson would be able to get him back on campus.

Question: Who has a better defense, Umd or A&M?

Answer: A&M. Marylan'd has better linebackers, but the A&M has the edge along the defensive front and secondary.

Question: Any idea when the sides of the West Endzone will be complete?

Answer: By the end of next August

Question: Should A&M have gone for 2 in that situation Saturday night?

Answer: I see no benefit in going for one. Franchione was probably expecting another scoring opportunity. I would have gone for two

Question: What is it with Herbstreit's constant put downs of Clemson

Answer: The entire show is almost scripted. They have become talking heads, who do very little homework. They rely too heavily on ESPN's researchers to do their jobs. If he had paid more attention to Clemson, he would have realized the resiliency of this team. He also was touting Brock Berlin and Brad Smith as Heisman candidates in 2004, and expected Chris Rix to have a Carson Palmer like turnaround

Question: Any word on why Reggie wasn't in the backfield when we were down on the goal line?

Answer: Nothing other than they had a rotation and Duane was the back that got them down there. Bowden did hint on Tuesday Merriweather would mostly likely be used in that situation against Maryland. Coleman is good back, but he is not a goalline back. That was one question I did have following Saturday's game

Question: Impression of the freshmen who are going to play?

Answer: James Davis is worth the price of admission. Rendrick Taylor and Tyler Grisham jumped right in the fire and impressed me with their downfield blocking. Antonio Clay made some mistakes but played hard, he will only get better. Phillip Merling will quietly have a good season behind Charles Bennett. Joch McKissic played well and more than I expected. Josh Miller and Haydrian Lewis showed unselfishness by working on special teams, and look for them to be in the rotation more as the year goes on

Question: Over-under on 450 yards on offense for Clemson Saturday?

Answer: under

Question: What do you see the potential for this team for next couple of years?

Answer: We will have a better feel following this game, but I think signs of improvement are evident. This team could definitely be a strong contender for the ACC title the next couple of years

Question: How about those Tigers? Hope u enjoyed the win

Answer: Great win! Loved every second of it

Question: Mickey, is Sapp wavering on his commitment?

Answer: No, be careful who you trust. Certain people have more reliable and accurate track record than others

Question: What are your thoughts on MD-CU game?

Answer: Trap game. FIrst game after a big win and right before another big game. Friedgen has had Clemson's number. Brentson Buckner made a good point, Clemson has only scored 29 points on Maryland the last 3 years, but Randy Starks and Shawn Merriman are no longer there. It will be a difficult game, but if the team is focused I think it is a winnable game for the Tigers

Question: Reports from some lesser journalists have Ricky Sapp re-opening his recruiting... fact or fiction?

Answer: Fiction

Question: Mickey, do you think Spence will be more creative on goal line situations this weekend?

Answer: I didn't think the playcalling was a problem. It was more a personnel issue IMO. I expect the problem to be fixed this week. Spence called a great game on Saturday

Question: Will our d get better against the run than the Texas A&M game

Answer: I think it will, because I am not sure it faces a more difficult running game. McNeal, Lewis, and Carter run the A&M offense perfectly. It was a bad matchup, but the defense did enough to win the game. I expect them to improve every game. If you go back and watch the game, you will see why Donnell Clark plays, He actually ran down McNeal on more than one occasion. Great effiort and good speed on every play is what you get from Clark

Question: Why would we bother to put the crown back on the field?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Is Charlie ok and ready to go?

Answer: Yeah he will be fine. He answered the questions on Saturday right, but slow. The team doctors simply did not want to take any chances

Question: Mickey now that Gilligan has passed on, I guess we will never know the answer to Mary Ann or Ginger.

Answer: A true tragedy. I guess now it is Britney or Jessica, but Brooke Burke is climbing fast

Question: How is Grant and will he see more playing time?

Answer: He is not quite 100%, probably closer to 90%, but he will play. Aaron Kelly is a bigger problem for his playing time than his shoulder

Question: Mickey, prediction on the Coot vs. Dawg score?

Answer: Trey and 34-10

Question: Realistically, how good is A&M?

Answer: I still believe A&M is a Big 12 title contender. They are not as good as Texas, but they get Texas @ home, and Oklahoma has quarterback issues.

Question: How is Williamson's ankle? Is it slowing him down?

Answer: It is slowing him down a little. I was surprised he played on Saturday, so it is better than I imagined. He is working first team, so apparently it is not too bad

Question: Over/Under on UGA gaining 450+ yards against USC on Sat.?

Answer: Under, USC's defense is better than it played against UCF

Question: Where was the fade to Aaron Kelly in the red zone?

Answer: I expected them to try it at least once, but they ran the ball so well everywhere else. They will continue to get Kelly the ball more as the year goes on

Question: Mick, Maryland run defense vs A&M run defense?

Answer: Maryland still runs the 3-4, so it is a different look. Maryland will rely more heavily on their LBs in run support. A&M had a bigger and better defensive line. I believe Clemson will be able to run the ball successfully on Maryland. D'Qwll Jackson is a phenomenal player though

Question: Any chance with Clifton Geathers?

Answer: A few more wins like Saturday and yes. I still believe Tennessee is the slight favorite, but Burton Burns has done a good job, and I expect to see Geathers at the Miami game

Question: Looked to me like it wouldn't have mattered who the RB was on the goal line plays- there was no blocking.

Answer: Normally, there is not gaping holes in goalline situations. A lot of times you have to make your own hole and push the pile. that is where Merriweather is more effective

Question: HOw many points do you think Clemson will need to score to top the Terps? And don't say "1 more than Maryland"

Answer: LOL...It is a rough estimate but I see this game being a 21-17, 20-14, type of ball game.

Question: Will Kelvin Grant play much on Saturday?

Answer: Close to 15 plays probably

Question: Mickey, is Spurrier making significant inroads in instate recruiting?

Answer: Not this year. Adam Patterson is the one they have had good success with. It is going to take some time. Clemson has really done a good job in this state. Brad Scott, David Blackwell, Burton Burns, Ron West have been recruiting this state for a very long time, and you cannot replace the relationships built

Question: With the season in full swing, are verbals essentially done for now until the end of the season?

Answer: I would be surprised if Clemson received any verbals in September. Normally you have about 1 a month in October and November, then things pick back up full swing in December

Question: Prediction on Clemson-Maryland game?

Answer: Still working on a prediction, the 5 Keys to Victory and prediction will be posted Friday morning, but I am leaning towards Clemson.

Question: Do you think Miami would like to have Cole has a fg holder?

Answer: Yes

Question: Mickey, Koenning or Nix/Thompson?

Answer: Too early to tell. I do like Nix a lot, but we will see how the season progresses

Question: Trey, just pretend you're Mickey so it doesn;t get us all confused.

Answer: Alright, maybe I will have my own logo one day, when Crump breaks down for one

Question: Do you expect a close game this weekend?

Answer: On paper it looks that way, but I am not sure it actually will be

Question: Who are you and what have you done with Mickey?

Answer: Ask his wife

Question: Can you give a run down of our top recruits and where they stand. Are any of them close to commiting?

Answer: Of the ones non-committed 1) Geathers 2) Reshad Jones 3) Xavier Harris 4) Josh Adams 5) Deantwan Whitehead - None are close to committing, but Harris has pretty much said he will be coming to Clemson

Question: If Clemson can run the ball on Maryland, why are we 2-point dogs?

Answer: The line is puzzling to me, but I guess the last two trips to College Park and Friedgen's track record against Clemson

Question: What is Phat Phil's recruiting secret?

Answer: He knows the magic words to make the NCAA forget about Tee Martin

Question: why is kyle browning getting so many snaps?

Answer: He earned them, but I expect his role to decrease this week

Question: Mickey, I'm thinking UGA vs. The REAL USC in Rose Bowl. Thoughts?

Answer: USC vs. Texas

Question: thought there was only one key to victory, having more ponts than the other team.

Answer: that is a major key. Would you like me to change the title to 5 Keys To Having More Points Than Maryland?

Question: All white for Saturday?

Answer: A player told me today he is 75% sure the attire for Saturday will be all white

Question: Browning to slot receiver?

Answer: There will still be a couple of plays designed for him, but I doubt he moves positions

Question: Mick, what former Tiger is Davis most comparable?

Answer: A combination of Terry Allen and Ronald Williams. He is not as good as Allen but better than Williams. He has the cutting ability of Williams and the power/balance of Allen. Figured I would set the bar high for him

Question: Mick, are oil companies price gouging?

Answer: They are gauging me

Question: Any of the young tight ends going to play this year?

Answer: They are trying to avoid it. Akeem Robinson is the fouth tight end, and it also looks like all five offensive linemen will redshirt

Question: What's the scoop on Ricky Sapp and Tebow? Is Sapp wavering? Are we still recruiting Tebow even though we have Korn?

Answer: Sapp is fine. Tebow is FLA and ALA

Question: Wouldn't we be lying to Korn if we are pursuing Tebow? I just don't want us to screw up and lose out on Korn.

Answer: There is no need to worry about Tebow

Question: Will Clemson overlook Maryland?

Answer: The track record says yes after a big win, but this team is an underdog and they grasp the reality that they have a chance to start very strong. The improved running game should fix a lot of the inconsistencies

Question: Mick, will JoJo Cox stick to his commit?

Answer: Be wary of Auburn, but I think Clemson keeps him

Question: Who are the big targets still on the board? K. Cromwell? Tilley? Geathers?

Answer: All three of those are big targets, Reshad Jones, Xavier Harris, Brandon Sykes, Akeem Dent, Torrell Johnson, Deantwan Whitehead

Question: was Geathers at the game Saturday? What did he think?

Answer: he was not at the game

Question: Did Akeem Robinson play much at TE this week?

Answer: Did not get in

Question: Trey, what will be Kelvin Grant's role this weekend? Will he get used a bunch more?

Answer: With the way Aaron Kelly looked, I doubt he plays a bunch more

Question: who do we have the best shot with at RB now that crawford is done?

Answer: Josh Adams

Question: how much does georgia cover by - should i bet the farm?

Answer: The history says this game will be close even when it shouldn't be. Georgia wants payback on Spurrier and they have far superior talent

Question: Why is X. Harris not rated by Rivals yet?

Answer: You would have to ask Cris Ard that question

Question: ahia state or teasip this weekend in a tossup?? who do u pick?

Answer: Texas

Question: Who are Clemson's top linebacker propects for 2006?

Answer: Brandon Sykes, Akeem Dent

Question: Is GT a legit top 20 team?

Answer: Depends which Reggie Ball shows up, but I think I could throw it up to Calvin Johnson 10 times and he would catch at least 5. There defense is solid

Question: Who is better? UCF or Boise St? :)

Answer: Boise State, you cannot make too much of just one game. Boise State is still a quality football team, who got dominated one Saturday. Boise will bounce back and have a good season. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Question: What are our prospective recruits at receiver?

Answer: Xavier Harris, Alex Rose

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Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week

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NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
NCAA denies sixth year for Clemson kicker
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Two Tigers named ACC Players of the Week
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Game time announced for Clemson-Louisville
Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
Deshaun Watson rides 12-hour bus ride to avoid air pressure on Texans' plane
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