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Question: What about Butler from Asheville?

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope all is well. He is a very good ahtlete. He runs very well and is pretty versatile. Clemson has offered and I think they are in good shape.

Question: What's the latest on Brent Schaeffer?

Answer: He is setting up visits for the summer. Clemson will get a visit in June. A&M, South Florida and a few others will get visits.

Question: What is the most a "7" handicap can take on a hole?

Answer: Double bogey

Question: Do you think Leggett may look around a little, due to criticism of some fans?

Answer: No

Question: How much do you think Jame Davis may play next year?

Answer: It depends a lot on his condition and howthe other guys report. I think he gets more than his fair share with a long look. Spence wants to run the ball and the best back will get the ball

Question: Is it safe to say that we may not really get a good idea as to what the new offense and defense can do until the 2006-07 season?

Answer: No. I think we will see right away. The best coordinators make the adjustments according to the personnel. BTW-The talent is there in most areas

Question: Is it me or does Clemson have a disproportionately high number of idiot fans?

Answer: I don't think so.

Question: Micky- prediction for our record in football this year?

Answer: 7-4 because the schedule is brutal again

Question: What are our chances of hosting a regional?

Answer: They really increased this weekend. I really do not see how you can finish second in the league and have this kind of support and facility and not host. I would be surprised if they do not host

Question: When will Clemson's football camp be?

Answer: Mid June

Question: How much better will our offensive line be? depth?

Answer: The Ol will be much better and much deeper especially in the interior OL. They still lack depth at OT

Question: Will Clemson's football schedule ever NOT be brutal again?

Answer: It is tougher than it ever has been but when A&M gets off of the schedule then it will ease up

Question: How many commits do you see us getting after the camp?

Answer: Maybe a couple.

Question: how many wins does USC get next year? and be honest!

Answer: 5-6

Question: Is Cumbie coming to Clemson or ND??

Answer: I think Clemson is a slight leader at this time

Question: How is Barry Richardson doing... in any better shape

Answer: I have not checked on him. The summer condition will be a major key. I will check and see if he is enrolled in both summer school sessions

Question: mickey - what is your Top 4 running backs in the ACC?

Answer: Off of the top of my head I would say Leon Washington, Chris barclay, PJ Daniels, Reggie Merriweather, Lorenzo Booker and Walu Lindy

Question: Since it appears our schedule will be pretty touch from here on out, will we EVER reach the 10+ win level? Can Bowden get that done?-

Answer: In special years yes.

Question: Do you think Marion Dukes will stay at tackle the reminder of his career at Clemson?

Answer: It depends more upon how Ruffin, Lambert and Grant develop than Dukes' ability

Question: Will Williams qualify? Any other recruits in trouble

Answer: Williams has to hustle. I think one or two more have to get it in gear

Question: Will any coot recruits not make it in? Any of their current players in trouble academically

Answer: I think they are waiting on two or three. Lamar is the only player I know that will not be back at USC next year

Question: Will Jamarcus Grant make it in?

Answer: I think so

Question: Do you like our chances with Carl Johnson, the big OL from NC?

Answer: After his ninth grade year Clemson looked in great shape with him. But a couple of assistants who are no longer there did not do a good job. Hobby has worked extremely hard to get back in and now I think they have a chance. However, they have to beat the world.

Question: Mickey- re: the questions about Carl Johnson, is that the main reason those coaches are no longer with the program?

Answer: One of. One assistant was not a good evaluator and the other did not recruit well

Question: Do you think Hobby will be able to get some recruits for us out of NC.?

Answer: Yes. He is one of the top recruiters on the staff now. He will work hard

Question: Do you think Merriweather will rush for 1,000+ yds?

Answer: If he stays healthy . I think he will have a huige year. Merriweather will be very consistent

Question: Why does baseball america have a problem w clemson?

Answer: I am not sure they do.

Question: Statistically, who would you think would be our best wide receiver in 2005?

Answer: Stuckey

Question: Is James Davis fully qualified?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you think M Nelson ever contributes very much or will the new lbs coming on campus hurt his chances?

Answer: The new linebackers have a much higher ceiling than Nelson. I think Nelson is solid but Clay and Miller are better football players

Question: the asheville newspaper has reported that willie harper tb from ac reynolds has been offered by the coots. ever heard of him?

Answer: No. I will check with the coach at AC Reynolds

Question: how big of a blow to the wr corp if TJ doesnt make it on campus? is it going to be a prep school or juco situation?

Answer: He thinks he may be able to go to prep school. It will hurt but he needs to get bigger and stronger

Question: who is T billies back up? Do you think he has a chance to play in the nfl as a safety?

Answer: Nelson is his backup. I think he runs well enough but he will have to make an adjustment in the NFL but yes he can make it

Question: How much will Dorrell Scott and Rashad Jackson play?

Answer: A lot depends on how healthy Groover, Tate, Clark and McDuffie stay. But Scott and Jackson both will play and I think you can depend on both

Question: Has this year's baseball team surpassed the expectations of the so-called "experts" so far?

Answer: Absolutely. This team is a year ahead of schedule

Question: For A & M, would you go with all orange or orange and white?

Answer: Orange on white

Question: Is Groover having any complications from the gunshot or is he still on schedule to be ready this fall?

Answer: None that I know of. The medical staff at Clemson thinks it is not a factor.

Question: Do you get any news on high school sports? If so, any word on who the new coach at Easley will be?

Answer: I have heard nothing on the Easley coach. I have asked around but no one I know has any scoop.

Question: what positions are the other potential non-qualifiers?

Answer: Nothing has been determined yet. The school year is not over in high school

Question: have we solved the long snapper conundrum?

Answer: It continues

Question: is roy walker expceted to get back to where he was before the surgery? werent the coaches expecting big things from him?

Answer: He still is not there yet but expects to continue to improve. His upside is still there

Question: Think our kicker/punter will be solid going into fall?

Answer: I think all the special teams will be fine but I am worried about repalcing Miller in the return game

Question: Any word on Sergio moving to WR? How is the depth at CB in your opinion?

Answer: I think he stays at corner. the dpeth is OK and will get better this fall

Question: what is the next step for the coaches now that they are no longer on the road?

Answer: They will come back and have a few recruiting meetings. Camps begin in June. they vacation for two weeks and are back in July getting ready

Question: James Davis, what size school does he attend? I mean like AAA, AAAA AAAAA

Answer: AAAA

Question: Do you think Chuck Amato looks more like a wet beaver or a groundhog??

Answer: Sick

Question: what are the main topics of your show today?

Answer: College baseball, ACC, SEC tourneys, Women's tennis, golf, Preakness, Nextel Cup, Indy 500, NBA playoffs, college baseball draft and an interesting take on the 2005-2006 Clemson school year

Question: can you explain why koennings scheme requires so many cb's?

Answer: It only requires 2 corners unless they play nickle

Question: Who do you believe will really step up on D this year?

Answer: They will have to. I think a lot depends on the MLB. If they stay healthy, get a good pass rush and don't give up big plays. I think they will stop the run but I am worried a liitle of the passing defense

Question: How much contact have you been able to have lately with the coaching staff lately? (on any issues)

Answer: I have talked to three assistants in the last two weeks. Gotta run to the day job. Listen at www.wccpfm.com. Thanks for stopping by

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