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Question: Who will be the top player in the state next year?

Answer: Good afternoon. Sorry I am a few minutes late. I have a major story to tell you about and news from junior day to give out in this chat. Hope all is well. The top player in SC next season will be Clifton Geathers of Carver's Bay HS. He will be a terrific OL.

Question: Good to see you MP. HUEY SUCKS!

Answer: LOL. OK I won't hold it back any longer. Becky Bowman is leaving Compliance and going to Vickery and Phil Grayson is going to compliance

Question: gotta think a true freshman TE plays...who is more ready, Muse or Barry ready?

Answer: Williamson's move to TE moeans one less will play but I think Barry is ahead of Muse. Remember he is a year older and more experienced

Question: Perhaps you can confirm or refute whether the Tigers' NIT game is on TV. We've asked just about everyone else.

Answer: I have heard both stories but I don't know for sure. I will check for my show today

Question: So what's the story on the brawl article? (have to ask)

Answer: I am geting closer. Hope to have something the first week in April

Question: Is the aTm game on TV?

Answer: Not sure

Question: what effect does the bowman move have?

Answer: It depends. Only hindsight will tell us the truth but it could be great. Her personality could be suited for enrichment. Grayson moving to compliance is also interesting but he will not deal with football. Stephanie Ellison will be the compliance director for football

Question: is that legit info re: becky bowman?

Answer: Yes

Question: Any reason for the change? Was it forced or voluntary?

Answer: I think Vickery needed a change

Question: Mickey, don't you think compliance needed a change, too?

Answer: Yes. Stephanie and Phil will do a good job

Question: Is Jaquez McKissick ready to play? 6'7" 301! Haven't we got to find some PT for him early?

Answer: I think he has looked good in shorts but we will know more about him after some days in pads

Question: How have the Receivers looked thus far during drills?

Answer: Great. Grant has made another comeback. Everyone is healthy, But the wind was a major factor Friday and Saturday

Question: Have you had a chance to judge how Charlie has taken to the change at OC?

Answer: I hear only good things. This is a key to the offense but I think the relationship will work

Question: How have the backup QBs looked? Especially the redshirt freshmen.

Answer: I think all three have looked good in the first two days but again the wind and not being in pads were factors. BTW-Spence likes athletic quarterbacks. He wants to be able to move the pocket and and have a guy who can run back there. He will not recruit a pocket passer in the future

Question: Name 3 first year players who will contribute this year.

Answer: Durrell Barry, Phillip Merling, Miller or Clay

Question: Whats the SID telephone number again?

Answer: 864-656-2114

Question: Are our two freshman QB's both "athetic"???

Answer: Yes

Question: what's the news?

Answer: At the first part of the chat we told the chatters that Becky Bowman is going to vickery and Phil Grayson is going to compliance

Question: Did Clemson agressively recruit either Derrick Watson, Demtris Summers or Syvelle Newton?

Answer: Yes. But they knew what everyone else did

Question: Early prediction for USC next year. I have them at 4-7.

Answer: It is too early to tell. Ask me after the spring

Question: how is TJ Williams looking academically?

Answer: He is doing well. He is taking a night class and from what he and Quentez says things are well.

Question: What's a 95 BMW 525i worth?

Answer: Vehix.com I am not sure but I can sell you a 1996 Chevy Blazer with 188,000 miles

Question: Does Rendrick Taylor start at WR by the end of the year?

Answer: I think he would have a hard time starting but he will play a lot

Question: Please tell me Lambert is in a weight room right now? Debeer and Capote aren't going to cut it

Answer: I have not check with Corey. I will try to see how he is doing. I need to get him on the radio show soon

Question: How has Sergio looked at CB?

Answer: I have not heard a lot but I think he will be OK. Coach Blackwell says he is a play-maker with good size, speed and ball skills

Question: This looks on paper like the best OL we've had since Bowden got here, thoughts?

Answer: Yeah and it will just keep getting better. The last two classes have really helped. In the 2006-2009 range the Ol should be a major stength of the program. Richardson, Lambert, Ruffin, Austin, Humphries, etc

Question: How was Junior Day received by those in attendence?

Answer: Good. They made major in-roads with Sapp. I think they lead there. Wilkerson had a great visit. I think they were impressed

Question: What do you think we'll finish this year overall and in the ACC? Thanks

Answer: Too early but now I would say 7-4 sound about right. Still too early to tell

Question: Has Capote improved a LOT since he hit campus??

Answer: He is in better shape than ever. For the first time he is in condition to compete

Question: Whats your impression so far on Chris Clemmons and Brandon Croley

Answer: Clemens is a great kid. In the off-season he was ahead. Croley is a tough kid

Question: What is your take on Debeers, Capote etc? Forget the TAC coaches opinion.

Answer: DeBeers is a bright kid who can give you 15 or snaps a game. Capote will get his first chance now

Question: final four?

Answer: I haven't studied the brackets but Illinois will win it. I like Syracuse too

Question: What about Chapman . . . he leaning our way?

Answer: I have not talked to him

Question: How strong is the state of SC next year for recruiting? I have heard mixed reviews so far about it being extremely top heavy (1-5) and then nothing after that

Answer: It is a down year heading into May. Right now Clemson will probably not offer more than 10 or so kids. It is down in depth

Question: How about the RB from Cary (forgot his name)?

Answer: I have not talked to him yet

Question: How much more talented is VT than Clemson in Football?

Answer: They are better at TE, Special teams, LB, WR. Clemson will be better at QB, RB. The major difference now is VT is playing in a system that has been in place for years. They have great system in place in every aspect of their program

Question: STERLING® is a little girl isnt he ;)

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Would you pick us 3rd in our division behind FSU and BC?

Answer: That sounds right but I would not back down from either

Question: lloyds of london got you insured yet.

Answer: They would laugh at me if I called

Question: Any Junior Day news?

Answer: Yeah. See above. The major news of junior day is Sapp was really impressed as was Wilkerson. I they lead for both now

Question: Does Grant start fullfilling his potential this year?

Answer: I will believe it when I see it but he has changed his medication and they say he is a whole new person

Question: was carl johnson here for junior day? was his dad with him?

Answer: Johnson was and he looked great. He is a monster. Clemson will be in it

Question: What are your thoughts on Koening?

Answer: I like his intensity. He will be aggressive. I am taking a wait and see attitude about the new scheme. The only major deal I have real questions about right now is Courtney Vincent to Bandit. I think he is a LB

Question: Is Aaron Kelly going to be able to take hits? He looks a little soft and skinny

Answer: He is bigger than ever but is no monster yet. He will be a good one

Question: Grant on medication? Why didnt we call Dr. Phil instead

Answer: Oprah had him booked instead

Question: Who is Carl Johnson's dad?

Answer: Jeff Fortner but he has changed his name since he played at Clemson

Question: Diomande....what is the verdict on him?

Answer: He has a big upside but is very inexperienced

Question: Are we ok at LB? Hill was a big loss...

Answer: He will be missed. Waters will be a very good player. Billie is very good. Watkins and Dunham will be solid. Clay and Miller have a chance. Gotta run to the day job. Hope everyone has great day.

Question: Mickey, could we ever use more cowbell? You know, like Dave Dickenson likes?

Answer: More cowbell baby

Question: Josh Miller and Clay going to be a force this year or have to wait a year

Answer: 2005

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