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Question: Mickey, i knew to the area and want to be a Clemson fan and would like to see what the Clemson and South Carolina game is all about . looking for tickets for the big game were would you look for tickets. thank you ,steve

Answer: There are tickets for sale on tigernet

Question: Chatting today Mickey?

Answer: Yeah, hope you guys are still on a high after Saturday

Question: What's the latest on Ray-Ray?

Answer: I still think Clemson is in prettybgood shape. Burton Burns has done a great job with him. But there are so many factors with him. He lives in a foster home and lives with different people throughout the year. He is a great kid and I think Clemson is in pretty good shape there

Question: Mickey, can you get me tix for the USC game too?? lol

Answer: I need 4

Question: Your prediction for Duke?

Answer: Clemson by 10-14 points

Question: did the clemson admin pull the plug on you again?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Who does Clemson and USC lose this year early to the NFL??

Answer: The Tigers could lose Justin Miller and maybe Tye Hill but I doubt Hill will go. I talked to a USC source last night that said their possibilities include Williamson, Thompson and Levey. He said Thompson and Levey were not ready but Levey hates school

Question: Coll! Assuming a win Saturday, any buzz on which bowl would like to have us?

Answer: I think Charlotte is best bet rght now but you know how political the ACC office is

Question: mickey, you get that cold jumping in the pool for the nekid women at the clevelander.

Answer: I have not seen anything like that before. Number three came on strong at the end

Question: Have some leaders finally emerged on this team? Who are they?

Answer: It is interesting that the staff os giving Barry Richardson credit for making the Miami comments before the game. They challenged the seniors to be a leader like this true freshman

Question: Lots of speculation that this is Lou's last run. Is that what you hear? Who should be looked at for replacing him?

Answer: I think he is leaving. I hear Spurrier or Charlie Weiss

Question: call me after your show if you want to eat at Mac's. i am going to be watching bball practice today

Answer: I have to go there from 5-6. The Semifinal round of the Tiger Cup Speech Competition is tonight at the Strom Thurmond Institute and you all are invited

Question: Hearing that Holtz has already told people he is retiring. True?

Answer: I talked to a staff member last night and he said that is not true

Question: Who will be favored in the Clemson USC game?

Answer: Yes

Question: Did we lose anyone from the Miami game? Will Chansi take the week off at Duke?

Answer: I do not think so. I think everyone will be back

Question: Has appearing on the Bobby Hartin show in Charleston destroyed your reputation?

Answer: Only in Charleston but there wasn't much of a reputation to begin with

Question: Where do you think Spurrier winds up?

Answer: Miami Dolphins or South Carolina

Question: is your USC source giving advice to Clemson players this year?

Answer: LOL. Not that source

Question: Stock telling Levey he's ready or something?

Answer: Not Stock. My other main source

Question: any word on how the Miami game helped in recruiting? Any specifics?

Answer: I think it has helped tremendously. We have talked to several including Hannah, Clay, Robinson and all were possitive

Question: Williamson is in a similar situation to DHam...Will Stock provide him the same advice that he gave DHam? It seems to me that Stock had a conflict of interest in the DHam situation,

Answer: Stock said he was just being honest with Hamilton and I think will be honest with Williamson

Question: So, what did CW say to Kelvin after he missed that pass?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Any chance for us with Derek Nicholson?

Answer: I doubt it. He has a top four but Clemson is 5-7

Question: Spurrier goes to a school in UF's division?

Answer: I think he is ticked that Foley and their President didn't want him

Question: Do you think NC State will be home for the holidays after Thursday night?

Answer: I think so. It couldn't happen to a nicer group

Question: With the noon start, how many recruits will not be able to make the Clemson/USC game due to "late games"?

Answer: I think most guys will find a way to get there. Plus may will be out of the playoffs by then

Question: Is it odd that Korncoot has not called any Clemson recruits since the Miami game?

Answer: Just saw him at lunch. I haven't listened or read any of his stuff lately

Question: whats the latest on Anwar Sadat Chambers from Pageland HS? also what are you hearing on shooting guard Menahem Begin from Tel Aviv HS?

Answer: Sadat Chambers will go to Clemson, USC or Virginia Tech

Question: How in the world did Clemson only get one ACC player of the week this week?

Answer: Tye Hill got robbed. Merriweather had a great week but so did the VT back.

Question: What did you hear about Stock's outburst on teh sidelines during the Tenn game?

Answer: I haven't heard

Question: If you in a position to offer advice last year and were going to be honest with DHam, what would you have told him?

Answer: On my show I said he was crazy to go. Look at the WR class last year and the one this year. He made a big mistake

Question: So USC is a tool for Spurrier to exercise his personal fight against the UF administration? Odd.

Answer: I think that is only one of his motivations

Question: Who gets hammered by the NCAA first: Ohio State, NCSU, or the coots?

Answer: OSU then NCSU

Question: Think I can get some Oakleys and red clown shoes on discount for Christmas?

Answer: I think Ronald McDonald wants his shoes back

Question: Are you hetring anything on potential academic scandals at NC State?

Answer: No

Question: I heard someone say that D-Ham and TB had worked out their issue...Is that true?

Answer: I have not heard but I hope so. Hamilton was a good student and good citizen when he was here. He was good to the staff and the staff was good to him. The whole thing comes down to not getting a trophy

Question: Yassir Arafat: dead or alive?

Answer: I saw better off dead

Question: Are you admitting you ate lunch with Korncoot?

Answer: Just saw him at Skins

Question: I know I am wishing here what about Fred Rouse????

Answer: No way

Question: so you are saying Stock has bad judgement?

Answer: In this case yes

Question: Tommy sharpe grades at 95%.>What did the the acc lineman of the week grade?

Answer: He did play great but I did not see who won the ACC OL of week

Question: How high will Currie go in the draft?

Answer: It is a terrible year for WR. I say 2nd to 4th round

Question: Any other names for that USC job? (Up-and-coming coordinators, that sort of thing)

Answer: I think Weiss would get it unless he got an NFL job. But it would be Spurrier's to turn down

Question: Thinking about going up to Durham this weekend. Let me know if you're going to be up there. I have someone up your way that may need a ride.

Answer: I will be very disappointed if you guys did not go. Tigerbdog, I am going to Charlotte Friday night and you guys have aplace to stay Friday and/or Saturday night if you guys need

Question: I think we do not match up well with Duke at all - they remind me a lot of NC State - your opinion?

Answer: LOL. I have picked against Clemson for the last time this season. But maybe I was using reverse physcology

Question: Do you have a tape of the Syvelle CU hat-throwing incident? We need to show it to the team again...

Answer: LOL. Not the classiest way to do it

Question: Word on the street is that you'll be the grand marshal of the parade if NCState comes in 4th again. Any truth to that?

Answer: Maybe I could ride in one of the comvertibles the players have

Question: What can be the biggest reason for the slow starts the past few years? Depth and turnover on the lines? We better positioned to start stronger next year?

Answer: Turnovers, Injuries, schedule. I think next year could be special

Question: What do you see as our biggest need and who are we best lined up with to fill them?

Answer: I think OL and this class is about set with the current comitments. Also LB and two more are needed there. Now I think one more great WR is needed. Samper at LB and Byrd at WR would be a key. The last ingrediant is a great RB. Mike Davis would be a good one

Question: Do you really expect Spurriers wife to hang out on lake murray?

Answer: LOL. She is a key to his decisions

Question: do you think the Miami players were affected by Kerry's loss on Tuesday?

Answer: Dan Rather still hasn't declared a winner in Ohio.

Question: How is Brandon Nolen coming along? Where do you see him next year?

Answer: He was coming along well in the pre-season. They need to find a place for him. His speed is incredible. Look for great things in the spring

Question: I have read in various NFL publications that both D-Ham and Washington are disappointments…one paper said Washington may end up getting cut and D-ham is not even on the active roster…How do we get these kids to stay when they are not ready?

Answer: If every player was as good as he thinks he is then everyone would go undefeated. Just be honest with them

Question: what happens to Skippy? he is not the annointed one?

Answer: I think Skip is a good football coach but I think he is out after Lou leaves

Question: Any word on Antonio Clay's up coming decision?

Answer: We talked to his uncle last night. If he decides this week it may be Miami but I am not convinced he will not keep going through recruiting

Question: What is your gut in TJ Williams?

Answer: Clemson is a pretty solid leader unless FSU offers

Question: Injury report from NCSt is that Phillip Rivers is out indefinitely. Did you know he has a child?

Answer: Really

Question: How badly is Duane Coleman hurt?

Answer: He is still not 100% plus a little out of shape

Question: Does Tye Hill stay or jump to the NFL?

Answer: I think he stays

Question: any rumbles on Barker's decision on Mathis?

Answer: I have not heard a word

Question: What impact DEs are we after?

Answer: Michael Adams, Larry Cox, Thomas James, Brandon Sesay. Gabriel and McKissic could play there also

Question: Is Miller pretty much a lock to go pro now? His play the last four weeks has been greatly improved.

Answer: I think he made his decision a long time ago

Question: What's going on with Cameron Sexton?

Answer: He has been pretty uncommital lately. Clemson, FSU, VT, NC, NCSU are the ones to watch but he is not saying anything

Question: can you believe espn, espn2, and abc all passed on CU-USC?

Answer: That is a great weekend for football and Clemson is 5-4 and USC is 6-3

Question: Will Hamlin push for a starting spot next year?

Answer: Yeah. The staff thinks he will be a superstar. Also watch for Roy Walker after his injury. The free safety spot is in great shape

Question: What about the running back situation any clearer on who we might pick up betweeen the Davis boys?

Answer: James Davis is a superstar. Mike Davis is the best in SC and I think Clemson is in better shape with Mike. I think James ends up at VT or UT

Question: What about the running back situation any clearer on who we might pick up betweeen the Davis boys?

Answer: James Davis is a superstar. Mike Davis is the best in SC and I think Clemson is in better shape with Mike. I think James ends up at VT or UT

Question: What about the running back situation any clearer on who we might pick up betweeen the Davis boys?

Answer: James Davis is a superstar. Mike Davis is the best in SC and I think Clemson is in better shape with Mike. I think James ends up at VT or UT

Question: What about the running back situation any clearer on who we might pick up betweeen the Davis boys?

Answer: James Davis is a superstar. Mike Davis is the best in SC and I think Clemson is in better shape with Mike. I think James ends up at VT or UT

Question: What about the running back situation any clearer on who we might pick up betweeen the Davis boys?

Answer: James Davis is a superstar. Mike Davis is the best in SC and I think Clemson is in better shape with Mike. I think James ends up at VT or UT

Question: What are Eric Coleman's NFL chances?

Answer: He is atheltic enough and has great attitude. He could get drafted late or free agent

Question: Anybody trying to hire Grobe out of that dump in Winston-Salem?

Answer: Illinois could make a run

Question: Are we in good shape with any huge DT?

Answer: McKissic and Gabriel are back in the fold. Sesay could play inside

Question: Do you think Miller bolts or can they talk him into staying?

Answer: I think he is gone

Question: gaddis seems to be playing better at CB - does he stick there next year? would he be an impact WR?

Answer: I think he plays there but could be a great WR or RB. He has improved. A lot will depend on who emrges at corner like Clemons or Croley

Question: How is Croley looking??

Answer: He has had a good red-shirt year. Right now Clemons is slightly ahead of Croley though because of Clemons' work ethic

Question: Croley or Hamlin....who sees more PT next year?

Answer: Hamlin

Question: How is Aaron Kelly doing with the scout team?

Answer: Very good. He catches it well. Kelly just needs to get bigger and stronger

Question: Did you hear Packer kissing TB's rear last night after berating our program for the last two months?

Answer: No

Question: Anybody on our staff getting a look from another school?

Answer: I think a couple of guys will get offers. LSU comes after Burton Burns every year

Question: Is all our guys like Merlin, Mckissic, Lambert, still on board and on track?

Answer: Yes

Question: What's the current Byrd watch at now?

Answer: He had a good official visit to SoCal. Took a good unofficial to FSU last week. Will go to Clemson-USC and maybe GA-GT. I think it will come down to UGA,CL, FSU. He is such a nice kid and a very humble kid

Question: Who is the next great return man at CU?

Answer: Gaddis

Question: any word on arafat's burial place?

Answer: Hell

Question: What kind of WR is Aaron Kelly in comparison to our past WR's?

Answer: He will remind you of Youngblood

Question: tiger basketball prediction?

Answer: Better but ACC is tough how about a winning season and NIT andI guarentee no play-in game

Question: How is Chris Jefferson doing?

Answer: He needs to get bigger and stronger. He is not a great one but can be a solid contributor but not All-ACC

Question: What do you mean about McKissic and Gabriel being "back in the fold" Weren't they on board all along?

Answer: Yeah but I meant back from last year. They are fine

Question: heard FSU is making a run at hines

Answer: LOL. Please

Question: Any possibility of your show being extended so we don't have to hear as much of those idiots on Packer?

Answer: Call 864-654-4004 and ask for Aly

Question: Any possibility of your show being extended so we don't have to hear as much of those idiots on Packer?

Answer: Call 864-654-4004 and ask for Aly

Question: Any possibility of your show being extended so we don't have to hear as much of those idiots on Packer?

Answer: Call 864-654-4004 and ask for Aly

Question: Any chance we could get Charlie Strong to replace Ron West?

Answer: Ron West has done a great job. The DL is playing great the last few weeks. Strong was looking to get out of Florida anyway but is looking now for sure

Question: Hey how about Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson.....beats Ginger or Mary Ann?

Answer: I think both have a little too much history for me. How about Elizabeth Hurley

Question: Do you see any chance of Gaddis going to WR this Spring?

Answer: It depends on Reese, Clemons, Croley. It aslo depends if Hill and Miller comes back

Question: A bad year for WR's in the draft? I wonder what Hamilton thinks about that.

Answer: I think he knows he made a mistake. Hamilton is a smart kid

Question: Did you think Chansi would have trouble with durability because of his size?

Answer: No, his injuries are nagging ones like ankle and hamstrings not anything physical

Question: Eric Huggins....out of reach?

Answer: Yeah he is OU bound

Question: Who will emerge as the backup to Charlie next year do you think?

Answer: They like both Reese and Harper. I think Reese has great leadershp skils

Question: fig newton vs dandruff pinkins - who gets the nod?

Answer: Newton because of the injury

Question: could keith kelly have been a good linebacker?

Answer: Maybe. He looks terrifc on the special teams

Question: What do you think about Tyler Grisham? How does he fit our team, possibly like McGriff for UF?

Answer: He has great speed. I think he is a tough kid too. McGriff is a good comparison

Question: You're saying we avoid the Larry Shyatt Invitational game this year?

Answer: Yes

Question: Any chance we get a 2nd look from Eric Huggins? What other big name WR's do we have a shot at?

Answer: No chance with Huggins. TJ Williams, CJ Byrd and Reynaldo Hunter

Question: do you think the 4 game losing skid effectively ended Charlie's Heisman chances?

Answer: Adrian Peterson

Question: James McKinney.....chances?

Answer: Not very good

Question: Duane Coleman at slot receiver??? If we pick up a couple of great RB's could you see this happening?

Answer: I doubt it. He is a RB

Question: Any changes on the staff after the season?

Answer: I still think you could see one or two

Question: Are we recruiting Sadat Chambers as a RB or just an athlete?

Answer: Both. VT likes him as a RB too

Question: was very impressed with bowden on "The Season" - has much better rapport with players than I thought - was joking with Bennet at the stop light about not having any sacks

Answer: He is a players coach now. I think the guys really like him

Question: were you seen riding a pocket cycle on South Beach?

Answer: I have no idea what that is

Question: The Orange Bowl was definitely a different kind of place to see a Game but in the end I really liked it. What were your thoughts?

Answer: Dump outside, great atmosphere insde

Question: Is the Greenville WR Boswell going to be a D1 prospect?

Answer: Yeah. He will be one of the top 10 in the state next season

Question: Tell me if I am off base....Clemson is a collection of good players working together to make the TEAM better, Miami is a collection of players.....period

Answer: Miami had a lot if unjuries but they have lost more to the NFL. It is hard to do it every year

Question: Where do you see Antonio Clay and Ryan Stamper ending up?

Answer: Clay Miami and Stamper Clemson but just a guess

Question: How BIG was this win? Compared to last year's wins over FSU/UT, etc.?

Answer: I think very similar

Question: Early prediction: Clemson or USC?

Answer: Clemson is a close one

Question: What is the word on Lambert's grades/scores?

Answer: we have not talked to him. Gotta run to the day job. Hope to see everyone in Durham. If you love Clemson you will find a way to make the short trip to Durham. They team and staff would love your support. Be there.

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