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My numbers for scholarships may be off by one or two but I currently have 86 players on scholarship for the Tigers. They will have to get down to 85 by August but that will not be a problem.

I have decided to rank each player in his overall value to the 2006 team from 1-86. These numbers will change often but here is a stab at the list.
I am sure you will have some guys higher and some lower and remember this is supposed to be fun. I have included a comment about each player’s ranking.

Clemson Football Top Rankings 86-65

86. Cole Chason-A senior should be higher than this.

85. Taylor Tremel-Hard worker who attempts to overcome physical deficits.

84. Michael Wade-He is better than Proctor at this stage so he could move up dramatically.

83. Elsmore Gabriel-Again lack of athleticism is the main reason for this low ranking but he is only a freshman and could move up.

82. Brandon Croley-Lacks the cover skills for a corner. I would like to see him work harder.

81. Zach Green-Physical problems have mounted.

80. Michael Palmer-A true freshman that should move up in his career.

79. Paul Muse-Another red-shirt freshman. The jury is still out on Muse.

78. Alex Pearson-His impressive Spring has his stock on the rise. Not the best athlete but has worked hard.

77. Jo Jo Cox-This true freshman could remind fans of Merriweather but we will wait and see.

76. Tribble Reese-His stock is down due to his lack of work ethic throughout first two years. He is better than this ranking.

75. Chris Hairston-Huge upside but it is a few years away.

74. Jamal Medlin-Like Hairston his best football is ahead.

73. Chris Capote-His stock rose in the spring. He actually worked harder this past spring after his December car accident.

72. Adrian Kindred-Has some upside but needs to step it up a notch.

71. Kwam Williams-In danger of getting passed by a walk-on and a true freshman.

70. Bobby Hutchinson-Injuries have hampered his progress.

69. Brandon Cannon-Last year’s FSU game showed his potential. Needs to be more consistent.

68. Quentez Ruffin-Has big upside but automobile accident last summer hurt his conditioning.

67. Tim DeBeer-Limited physically but makes up for it with good technique.

66. Jeff Ogren-True freshman with good upside.

65. Kendrick Johnson-At this stage has a little bigger upside than Ogren.
Great hands.

Tomorrow we will release 64-43. We would love to have some feedback with those players you would have ranked higher and lower.

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