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I hope everyone had a great week. On Fridays we will post your responses
and input and answer your e-mails from the week.

Mickey,Great blog today. As a 1980 graduate, I experienced Red Parker,
Charlie Pell, and Danny Ford as head coaches. I was present at the big win
in Athens and it was a very wet day. Georgia ran their, then famous, 6-2
defense and Pell proved the theory correct that to beat it was to run
straight at it. Late in the fourth quarter, on fourth down, he gave the
ball to a fullback who made the critical first down to preserve the drive
and to keep the ball away form Georgia. Great win.

The Notre Dame game was a great memory, as well, even though it was a
disappointing loss. I remember having a senior ticket because my sister as
a senior had to take the SC state teachers' certification exam (bummer for
her, cool for me).
The thing I remember most about Charlie Pell was his commanding presence at
a leader. At pep rallies he would walk on the amphitheater stage and the
crowd would go wild. But, I kid you not, as soon as he lifted his hand in
the air the crowd would instantly go from frenzy to dead silent. He had
that kind of effect as a leader. I would hope that you do a similar story
on Danny Ford. I agree that Pell taught the program how to win. Danny
taught the program how to grow and be champions. During that time, nobody
worked harder at recruiting than Danny Ford. I am not so sure that Mack
Brown didn't get some inspiration from Danny's work ethics.Okay . back to
work. Thanks, Larry

Larry,I appreciate your input. You added a great deal and I hope people
will enjoy your memories of the events and the man.

Thanks for the blog & for keeping all of us informed. I had many questions
about your list, but I realize it is a wonderful way to get everyone
involved in the team. Many of the guys practice hard everyday and may never
have the opportunity to get any coverage other than your blog. As I'm sure
you have already heard " Offense sells tickets & defense wins
championships". We hear all the talk about the great backfield we have, but
what about our linebackers? What are our chances of continuing the success
we've had at this position? Do we have a very dominant LB who'll hold all
of the offenses we face accountable? I realize Waters is the leader and
Clay may be the future, but are these guys good enough to make the offenses
adjust to their whereabouts, freeing up others to make plays? How does this
unit stack up to their predecessors?
Blog on brother... thanks again

Thanks. Clemson's linebackers are a strength this year. Waters is an
All-American candidate. Watkins had a nice year. Billie needs to step it
up, but Clay and Miller are coming. Conner was a huge surprise. The two
they inked last year, Alexander and Campbell, are good ones. This unit is a
strength of the 2006 team, but it does not compare to the glory days of
Linebacker U. I still love comparing Kirkland, Sheppard, Johnson, Brewster,
McDaniel, Walls, Williams, Simmons, etc. The 1980s started with Jeff Davis
and his boys and ended with Kirkland and his mates. I am not sure Clemson
will ever have that much talent at any position ion the future.

The blog has been great stuff....keep it up...A few things you might
1. Do you feel that Marion Duke and Barry Richardson are two of the top
tackles in the country.
2. Do you feel that Dukes is a big time pro prospect....I know Richardson
3. Will Josh Miller get a lot of playing time....and how does he compare to
Clay Waters at this point in his career.
More next time.Thanks for the good Job.
Tiger fan in Chapel Hill,

Thanks. As far as the offensive tackles, I think it is a strength. I love
Richardson's upside and Dukes' consistency. I think this has to be one of
the nation's top groups. I think Dukes' future at the next level would be a
guard, but I am not sure how much of an NFL future he will have. Ask me on
him after this season. Richardson is a big time NFL prospect. He is
exactly what the NFL is looking for. Miller will get more playing time this
season. He is a great kid and will be a great LB in the future. He just
needs to play more. He also needs to tackle a little better in the open
field. Believe me when I say he will be a very good one in the future.
Clay has played more linebacker than Miller and is more instinctive. Waters
is much more experienced and is a future NFLer.

Hey Mickey,
I remember your days as a recruiting guy. I really like your ideas and
opinions, and the blog is great.Do you take suggestions for the blog? Here's
one if you don't mind.
I know Willy is ranked right up there, 2nd by many just behind Clausen, and
yes, Korn's #s are much better despite only playing the 1st half of most of
his games, and yes I've heard Korn's schedule has been harder and he's
surrounded by less talent than Clausen, and certainly Clausen going to Notre
Dame helped create a lot of national hype, while Willy picked CU a year ago,
but seriously, you'd think Korn was a nobody and Clausen the 2nd coming
based on the media.
So, I'd really like to know your opinions of Korn & Clausen side by side.
One, your honest opinions and comparison, and two, why you think Korn is
being ignored by the media while Clausen crowned king.

I will write an entire blog comparing the two quarterbacks and other top
ranked signal callers. I may do that the first week of June. In summary
let me say that Korn is the guy I would not trade for anyone in the country.


Loved the insight on former and current Clemson players.....hard to get
thattype of information...often times read so much about their athletic
ability,but loved hearing about good character you spoke of in the likes of
Austin, Spiller.......and more.Please more information about Tigers and
other subjects.
Big Tiger fan in Chapel Hill,

I probably overrate character but I will always lean to that being a major
part of the criteria. I think the NFL draft also pointed out how important
it is.

Excellent Blog. I miss Jim Phillips' saying "Fuller looking for Butler." I
wonder if anyone else had that record album of the 1978 season. When I got
in trouble as a kid, my parents would restrict me from that album.

I had that one. I also remember the "Death Valley Disco." Thanks for the
nice words.

I disagree with your "Sopranos" take. To me the best thing on TV is
"LOST"Man, you've got to check it out, tonight they're doing a recap special

@9 on ABC. Best show I have seen, possibly ever,
Keep up the blog, awesome stuff,

I will try to check it out but I really don't watch much TV. Outside of
sports the Sopranos is about it until Curb Your Enthusiasm comes out again.

Your attitude on women's basketball reminds me of the D. Ford fans who
helped bring down the Football program. I only attended Clemson college for
a semester in1960 but I know that Clemson Univ .is bigger than any
individual . I personally hold Jim Davis in higher regard than D. Ford .
Neither of them are bigger, more important or mean as much to me as CU . I
guess some of you will continue to support former coaches at the detriment
of Clemson. Don't count me among you. I will continue to support the school
with what money I can afford, attend as many games as I can and back
whatever coach that the powers that be, choose to hire .
Go Tigers.

I respect your thoughts. I understand your comparison as well. However, I
am loyal to a fault to Jim Davis. I was not a big women's BB fan before
Coach Davis and will not be one now. My support of him is stronger than
those who made the decision. Please understand that I support Trevor Adair
the same way. I will always be a fan of Clemson football, basketball, golf
and baseball. But it was Coach Davis and Coach Adair that had/have me in
the stands at almost every home game.

I read your blog everyday and enjoy them very much. But why I e-mailed you
was that the article today was absolutely great. You hit the nail dead on
the head on each of the six things you talked about. (how to handle your
commitment). I will take Willy Korn and the way he handled his commitment
any day over Clausen. It makes you proud to be a Clemson fan even more when
you have a kid that is good as Willy is and handled everything the way he
did. I not only think his character is great, but after watching film after
film of both of them, I will take Korn any day over Clausen as far as
Clemson and our offence is concerned.( and that is not taking anything away
from Clausen, because I know he is good) I tell you another kid that
impress's me is James Davis. Watch him after he scores a touchdown or has a
big run, he just gets up gives the ball to the ref and goes back to the
huddle or the sidelines, whichever maybe the case. He is class all the way.
I wished all players acted the way James does. Maybe you can mention that in
one of your future articles, I would love to see an article on that (I am
talking about show boating after making a big play or scoring a touchdown.)

I am glad you enjoy the blogs. It is refreshing to see the reaction of
players like Davis. Coach Burns would not stand for less, but Davis is a
major part of that reaction as well. James Davis is a very serious person
with high goals. I agree and think the sky is the limit.

You asked why John Daly is so popular with a lot of golf fans. It's simple
- he's a guy a lot of people can identify with more so than a lot of the
"upper-crust" pros that are on the tour these days - Daly's like a
blue-collar public golf course guy who made it. You're right, though -
there's nothing to be admired about his private lifestyle!

Thanks for the response. It makes a lot of sense. The PGA Tour is not full
of a bunch of over-achieving underdog stories.

It's pretty simple Mic.He was liked from the start because of his awesome
power which with a few wins got him in the lime light.Also, personality
wisehe is a pretty mild mattered, non-cocky (in front of the camera anyway)
guy.He looks likean all American guy (pudgy like the rest of the typical
American males.The addictions: He became an underdog with his struggle(s).
People arepulling for him to win at life, not so much so at golf but when he
does well on the course, to folks he it seems he must be "clean" at home, or
at least doing better by showing he is going to work (practice) to be able
to compete on Sunday's. Why is there a "Come Back Player of the year in
sports? Daly represents evenmore than a come back player but a come back
conqueror of an addiction(s).At least people hope he is or will.He
represents what many folks struggle with or know a family member or good
friend has struggled with. He's a nice guy who people love to watch crush
the ball and maybe more than that an underdog, a long shot at beating a
couple hard demons that have many wins in theircolumn.Thanks for the

Thanks for the input. It is a fascinating subject.

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