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This is a weak year for ACC quarterbacks. FSU, Miami, Maryland and Georgia Tech are the only schools to return a guy that started eight or more games last year. I think FSU and Miami QBs are overrated and Duke’s are underrated. Inconsistency is a word that can describe many of the quarterbacks in the league. Here are my ACC rankings at QB:

1. Boston College

The Starter

Matt Ryan (6-5, 221, Sr)

As a part-time starter Ryan completed 121 of 195 passes for 1,514 yards. He threw eight touchdowns and five interceptions. Ryan has good feet and can move around. Last year he rushed for five TDS and was 5-0 as a starter. Ryan might be the best starting quarterback in the ACC this year

The Depth

Chris Crane (6-5, 228, So.)

Crane won the back up job in the spring. He is much like most BC quarterbacks in that he has a nice frame and is a solid pocket passer. Crane is very inexperienced but has potential.

The Newcomers

Ross Applegate (6-6. 200)

Bill Flutie (6-2, 175)

2. Duke

The Starter

Zack Asack (6-4, 190, So)

I really like this athletic QB. Last season as a freshman he completed 90 of 180 passes for 966 yards. His down fall was five touchdowns and eight interceptions. Asack did rush 78 times for 147 yards and a couple of scores. He really moves around the pocket well and competes on every play. He has a chance to be a good one.

The Depth

Mike Schneider (6-2, 215, Jr)

The Newcomers

Thaddeus Lewis (6-0. 190)

3. Florida State

The Starter

Drew Weatherford (6-3, 220, So)

Most people like Weatherford more than I do. I think he is solid but not a future Heisman candidate. Last year he completed 276 of 469 passes for 3,208 yards. Weatherford must improve his 18 touchdowns-to-18 interception ratio. He does not run well and needs to avoid more sacks.

The Depth

Xavier Lee (6-4, 228, So)

I know Lee is only a sophomore and I know he is a backup but he has to be one of the most overrated players in the country. Coming out f high school he was supposed to be the next Charlie Ward. It just has not worked out for him at FSU.

The Newcomers

Christian Ponder (6-2, 200)

4. Miami

The Starter

Kyle Wright (6-4, 220, Jr)

Wright was thought to be the savior but he was inconsistent. I think he is along-strider who holds the ball too long. I do not like his mechanics. As a sophomore he was 180 of 307 for 2,403 yards for 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. I am still not sold on Wright who needs to do less talking and more winning.

The Depth

Kirby freeman (6-3, 204, So)

The Newcomers

Daniel Stegall (6-2, 175)

5. Maryland

The Starter

Sam Hollenbach (6-5, 218, Sr)

Hollenbach showed some signs last season that he was ready to perform like a Ralph Friedgen coached signal caller. Then he showed another side. I like his potential. Last year he was 192 of 315 for 2,539 yards and 13 touchdowns. He did throw 15 picks though.

The Depth

Josh Portis (6-4, 210, So)

Joel Stratham (6-1, 220, Jr)

Stratham will be the back up because Portis has to sit out after transferring from Florida but Portis is the man of the future.

The Newcomers

Jeremy Ricker (6-2, 200)

Jamarr Robinson (6-0, 170)

Ricker is a very highly thought of prospect that might be the best of the ACC newcomers.

6. Georgia Tech

The Starter

Reggie Ball (5-11, 195, Sr)

Go to two Georgia Tech games this year and you are liable to see an All-ACC candidate under center one game and a quarterback making rookie mistakes and mental errors in the next. They are the same person. As a junior Ball completed 182 of his 379 passes for 2,165 yards for 11 touchdowns and 12 picks. Yellow Jacket coaches have no idea which Reggie Ball will show up each week. Patrick Nix will take over play-calling for GT this season.

The Depth

Taylor Bennett (6-3, 215, So)

The Newcomers

Byron Ingram (6-5, 180)

7. Clemson

The Starter

Will Proctor (6-2, 200, Sr)

We broke down Clemson’s quarterbacking situation on yesterday’s blog.

The Depth

Cullen Harper (6-3, 200, So)

Tribble Reese (6-2, 200, So)

The Newcomers

Michael Wade (6-2, 200)

8. UNC

The Starter

Joe Dailey (6-1, 205, Jr)

Dailey might be slightly ahead of Sexton. He looked Ok at Nebraska before transferring to Chapel Hill. As a Husker he was 153 of 310 for 2,025 yards for 17 touchdowns and 19 intercpetions.

The Depth

Cameron Sexton (6-1, 185, Fr)

Sexton is the future until Paulas arrives in 2007. Sexton runs very well and is a terrific athlete. He may take over as the season goes on.

The Newcomers

BJ Phillips (6-6, 230)

TJ Yates (6-5, 200)

9. NC State

The Starter

Marcus Stone (6-4, 234, Jr)

Stone did not play as well as Jay Davis last year but he won more games because of a renewed commitment to the run. Stone is average and must have the great running game to be successful.

The Depth

Daniel Evans (6-2, 190, So)

Mike Grace (6-3, 220, So)

The Newcomers

Justin Burke (6-2, 190)

10. Wake Forest

The Starter

Ben Mauck (6-1, 205, Sr)

I never understood Mauck beating out Randolph last year. He was not the best quarterback. Mauck is average and does not scare defenses. He did nothing better than Randolph.

The Depth

Allen Holland (6-2, 220, Jr)

Brett Hodges (6-2, 175 So)

The Newcomers

Zach McDowall (6-1, 195)

11. Virginia

The Starter

Christian Olsen (6-4, 220, Sr)

Olsen transferred to UVA and should be the starter. He is a pocket passer who will not be asked to do a lot. Olsen is a bright kid but not a great athlete.

The Depth

Kevin McCabe (6-3, 190, Sr)

Jameel Sewell (6-3, 192, Fr)

The Newcomers

Marc Verica (6-2, 185)

12. Virginia Tech

The Starter

Sean Glennon (6-3, 215 Jr)

Glennon is locked in a battle to be the starter with Holt. Glennon is more of a passer and Holt is more of an athlete. Mike O’Cain has a tough decision between these two inexperienced quarterbacks. Whitaker is the future.

The Depth

Cory Holt (6-4, 215, So)

Ike Whiatker (6-4, 200, Fr)

The Newcomers

Cameron Chancellor (6-4, 200)

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