E-Mail Bag 9/22

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How similar is the attitude of the team compared to after the loss to Georgia Tech?

Personally, the difference is night and day. The Georgia Tech game was just a different story. This year the team knows everything was left out on the field. One player told me earlier in the week that they could have a made a couple more plays, but so could have Miami. Missed opportunities are rarely one-sided. This team has a clear understanding of what lies in front of them this week. It is also a big difference playing at home. This team does not have to worry about a bus ride with no air conditioning and then playing in front of 72,000 people cheering for the opponent. It will be difficult to repeat the atmosphere from Miami, but it still should be a pretty good atmosphere for the team on Saturday.

If South Carolina goes 5-6 or 4-7, how would that help us in recruiting?

It would help, as it always helps when your in-state rival has a losing season. Of course if Clemson is one of the 5 or 4, then it is a different situation. If South Carolina continues to struggle, you would likely see more of an impact on the 2007 class. Clemson has a lot of momentum in-state right now. Burton Burns, Brad Scott, Ron West, and David Blackwell have all been recruiting in this state for a long time. There is solid relationships that have been formed. The in-state ties for Clemson will not be disrupted by South Carolina having a losing season. Steve Spurrier's name has an effect, but if you do not go to the postseason, you will not fool kids forever.

Does Clemson deserve to be in the top 25?

In my opinion, Clemson is one of the top 25 teams in the country. Do you I understand why they were dropped from the polls, yes. It is early in the season, and you have so many undefeated teams. As hard as it is to justify dropping Clemson out, it was equally as difficult to keep teams like UCLA, Michigan State, and Minnesota out of the top 25. Should Clemson win on Saturday, they will be right back in the top 25.

Did we get any closer to a commitment from any of the unofficial visits against Miami?

It will most likely be the middle of October before Clemson is close to getting another commitment. Several times a player is wowed by being at a college game for the first time. His high school coach will encourage him to take more visits and see other schools. Normally by the middle of October, players have seen multiple schools and have a good idea of where they want to go. Clemson certainly did not hurt themselves with anyone last Saturday.

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